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Radical Politics on The NY Transfer 718-442-1056 -------------------------------------------------- ............ THE MONITOR - COUNTERING THE POLITICS OF FEAR .......... A Publication of the Center for Democratic Renewal .............. P.O. Box 10500, Atlanta, GA. 404-221-0025 vol.1, no.7 IS THIS NORTH GEORGIA'S FUTURE? Racist Organizing Follows "Brotherhood" March A contest for the hearts and minds of white people in north Georgia has been marked by the increased activity of organized white supremacists in the region. Triggered by the large racist demonstrations in Forsyth County, two different Klan factions and several other groups have marched, rallied and burned crosses from Carroll to Forsyth to Barrow County. Although over 20,000 people marched for civil rights in Forsyth County on January 24, racist groups have universally declared "victory" in the area. Over 3,000 racists demonstrated that same day. A thousand miles from Forsyth County, on March 7, David Duke told a national gathering of the Populist Party, in Pittsburgh, Pa., about the white mob on Jan 24: "I've been active for 15 years...this was the largest pro-white demonstration I've ever seen...I believe that Forsyth County was the genesis of an entirely new movement." The former national Klan leader told his 150 listeners that he went to Forsyth County on January 24 to protect "white civil rights" from attack. In his 30-minute speech, Duke encapsulated the meaning for white supremacists of the marches in January. "There are going to be tremendous opportunities to take this country back...for the founding majority...Forsyth County was a tremendous victory." Ed Fields, editor of the vitriolic Thunderbolt, told his readers that the white-counterdemonstration on Jan. 24 was a turning point for the racist movement. "The biggest surprise to the liberal media...was...that a majority of the white counter-demonstrators were in their teens and twenties...The white resistance movement has fired a shot heard round the world...which should encourage more...to rise up and join the ranks..." As if to fulfill Duke's and Field's prophecy, racist violence has continued unabated. . * On Feb. 6, the city hall was burned down in Young Harris, Ga. Klansmen were arrested for the crime. . * On Feb. 24, members of the Southern White Knights and the Invisible Empire Knights joined forces for a rally on the Winder County courthouse steps. They held a crossburning near Bethlehem in Barrow County, Ga., later that night. . * In Winder, the father of a Black teenager accused of murder had his car stolen and burned. Authorities claim the attack was "not racially-motivated." . * During the second week of March a cross was burned on the lawn of a Chicano family living in Gwinnett County. . * In February, half the senior class at Mt. Zion High School, in Carroll County, boycotted classes to protest the suspension of eight white students accused of erecting a cross on campus and hanging a black doll. . * The Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan held a series of secret meetings in Carroll County and claimed at a public crossburning, "We're back." And there were a number of other incidents not listed here. A number of important features have emerged during the current white supremacist offensive in North Georgia: Major organizational factions that had not worked together in the past have patched together a working alliance. None of the groups, including the Southern White Knights, the Invisible Empire Klan, the Forsyth County Defense League or the National Association for the Advancement of White People, have achieved pre-eminence over the others. In fact, the relatively high level of activity and open field have invited bids from the Christian Knights Klan and J.B. Stoner's "Crusade Against Corruption" to build a following. During the first week after the first brotherhood march, the Invisible Empire's message on their public telephone number told its callers that politics had not kept Black people out of Forsyth County, but that rocks, bottles, guns and the "grace of God" had. Invisible Empire members have followed up with the traditional crossburnings and white-sheeted rallies. The Invisible Empire's message is that the white majority is under attack by Black and "alien minorities," which are seeking to destroy their "way of life." Urban Atlanta, with its Black mayor, "crime, corruption and AIDS" is considered a threat to the rest of Georgia. The Invisible Empire has also tried to make an issue of "police brutality" and the aggressive posture of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation towards the white mob. The Invisible Empire says "white civil rights" are under attack: "What about the Klan's civil rights?...What about the white citizens of Forsyth County? Don't they have rights too?" The crude bombastic message of the Klan and the Thunderbolt newspaper has been sugarcoated by David Duke and his National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP), and Richard Barrett, the Mississippi who now leads the Forsyth County Defense League. Duke sent a clever mail appeal into communities across north Georgia in the weeks following