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Radical Politics on The NY Transfer 718-442-1056 Not Responsible for lack of uppercase characters -------------------------------------------------- ............ THE MONITOR - COUNTERING THE POLITICS OF FEAR .......... A Publication of the Center for Democratic Renewal .............. P.O. Box 10500, Atlanta, GA. 404-221-0025 ........ vol. 1, no. 3 june 1984 NAZI YOUTH GANGS INSPIRE ALARM In detroit, a young man is beaten senseless by a mob because he distributes leftist literature. in new york city city, gangs wielding chains prey upon elderly black women. in atlanta, a young woman is murdered because she is jewish. in los angeles, says an observer, "i couldn't believe the blood." the perpertrators of these and numerous other violent crimes in major urban centers of the united states are loose-knit gangs of young men clad in heavy doc martin boots, with shaved heads and naziesque tattoos. called skinheads" or "skins" because of their close-cropped hair, these young men and a few female followers constitute a national movement which increasingly evidences the overt symbols and ideas of neo-nazism. skins emerged on the periphery of the u.s. punk rock scene about five years ago, heavily influenced by the british experience. in great britian, in fact, the pre-eminenet fascist organization, the national front, almost from the first days of punk diverted the "skin" segment of the rock scene to its fascist ideology. they favor punk bands like skrewdriver, u.s. chaos, romantic violence and agnostic front. they are united in their avowed hatred of "peace punks," homosexuals, liberals and leftists, and in their frequent attacks also upon blacks, chicanos, puerto ricans and jews. not all of the young people with shaved heads in and around the punk scene endorse violence or fascism, and not all participate in gangs like the bay area skin heads (bash, or the bashboys). some members of skinhead groupings do not shave their heads. skinheads, in short, are not easily distinguishable until they act. skinhead gangs exploit their similiarities with many uninvolved punks, both to recruit and to present themselves as just another grouping of "rebellious youth." (the monitor stresses that its use of the term "skinheads" in this article refers specifically to violence-prone, nazi-like groupings and individuals.) skins in the united states are not yet numerous nor powerful enough to carry out large-scale riots like the soccer riots launched by their counterparts in great britain, sweden and west germany. apparently led by a handful of long-timers on the punk scene like mark dagger, their record of violence in the u.s. nevertheless is staggering considering their relatively small numbers. since 1981, skins have been accused of murders, assaults and vandalism, sometimes on a weekly basis, in detroit, chicago, atlanta, san francisco, new york city, denver, baltimore, boston, austin, philadelphia and washington, d.c. in atlanta, for example, recent incidents reliably attributed to skins include two murders, three mob attacks, six other assaults and four incidents of swastika vandalism. "we got a little rowdy," said atlanta skin eric bishoff, who has pleaded innocent to beating the owner of the 688 club over the head with a lead pipe. "that whole thing at the 688 was a mistake," skin scott told a newspaper reporter. the particular alarming and significant aspect of the skins trend is an espousal of nazi symbolism and ideology. white supremacist groups naturally have begun to promote this aspect, and exploit skin bully-boys. several gangs use titles, like the national front skins in new york city, or personal monikers like "nazi bob." others display nazi flags, and many use lightning bolts or swastikas as their vandalism and tattoo designs. this latter, explains bishoff, "has shock value. it looks good." in austin and atlanta, skins have been spotted wearing t-shirts sold by white supremacist organizations (like one bearing the slogan "sickle cell anemia: the great white hope"). the slogan of atlanta skins is "swp: supreme white power," and in san francisco and other cities, chants such as "kill all niggers" are shouted over microphones when skins forcibly take over punk rock concerts. a pattern skin gangs follow around the country is that of an older man (like dagger) gathering around himself teenagers who undertake violence. the national front in great britain organized skins under its banner in just such a fashion; the national front also established white noise records, a recording label which has signed skrewdriver, diehards, brutal attack, and gbh (reputed to stand for "grievous bodily harm") to record lyrics like "even murder is no sin" and "nigger, nigger, go back home." skrewdriver's lead singer ian stewart personally is a prominent member and recruiter for the national front. tom metzger's white american political association now is attempting to recruit skin bands for what it terms "an international punk white power record album." the midwest-based ss action group, also recognizing