Note: The following letter was made available to UFONET by Dr. Willy Smith. According to S

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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: The following letter was made available to UFONET by Dr. Willy Smith. According to Smith, it was originally sent to Jim Moseley in confidence. Subsequently, it was passed on to Ed Walters by Moseley, and soon found its way into a number of people's hands. In part, this letter was responsible for some of the recent controversy surrounding Smith. -Tom Mickus 8/25/89 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Willy Smith UNICAT Project 1200 Murcott Ct. Longwood, FL 32779 February 27, 1989 Dear Jim: Here is a copy of one of the photos (the following five words are both underlined and darker than the rest of the text - TM) allegedly taken by Ed Walters in New York. Normally, I would have done nothing except filing them, but Dr. Vigilio Sanchez Ocejo, who was visiting me when the mail brought the photos, suggested that I should get in touch with you. What I did. I have only one question: DID ED WALTERS TAKE THIS PHOTOGRAPH? Then: (a) if the answer is YES, the sequence will add credibility to his story, as it would indicate that the UFO events are not related to Gulf Breeze as a location, but to Mr. Walters, following him to other places. In this case, I would like to know the exact date the photos were taken. (b) if the answer is NO, the anonymous photographer has met the challenge issued by Ed-of-Gulf-Breeze in Vol.13, #5 of the International UFO Reporter (p.23), when he wrote: "I suggest ... that the best way to cast doubt on a UFO photo is to duplicate it." If (b) is the right answer, Ed's photos have been replicated. You can publish the photo if you want to, but (the following nine words are underlined - TM) it must be returned to me for further study, regardless of what Mr. Walters' answer might be, Regards, c.c. Dr. Sanchez Ocejo Encl: one photo, identified on back. --------------------------------------------------------------------


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