the confrontation in Forsyth County. Ostensibly an appeal to raise money for Duke's legal defense, it ended as an appeal to join the NAAWP. "As I write these words, we are under seige. We are being invaded by forces that are determined to turn our fair counties into another Atlanta Cabbage Town...If Forsyth County is massively integrated the first part of our community that will suffer is business...If integration comes, the county will stop growing, taxes will increase, and property values drop... "White people don't have rights in this country anymore..." "White people today are victims of greater racial discrimination that Blacks faced any time in the last 100 years." Barrett's Forsyth County Defense League adopted the same kind of language after a meeting of 100 people in a chicken house near Cumming last February. "The majority -- not the minority -- must rule. The democracy and rights of the American people must be inviolate. Special favors, privileges, quotas and preferences for minorities must be abolished. The equality of the American people must be re-established by repeal of the oppressive and punitive Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Acts...America's heritage as a free, white, Christian, English-speaking democracy...must be advanced." Both Barrett and Duke have attempted to steal the language and style of the Black struggle for justice. They cleverly appeal to the fears and frustrations of ordinary white Americans and seek to exploit the tensions that lie just below the surface of our society. CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL NAMES NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Lynora Williams to Head Our StafF The Rev. C.T. Vivian, chairman of the Center for Democratic Renewal's Board of Directors, announced that the Executive Committee has asked Ms. Lynora Williams in March to become the organization's new Executive Director. Williams assumed her responsibilities in Atlanta on June 1. A search for a permanent replacement for Lyn Wells, the former Executive Director, had been underway since last July. Leonard Zeskind, the CDR's Research Director, served as acting Executive Director since August, 1986 and will now return his full energies to research. Rev. Vivian said, "The search for a new executive director was long and difficult. I think we have been fully rewarded. Lynora is worth every minute of the wait it took to get her." Ms. Williams has extensive anti-racist experience and brings the organization needed administrative and management skills, as well as a background in journalism. She recently completed a stint as a volunteer relief worker in East Africa, where she served as an information officer. She was previously a program coordinator with the Funding Exchange/National Community Funds in New York City. Williams is expected to greatly increase the Center's ability to meet the growing demand for its services from communities affected by hate group activity. "As a long time supporter of the Center and its forerunner, the National Anti-Klan Network, I am pleased to become an active part of the Center," Williams said. "I am joining the staff at a time when the organization's programs and scope are growing and developing rapidly. I like the team spirit that members of the Center's staff and board have demonstrated in tackling hate groups and their anti-democratic thrust. I'm confident that we can continue to replicate the many successes the Center has had in mobilizing diverse sectors of the American public to join hands in the fight against hate-inspired violence." WHAT NEXT FOR THE WHITE SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT? Ten Indicted for Sedition, Others Arrested The recent string of arrests of major white supremacist leaders has left their underground army weakened, but not broken. Following a year-long law enforcement effort, arrests and indictments against far-right members have occurred in Arkansas, Denver, Missouri, Michigan, Idaho, Arizona and along the West Coast. But despite the detention of a number of key chieftains, most of the first rank of the racist movement's leadership remains intact. In some cases, the second rank of leadership has already stepped to the fore. Three leaders were among ten people indicted for sedition in Ft. Smith, Ark., in April. Richard Butler from Idaho and Robert Miles from Michigan, leaders of the Aryan Nations, were arrested for sedition early on April 22. The third major leader, Louis Beam from Texas, is still at large as this issue of The Monitor goes to print. Six of the other seven indicted are already serving prison terms. The seventh, Robert Smalley, surrendered to federal authorities. Butler is a figurehead leader who represents the unity of Klan factions, neo-nazi groupings and Posse Comitatus-type formations. Miles is an erudite intellectual who has most clearly articulated the goals and methods of the entire white supremacist movement. Both men are past 60 and can partially continue to play their roles in the movement from the jail cell. At this time they are free on bond. Louis Beam is the architect of the computer bulletin board system that links neo-nazis throughout the country. He has a long history of para-military