Personal commentary on +quot;Magick in Theory and Practice+quot; by Aleister Crowley. Writ

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Personal commentary on "Magick in Theory and Practice" by Aleister Crowley. Written by Philip Christopher Cavanagh on December 17, 9992. Revision #001, December 17, 9992. This article may be used for whatever purpose, granted the work is not changed in any way, shape or form! "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" ----------------------------------------------- [1] Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~ While I might not be an expert on this material, or claim to have recieved any levels from my studying, I can honestly say that I have put a lot of love into this work. I hope that this document will help the student out a lot. When I first moved to Vancouver, I had always taken the study about various religions as more of a hobby then a serious study for some three years. During this time, when living in Sooke, I picked up a copy of "Magick in Theory and Practice". Anyways, about two month's earlier I created a study guide for use with the book. Since I've misplaced those notes, I have decided to redo them. As any student of Crowley's knows (well maybe not, but I've heard the same comments from students of Crowley's work), the following books are needed along with "Magick in Theory and Practice": o 777 o Book 4 o Gems From the Equinox Now is where we get into the fun part of this document where the mention of Liber's and "reference books" are mentioned. I sure wish "Magickal Child Publishing" would make "Magick in Theory and Practice" more complete. However, if I can track down a version of the book in electronic format, I will be creating a personal and complete version for my library. If you are interested in a copy, let me know. The documents will not be changed except for format. [2] Magick in Theory and Practice, statistics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Title: "Magick in Theory and Practice" by Aleister Crowley, 436 pages, soft or hard cover (my copy is softcover, but with the same plates as the hard cover edition), ISBN 0-939708-32-9, First Published in 1929. [3] Information which is covered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hymn to Pan: 4 pages (V-VIII) Introduction: 17 pages (IX to XXV) Chapter 0: The Magical Theory of the Universe (10 pages)(1 to 10) Chapter 1: The Principles of Ritual (5 pages)(11 to 15) Chapter 2: The Formulae of the Elemental Weapons (6 pages)(16 to 21) Chapter 3: The Formula of Tetragrammaton (2 pages)(22 to 23) Chapter 4: The Formula of Alhim, and That of Alim. (4 pages)(24 to 27) Chapter 5: The Formula of I.A.O. (11 pages)(28 to 38) Chapter 6: The Formula of the Neophyte (2 pages)(39 to 40) Chapter 7: The Formula of the Holy Graal, of Abrahadabra, and of Certain Other Words; with some Remarks on the Magical Memory. (19 pages)(41 to 59) Chapter 8: Of Equilibrum, and of the General and Particular Method of Preperation of the Furniture of the Temple and of the Instruments of Art. (8 pages)(60 to 67) Chapter 9: Of Silence and Secrecy: and of the Barbarous Names of Evocation. (11 pages)(68 to 78) Chapter 10: Of the Gestures. (9 pages)(79 to 87) Chapter 11: Of Our Lady Babalon and of the Beast Whereon she rideth. Also concerning Transformations. (4 pages)(88 to 91) Chapter 12: Of the Bloody Sacrifice: And Matters Cognate. (9 pages) (92 to 100) Chapter 13: Of the Banishings: And of the Purification. (5 pages) (101 to 105) Chapter 14: Of the Consecrations: With an Account of the Nature and Nurture of the Magical Link. (17 pages)(106 to 122) Chapter 16 (Part I): Of the Oath. (6 pages)(123 to 128) Chapter 15: Of the Invocation. (4 