the potential for recruiting skins to the neo-nazi movement, accompanied several skinheads to the most recent white supemacist meeting at klansman bob miles' farm in cohoctah, mi. aryan nations literature is distributed covertly by skins in atlanta and san francisco; and romantic violence allegedly works in chicago with the american nazi party and the illinois knights of the kkk. spotlight, newspaper of right-wing power broker willis carto, praises skins in a three-page spread, written by bob hoy, complete with photos, in the january 6-13, 1986 issue: "they live by a macho creed of two-fisted values such as personal courage and fighting skills....they represent a total rejection of the system by a still small, but possibly pace-setting, element of today's youth.....in increasing numbers they are turning to the struggle to replace this order with one that will truly care about their race and their nation....given the toughness, determination and fearlessness of the skinheads, they are certainly prepared to do their part to bring a new social order to america." to the mass media, skins at most will acknowledge that they are "white and proud." in the punk press, their comments are blunter -- atlanta skin scott wrote to maximum rock and roll: "i feel it's about time we skins/nazi skins stood up and told it like it is....i agree with jeff's reasons for sporting swastikas as a symbol of blitzkreig style revolution. that's why i joined the punk movement....it presented me with an aggressive, angry, stomping, fighting mad type of movement." carmelo nieves of california wrote to mrr: "...there's no one as far to the right as i am....your liberal ideas are as phony as your [expletive deleted]....i am a rightist and hate liberals, communists, gays (because they are perverts), and they should all be annhilated. i also hate foreigners and illegal aliens." when asked their opinion of britain's national front, the band agnostic front collectively responded to mrr, "in england, it is a way of survival. under conditions that only exist mildly here, there is sometimes a need for racism or race awareness in other areas of the world....what we have in common with our british counterparts is pride in ourselves, and in our country." on the mrr radio show, independent california skinhead carl reminded listeners that, if they embraced the skinhead gangs' philosophy and violence, "whether you're a nazi or a nationalist or just running with a gang, you're still a fascist." courts stymie invisible empire judge duross fitzpatrick made legal history in april when he issued a permanent restraining order against ku klux klan recruiting at a madison county, ga high school. the precedent-setting order bans the kkk from picketing or distributing "inflammatory" literature within five hundred feet of madison county high school, as well as north madison middle school. the order also enjoins the klan from "impeding, stopping, approaching or entering" any school bus in the county, and from using "fighting language" in the presence of students traveling to or from school. judge fitzpatrick's order was a response to the lawsuit of 18 parents, assisted by attorney charles mathis and the center for democratic renewal, who asserted that ongoing kkk activity at the high school effectively denied their children's right to a public education. in early march, the invisible empire knights of the ku klux klan, led by daniel carver, launched a major recruitment drive at madison county high school. an invisible empire demonstration at the county courthouse in danielsville drew 75 white teenagers. a series of anti-black incidents culminated on march 12, when two school buses collided due to a klan disruption; one black girl riding a bus was hospitalized briefly due to the collision. danny carver has been stymied recently in hall county, ga, also. at a late march invisible empire parade through gainseville's central black neighborhood, carver was arrested for allegedly assaulting a black minister. a temporary restraining order was issued immediately against any kkk demostration's in gainseville. upon carver's release from jail, he violated the order by returning to the neighborhood, and was arrested again. at carver's hearing for assualt in april, the court did not find probable cause for assault charges. however, the court did find probable cause for the charge of terroristic threats; raised carver's charge to that of terroristic threats, a felony; and bound over his case to the grand jury. in mid-april, the temporary restraining order in hall county was lifted partially. the kkk still cannot demonstrate in the central section of gainseville's black community. views on women link and distinguish new right, far right for all sectors of the right wing, from phyllis schafly to william pierce, the position of women is a key to their attempts to carry out revolutions in the united states. to equate the new right and far right revolutions would be a grave mistake: the revolution of the new right is legal, peaceful and ongoing; that of the far right, from the kkk