activity and regards himself as the "General" of the klan/neo-nazi army. He is not likely to be captured easily and will continue to keep the underground alive. Former White Patriot Party leader Glenn Miller was also arrested in southwestern Missouri for parole violations, a week after he had declared war on the government and threatened to murder his enemies. Miller and three companions surrendered to law enforcement authorities without firing a shot. A shrunken remnant of the White Patriot Party, calling itself the Southern National Front, still exists. At the same time: . * Indictments for civil rights violations in the murder of a Jewish radio talk show host were handed down in Denver. . * Indictments for conspiracy to murder federal officials in Arkansas were also presented. . * The indictments and arrests came several months after the arrest of members of the Arizona Patriots and the Posse Comitatus on the West Coast. Key leaders have been arrested and the most violent wing of the white supremacist movement has suffered a serious setback. However, the racist and anti-semitic movement has been re-organizing itself since 1984 to insure a sharper division between personnel involved in clandestine activities such as bank robberies, and those involved in political activities such as electoral campaigns and public meetings. The wing of the movement committed to using an underground army to acheive its goals has been forced back to its most hard-core members. But those who have developed a sophisticated political approach continue to grow and spread their influence. Whatever strategy and tactics they use, both groups share a common set of anti-democratic goals and organized hate groups remain an on-going danger. . WATCH FOR FAR RIGHT TO TRY A LARGER STRATEGY IN '88 ELECTIONS . Will David Duke Take Up Where Lyndon LaRouche Left Off? When David Duke led the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan to national prominence in the late seventies, he surprised many by his sophisticated appearance and manner. Even as he screamed "White Power" in the shadow of flaming crosses, Duke dressed in the business suit of a well-heeled politician. On June 9, Duke officially announced his intention to turn his slick promotion of white supremacy into a bid for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination. Duke's electoral effort has the support of other sections of the Far Right and appears to be part of a larger strategy to intervene in the 1988 presidential elections. David Duke and the NAAWP David Duke joined the Klan at the age of 17, eventually becoming national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1979 Duke was exposed selling his membership lists at a large personal profit to the Invisible Empire, a rival Klan faction. In 1980, he left the KKK and formed the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP). The NAAWP hopes that Duke's candidacy will help the organization's prospects. An article in issue #45 of the NAAWP News promoting Duke's future candidacy claimed, "The NAAWP is a non-profit organization, as such, it cannot take a role in the campaign if David Duke runs for President. However, the knowledge that he is the President of the NAAWP will inevitably result in thousands of new members and supporters for our organization." Duke's campaign is less forthright about his past leadership of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. A pre-announcement article in The Spotlight, dated May 25, claimed, "In his earlier years Duke was affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan." His supporters contend that this will be an asset to his campaign. "The establishment media won't be able to resist talking about Duke's former Klan connections," said one Duke supporter. "...It will guarantee automatically publicity for his campaign." However, in a reprint of this article that Duke is using for campaign literature, the reference to the Klan has been left out. Instead, Duke's leadership of the NAAWP is highlighted. Duke obviously didn't believe that his past membership in the Klan was going to be quite the advantage that The Spotlight did. The night before Duke's official announcement, Danny Carver (Invisible Empire Grand Dragon), Dave Holland (Southern White Knights Grand Dragon), Ed Fields (editor of the racist tabloid, The Thunderbolt) and other neo-nazis and Klansmen crowded into a Marietta, Ga., hotel room to hear Duke speak about his campaign. Marietta is a northern suburb of Atlanta with a long history of white supremacy and anti-semitic activity. Violent klansmen and neo-nazis alike have rallied to support their fellow white supremacist. Confrontation with Jesse Jackson Recruiting new members to the NAAWP is not the only purpose of Duke's candidacy. He is running as a Democrat because of his campaign's larger goals. Much of his current campaign literature focuses on the potential for a visible conflict between Duke and Jesse Jackson. The May 25 Spotlight said, "With the Democratic Party in a state of confusion, no candidate except Jackson has shown any national strength...the entry of Duke into the race could...set the stage for a polarizing confrontation between Jackson and Duke." The