MOONTOOL.TXT: MoonTool for Windows is copyright 1991 by Altmania Productions. The current

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MOONTOOL.TXT: MoonTool for Windows is copyright 1991 by Altmania Productions. The current version is 0.3. This program requires Microsoft Windows 3.0 in either Standard Mode or Enhanced Mode. Moontool.exe implements a MSWindows version of the SunTool written by John Walker in 1988. The current version only implements the features supported by MoonTool for SunTools version 2.0. ----------------------- TZ Environment Variable ----------------------- The program requires that the TZ environment variable be set. The format is as follows: TZ = zzz[+/-]d[d][lll] zzz is a three-character string representing the name of the current time zone. All three characters are required. For example, the string "PST" could be used to represent Pacific Standard Time. [+/-]d[d] is a required field containing an optionally signed number with one or more digits. This number is the local time zone's difference from UTC (GMT) in hours. Positive numbers adjust westward from UTC (GMT). Negative numbers adjust eastward from UTC (GMT). For example, the number 5 = EST, +8 = PST, and -1 = continental Europe. This number is used in calculation of the UTC (GMT) from the local system time. lll is an optional three character field that represents the local time zone daylight savings time. For example, the string "PDT" could be used to represent Pacific Daylight saving time. If TZ is not present then the string "EST5EDT" is assumed. ---------------- Future Additions ---------------- Features to be included in future versions: * Help options to describe the information displayed. * Dialog boxes for input of Longitude and Latitude, TZ variable data, Daylight Savings Time flag. * Calculations of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and graphical displays based upon the current Longitude and Latitude of the viewer * Calculations of Planetary positions, and a graphical view of their orbital positions around the Sun * Ability to request the current Phase of the Moon, Planetary postions, and Eclipses for any date and location. I think this is enough of a dream for the moment. -------------- License of Use -------------- This product is being written for the enjoyment of myself and those around the world. This product is copyrighted and is being released as shareware with the traditional 21 day trial license. If after 21 days of this program sitting on your hard drive you do not feel that it is worth the money I am asking, you are obligated to delete all copies of it that you might have lying around. The current cost for this program is $5. For this money you will receive notifications of future releases and the ability to order a FREE upgrade. My upgrade terms are you pay for the disk and postage and I build the software. Registered users may also request that specific features be added to the program. As I am a starving Graduate Student, I am offering the following educational pricing policy: THIS PROGRAM IS FREE TO BE USED BY ALL FULL TIME STUDENTS FROM GRADUATE SCHOOL ON DOWN TO KINDERGARTEN. EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS ARE EXPECTED TO PAY IF THEY USE THIS PROGRAM AS PART OF A COURSE OR OTHER EDUCATIONAL LABORATORY. As a SHAREWARE author, I am also offering this package free to all other SHAREWARE authors. However, I would still appreciate a note either by E-mail or Snail-mail that you are using this program and that you are either a Full-time student or Shareware author. Please let me know what school you go to, and if you are a shareware author what programs you have distributed. Maybe, I will want a copy. Please mail checks and queries to: Jeffrey Altman 15 Yarmouth Lane Nesconset, New York 11767 E-mail addresses: Internet: CompuServe: 71530,3252 All correspondence will be responded to.


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