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MOODS -- The Metaphysical Distribution System ============================================== The Metaphysical and Occult Oriented Distribution System (MOODS) is an automated two way file echo which is dedicated to the distribution and exchange of metaphysical and occult text files. MOODS runs with TICK software on Fidonet systems. The TICK software makes it possible to swap files between boards, complete with the file description. Incoming files are directed to your designated directories by the software. We currently have a single file echo area -- MOODS -- The 'main' file echo, consisting of recent metaphysical and occult articles. Other file echos may be added in the future. MOODS Notes =========== You are responsible for the files you get from MOODS. If you don't like 'em, delete 'em. If you place files on MOODS, please try to conform to standard ASCII text file format. Files may optionally be compressed in any of the widely used formats (ZIP, ARC, LZH, ARJ, or ZOO). MOODS operates independently of Podnet or other nets. MOODS Sysops are encouraged to join the PAGAN MEGALIST, soon to get underway. This will be a master list of the metaphysical and occult files of participating bbs's. Check with 102/943 for details. Unless other arrangements are made, you should poll 1:102/943 at least once a week for your MOODS file exchange. You may poll any time. (The software at Mysteria will refuse file requests during Zone Mail Hour in conformity with Fidonet rules.) We operate under TICK vers. 1.30 or later. You must install the software on your system and be a Fidonet or Podnet Sysop with a valid node number. (Mysteria does not support other nodelists.) Mysteria runs RAID, which is a TICK area maintenace utility similar to areafix. You will be able to turn MOODS file areas on and off with messages to RAID. (New applicants request a RAID password.) For information on RAID operation, freq RAID.USE from 102/943. Your local Fidonet hub may also have it. Also available, a preprocessor for HATCH (freq SCRATCH3.ZIP), which will automatically enable TICK transfers of all new uploads with description (by scanning your Files.Bbs). Archives of old MOODS releases are file requestable from Mysteria. Currently available volumes are MOODS001.ZIP through MOODS.011.ZIP. Each volume is roughly 200k. Other occult files are also freqable from Mysteria. Use the magic word FILES for the latest file list. How to Apply to MOODS ===================== Application is by Netmail sent to 1:102/943 if you wish to poll here, or you may be able to arrange hookup to another board which is linked to MOODS. If you request your feed from me, please suggest a RAID password with your request, otherwise I will assign one when your request is granted. Give me 3 days to respond to your netmail, then poll back to pick it up on hold. 'Onward and Upward!', Phil Hansford, Mysteria 1:102/943 [5/30/95]


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