NAAWP News carried the same theme: "In candidate forums and debates, the dynamics of a Duke-Jackson confrontation will overshadow all the other candidates." The Duke campaign hopes to develop broad support by picking a fight with Jackson, with the expectation that the other white candidates will remain passive. Instead of displaying the swastikas and nazi-brown uniforms of Duke's past, the principal campaign brochure is printed in red, white and blue, complete with stars and stripes. All of his campaign literature attempts to cast him as the legitimate heir of the large Wallace constituency of 1968. (In 1968 former Alabama Gov. Wallace ran as an independent and received 10 million votes.) Duke's brochure begins with the simple statement that he is "...a populist who is running for President because it is time someone in national politics stood up for the long-ignored, great American Middle Class..." The NAAWP News claims that "A large number of White (sic) activists, populists, America Firsters and former Wallace workers..." are supporting David Duke. In the same vein the paper claims, "Tremendous numbers of Republicans and Independents will become involved in the Duke campaign, because he will be the first person since Wallace to articulate the positions of the American White majority." Duke's campaign platform covers issues from "white rights" to tax reform and saving the family farm. Although it is doubtful that he will develop the same level of support that Wallace did, Duke's candidacy will undoubtedly find support inside the primary process. His ability to polarize the Democratic constituency will depend on how Democratic Party officials respond. The LaRouche Gap In 1984 and 1986 a front group for the LaRouche cult, a neo-fascist group led by Lyndon LaRouche, the National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC), pioneered a new electoral strategy for the Far Right. Working primarily within the Democratic Party, the NDPC ran candidates for office in traditionally Republican districts - where Democratic Party officials paid scant attention. At the same time, NDPC activists ran for Democratic Party posts -- such as precinct captain or central committee member -- where they would face little opposition. When campaigning in primarily Democratic districts, LaRouche candidates attempted to polarize the Party's constituency with bizarre tactics and blatant appeals to bigotry. In some cases LaRouche candidates ran for office as Republicans. And in 1984, after exhausting the Democratic Party's primary process, LaRouche was on the ballot for President as an independent in 17 states. LaRouche's guerilla political strategy reached its peak in Illinois in 1986, when Adlai Stevenson was forced to run as a "Solidarity Democrat," after a LaRouche candidate took the regular party nomination for Secretary of State. Although LaRouche had cooperated with elements of the Ku Klux Klan and the anti-semitic Liberty Lobby (associated with the weekly tabloid, The Spotlight) as early as 1976, the Liberty Lobby launched its own electoral party in 1984, the Populist Party. After the successes of the LaRouche National Democratic Policy Committee, and their own relative failures, Populist Party leaders concluded that LaRouche's "tri-partisan strategy" was the most viable. With a wave of arrests of LaRouche and his followers and the confiscation of their property in bankruptcy proceedings, the LaRouche cult will not be able to duplicate their '84 and '86 successes easily (see following article). Nevertheless, the stratum of alienated, conspiracy-minded, white voters that LaRouche mobilized still remains. It appears that a new electoral axis has emerged and will follow the "tri-partisan strategy" in 1988. The Populist Party Adopts a "Tri-Partisan" Strategy A bitter internal battle between two Populist Party factions -- one led by William Shearer of the California-based American Independent Party, the other led by Willis Carto of the Washington, D.C.-based Liberty Lobby -- left the Party impotent throughout 1986. However, immediately after the March 19, 1986 victories by LaRouche in Illinois, former Klansmen-turned-Populist Robert Weems praised the victories and claimed he had adopted a "tri-partisan approach: within both of the major parties and through the vehicle of the Populist Party itself." Weems, a former Mississippi Klan Grand Dragon, was the first Populist Party national chairman and is aligned with the Carto faction. Fred Siepold, another former party chairman aligned with Carto, also endorsed the "tri-partisan" strategy and called on supporters to run for office on the Populist Party program without regard to party label. Soon after, the Florida state Populist Party leader, Baron Eickhoff, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for commissioner of education in Brevard County, Fla. Carto successfully re-organized his faction of the Populist Party and established an apparatus completely distinct from the Shearer faction. In March 1987 the Carto faction held a "national committee" meeting, attended by over 150 people from 26 states. Former Idaho Congressman George Hansen joined David Duke as the meeting's guest speakers. A Hansen-Carto-Duke axis