pages)(129 to 132) Chapter 16 (Part II): Of the Change to the Spirit with some Account of the Constraints and Curses Occasionally Necessary. (6 pages)(133 to 138) Chapter 17: Of the Licence to Depart. (4 pages)(139 to 142) Chapter 18: Of Clairvoyance and of the Body of Light, it's Power, and It's Development. Also concerning Divination. (34 pages)(143 to 176) Chapter 19: Of Dramatic Rituals. (2 pages)(177 to 178) Chapter 20: Of the Eucharist and of the Art of Alchemy. (11 pages) (179 to 189) Chapter 21: Of Black Magick, or the Main Types of the Operation of Magick Art and of the Powers of the Sphinx. (16 pages) (190 to 205) [4] Liber's Required. (Format is (XX/YYY) where X = Chapter # and Y = Page #.) Liber AL vel XXXI.... (XI) Liber CCXX, AL vel Legis (0/1)(2/16) Liber 418 "The Vision and the Voice" (0/2)(1/11)(3/23)(18/155) Liber 175 (1/12) Liber CXI Aleph (1/12) Liber 333, The Book of Lies (A, H, IE, IF,IH, KA, KH) (1/14) Liber 333, The Book of Lies (1/15) Liber CCCLXX (2/16) Liber LXXXI (2/17) Liber LXIV (2/18) Liber SAMEKH, Point 2, Section J (5/28) Liber ALEPH (5/29)(7/47)(18/152) Liber 813 (7/43) Liber HHH (7/51) Liber 418, 11th Aethyr (8/61) Liber LXV (8/62) Liber VII (8/62)(16/134) Liber 333, Cap. Z (8/64) Liber SAMEKH (9/68) Liber 831 (10/81) Liber 333, Cap. XXV (12/99)(13/104) Liber CCXX, I, 44 (14/107) Liber CCXX, II, 62 (14/107) Liber ALEPH CXI (16/134) Liber 418, 3rd Aethyr (18/147) Liber CXI (18/152) Liber O (18/152) Liber 333, Cap. 44 (20/180) [5] The Equinox References (Format is XX/YYY where XX = # of chapter and YYY = page #.) Equinox I-01: The Soldier and the Hunchback (0/2)(0/6) Equinox I-01: Konx Om Pax (0/2) Equinox I-05: The Temple of Solomon the King (0/2)(7/42)(7/44) Equinox I-05 (0/5) Equinox III (5 = 6 ritual) (1/13) Equinox I-06: Rite of Mercury (2/18) Equinox I-02: A Note on Genesis Equinox I-10: The Ship by Aleister Crowley (4/25) Equinox I-03: (5 = 6 ritual) (5/30) Equinox I-03: Pages 269-272 (5/30) Equinox I-02: Neophyte Ritual (6/39)(6/40) Equinox I-03: Neophyte Ritual (6/40) Equinox I-03: Z-2 documents (6/40) Equinox I-05: Liber 418, 12th Aethyr (7/41) Equinox I-05: Liber 418, 2nd & 12th Aethyr (7/42) Equinox I-07: The Temple of Solomon the King (7/42) Equinox I-08: Liber D (7/44) Equinox I-07: Liber Thisarb (7/50) Equinox I-04: Liber A vel Armorum (8/69) Equinox I-08: Dr. Dee's conjurations in Enocian (9/68) Equinox I-01: The Wizard's Way (9/69) Equinox I-03: Taphtatharath (9/70) Equinox I-09: Energized Enthusiasm (9/74) Equinox III-1: Liber XV Equinox I-02: (10/79)(12/99) Equinox I-02: Pages 244-260 (10/81) Equinox I-07: Pages 93 sqq (10/81) Equinox I-05: Suppliment - Tenth Aethyr (12/96) Equinox I-07: Liber CLXXV (12/103) Equinox IX-01: Energized Enthusiasm (15/131) Equinox I-02: On Geomancy (18/158) Equinox I-06: The Rite of Luna (19/178) Equinox I-07: Pages 5-9 (21/191) Equinox I-05: Suppliment (21/192) Equinox I-10: The Key of the Mysteries (21/199) [6] Book References (Format = XX/YYY where X = Chapter # and Y = Page #). Qabalistic Diagrams, #2 and #3: "The Temple of Solomon the King" (0/3) One Star in Sight, Appendix 2 (0/7) Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (1/11)(21/190) "Orpheus" by Aleister Crowley (4/26) "The Golden Bough" by J.G. Frazer (5/29)(12/92) "Pagan Christs" by J.M. Robertson (5/29) "Jesus" by Aleister Crowley (5/29) "Book 4" by Aleister Crowley (Part 4) (7/47) "Book of Lies" by Aliester Crowley cap. 44 (11/89) Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Volume 3, Pages 209-210 (11/89) "The New Knowledge" by R.K. Duncan (20/186) --- There you have it! Please let me know what you think! "Love is the Law, Love Under Will."


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