has been in the process for some time. Carto's tabloid, The Spotlight, has been promoting Hansen for the past year. The weekly paper also favorably featured former Grand Dragon Don Black, a close comrade of Duke. Hansen is currently in jail for a felony tax charge, nevertheless the Populists have already indicated their desire to run Hansen as their '88 candidate. In fact, Hansen has already been selected as the candidate of the allied American Party led by Delmar Dennis. They have reportedly placed his name on the ballot in five states, including Delaware and Kentucky, where the American Party already has ballot status. The Populist Party's ultimate ability to use a Hansen candidacy depends, in part, on whether Hansen succeeds in winning a full pardon from President Reagan. Duke attended the March Populist Party meeting as a paid delegate. Although Duke's speech concentrated on the significance of the racist demonstrations in Forsyth County, Ga., he apparently supported the general direction established by the meeting. A Strategy Aimed At the Republican Party? Just as the LaRouche apparatus did in '84 and '86, the Hansen-Carto-Duke axis will place little emphasis on intervention inside the Republican Party. Nevertheless, one year after its initial articulation, the "tri-partisan strategy" appears to be in place. Adlai Stevenson III can testify to the folly of dismissing the danger as the work of a few dozen kooks. LAROUCHE DOWN, BUT NOT OUT In February 1986 followers of Lyndon LaRouche stunned the nation by winning the Illinois Democratic Party's primary election for Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor. A year later more than 20 members of the LaRouche inner circle had been indicted for fraud. In April of this year the assets of three LaRouche corporations were seized by federal officials after a court declared an involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This July, Lyndon LaRouche himself was indicted for obstruction of justice. Although it has been widely believed that his web of organizations and publishing operations had been forced to close, LaRouche operatives continue to publish a newspaper and keep their national office open in Leesburg, Va. According to Brian Chitwood, a reporter for the Loudon County Times-Mirror, a number of LaRouche offices around the country have been closed and the personnel relocated to headquarters in Leesburg. PMR Printing, the LaRouche printing company, continues to operate. The corporation which publishes Executive Intelligence Review is producing a weekly paper, the New Federalist, to replace the now-defunct bi-weekly New Solidarity. Some observes believe that the LaRouche fundraising apparatus, the original target of the fraud indictments, is once again operating at 1986 levels. Lyndon LaRouche has already declared his 1988 presidential candidacy. During 1984 LaRouche ran for President, first in the Democratic primaries and then as an Independent. He received approximately a half-million dollars in FEC matching funds. Estimates of his total campaign expenditures exceed $6 million. At the same time over 2,000 candidates ran as "LaRouche Democrats" for a variety of local and state offices. They used an organization called the National Democratic Policy Committee (NDPC) to coordinate the election efforts. The NDPC is one of a web of organizations that the LaRouche group uses to promote its neo-fascist ideas. LaRouche literature typically uses the British crown as a code word for Jews, blames the drug trade on the Queen of England and calls for the quarantine of AIDS victims and potential AIDS victims in concentration camps. In August 1985, the Rev. C.T. Vivian, chairman of the Center for Democratic Renewal, circulated a memo to the civil rights community which said that LaRouche had been cooperating "with a number of racist and far-right anti-Jewish organizations" and noted "the nakedly transparent attempt to derail legitimate Black organizations and leadership." Infiltrated Klan in '79 -- EX-COP SUES SAN DIEGO POLICE In 1979 Doug Seymour pretended to be a gun-toting, former POW turned hard-core racist so that he could infiltrate Tom Metzger's California Klan for the San Diego police department. For the next two years Seymour served as Metzger's bodyguard, as director of the Klan's security apparatus and as a close advisor to Metzger's 1980 bid for Congress. Today Seymour is suing the San Diego police department for violating his civil rights. He contends that he was coerced into remaining undercover long after the strain had destroyed his emotional health. Seymour's lawsuit against the police department has been in the process of litigation for several years. The department has attempted to get each of Seymour's charges thrown out of court. The Superior Court of the State of California recently held that four of Seymour's charges should go to trial. Doug said, "Although there are still miles to go, I believe the end is in sight. I feel vindicated." Seymour collapsed after his true identity was discovered by Metzger in 1981. Doug says that after he was subjected to a "Klan trial" -- Russian roulette-style -- "the next thing I remember is waking up in a psychiatric hospital." Seymour claims that police authorities denied to hospital officials that he was a cop, thereby interfering with his ability to receive appropriate treatment. When Seymour began the undercover detail he was a police reservist with a thriving business as a construction contractor. By the time he was discovered by Metzger, Seymour had lost his business and his wife had divorced him. During his stint with the Klan, Seymour was in a number of violent altercations and risked his life several times. He also witnessed and reported a number of crimes which were never prosecuted. Most of his police reports appear to have been destroyed or have "disappeared," making criminal charges against Klan members impossible. Since leaving the police department, Seymour has been an expert witness in California civil rights hearings and state criminal proceedings against Metzger and other neo-nazis. He has also been active in an organization known as C.O.P.S -- a group of former police officers opposed to police brutality and discriminatory hiring and promotion policies inside the department. The Rev. C.T. Vivian, chairman of the Center for Democratic Renewal, asked Seymour last fall to become his special assistant. At that time Rev. Vivian said, "Doug has shown extraordinary courage and commitment to the cause of ending racist violence and bigotry. He has risked his life so that others may live without fear." Seymour has since become an important part of the Center's efforts, adding his expertise and determination. The Center's research director, Leonard Zeskind, added, "Mr. Seymour is a unique individual. His contribution to our research program has been inestimable." NEWS AND BRIEFS March Sponsor's Home Hit By Gunfire Dean Carter's home was hit by gunfire on Saturday, July 4, while he and his family were out watching a local fireworks display. Carter, the north Georgia resident who organized the first Brotherhood March in Forsyth County, Georgia, has continued to speak out against hate groups operating in North Georgia. His step-father, Olan Kinsey, operated a Center for Democratic Renewal public information booth at a Cumming, Ga. (Forsyth County), Fourth of July parade. The Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan had a float with 20 robed Klansmen in the town's parade. Carter received hundreds of death threats in conjunction with the first Brotherhood March. His step-brother was shot at while delivering pizzas the week after the second Brotherhood march. The latest shooting incident may be related to his family's public opposition to the Klan's presence in the town's official Fourth of July parade. POSSE ORGANIZER INDICTED IN KANSAS ON FRAUD CHARGES Posse Comitatus organizer James Patterson was indicted July 1 in Kansas for running a fraudulent loan scheme designed to dupe unsuspecting farmers. Although the FBI is pursuing him, he remains at large. Patterson was using a scheme created by Common Title Bond and Trust Company, originated by Posse-type activists in South Dakota. The South Dakota operation is patterned after a corporation by the same name started by Roger Elvick in California. Elvick is a leader of the California-based Committee of the States -- a white supremacist organization that claims to be the "de jure" government of the United States. The Kansas state Treasurer's office described the Posse-type activity as "...widespread is not even the word for it. Pervasive would be better." LEVEL OF ANTI-GAY VIOLENCE INCREASES OVER 1986 The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, a Center for Democratic Renewal affiliate, recently released a report on anti-gay violence in 1986. The report says that 4,964 incidents were reported to the Task Force in 1986, compared to 2,042 the year before. Included were 3,473 incidents of verbal harassment and 80 homicides. WHITE STUDENT LEADER LEAVES GROUP FOR ROMANCE Greg Withrow, the former leader of the White Student Union, has apparently left the organization in order to pursue a romantic interest. The Sacramento, Ca., resident was in the process of being replaced by John Metzger, the teenage son of the leader of the White Aryan Resistance, Tom Metzger. Withrow claimed his racist student group has about 300 members, many of whom are "skinheads." CDR REPRESENTATIVES TESTIFY AT COMMISSION HEARING Center for Democratic Renewal representatives Jan Douglass and Leonard Zeskind testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights at a June 8 hearing on "Hate Violence in Georgia." They told the panel that racist activity had reached new levels in Georgia in the aftermath of the Forsyth County Brotherhood marches. ----------------------------------- THE MONITOR is produced by the Research Department of the Center for Democratic Renewal and published by the Democratic Renewal Education Fund, Inc. Dr. C.T. Vivian, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lynora Williams, Executive Director, Leonard Zeskind, Research Director. Contact us at P.O. Box 10500, Atlanta, GA 30310 or call at (404) 221-0025. ------------------------------------------- from the Amnet Civil Liberties BBS, Chicago 1 312 436-3062 -------------------------------------------


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