to the neo-nazis and beyond, is a planned violent overthrow of the government to establish a "new order." in both cases, however, the view taken of women is integral to the view of morality eah believes will dictate its brave new world. with the caveat that the solutions to the "problem of women" are vastly different (as are the relative strengths of various right-wing opinion sectors), a comparison of the similiarities and differences in views about women on either end of the spectrum is revealing and alarming. the author of the turner diaries, william pierce, in "a search for values: toward a white ethic" [national vanguard, august, 1982], defines his vision of the white supremacist ethos around which the united states must be re-formed in terms of marriage: "most white men and women, christian as well as pagan, marry today, not to avoid burning, but for self-fulfillment, for companionship, for reasons of social conformity, or even for a tax break. by way of contrast, consider nietzche's advice regarding marriage...'marriage: that is what i call the will of two to create the one which is more than those who created it.' " the new right's "new morality" of course is not centered around enforced white supremacy, as pierce's is. nevertheless the way home: beyond feminism back to reality, new right author mary pride proposes a significantly close view of marriage and reality. "let's look now at the three 'popular' views of christian marriage and see if we can see why the glue is leaking out of the joints of the christian family....the problem with all these three views of marriage is that they are all 'me' centered. companionship marriage focuses on my need to conquer loneliness. intimate marriage hooks into my desire for romance. contract marriage is tuned into my career ambitions and financial goals. if the need in question is not being met, or can be met better elsewhere, the whole reason for marriage is to produce fruit for god. the biblical reason for marriage is to produce fruit for god. marriage is to produce children and to make the earth fruitful for god." standards of virtue are established also. schafly complains [phyllis schafly report, july, 1982] about "descriptive classroom discussions of fornication, homosexuality, contraceptives and abortion as though they were normal and acceptable practices." pierce also attempts to determine virtue: "the most virtuous sex act is one which takes place between a healthy man and a healthy woman of our race, both with the full knowledge of the genetic factors involved and with the deliberative intention of creating a healthy, racially sound child." 'an abnormal and disturbed few' visions of woman's role in marriage flow naturally from an establishment of all-inclusive moral standards applied to marriage and sex. pierce tells his readers, "...consciousness of the profound and fundamental gender differences between men and women is a prequisite to the mutual appreciation of the sexes for one another necessary to a healthy society. it has been the shrill insistence of an abnormal and disturbed few that these differences be ignored...which has caused much of the hostility, resentment and suspicion which now exist between the sexes." mary pride believes, "sisterly love is....the opposite of the having it all mentality on which the modern careerist movement has been based. instead of striving for 'equality' the sister-wife honors her husband-father above herself." howard phillips of the conservative caucus agrees, "the traditional family should be patriachal, should be headed by the man." [ap feature, nov. 2, 1980] standards for the "normal" family and "normal" woman so are established. women's economic or social equality does not -- cannot -- find a place in either sector's morality prescription. phyllis schafly called the era "one of the most serious threats to the family we face," and later stated, "it should certainly not be our social policy to move wives into the labor force...who is going to raise the children?" [moral majority report, june, 1984] klanswoman phoebe waire in 1982: "the children of the world now, and of the united states, are lost. mother is having now and support them, and they have to sit on the doorstep a couple of hours before their mother ever gets home, and when kids are left alone....they're going to wander and get into things that maybe they wouldn't have got into if they had a mother at home." a successful attack upon the proposed equal rights amendment was conducted partially upon the basis that the era was "anti-family." an eagle forum brochure explained that the era "would give vast powers to the federal government to deny our right to make reasonable differences of treatment between male and female sex, and between moral and immoral sex." william pierce, another opponent of what he terms "equality madness," agrees with schafly's wish to "preserve women's traditional exemption from the military draft and combat duty": "in the name of 'equality' women are taught to act like men, and men are taught to take orders from women....the sick minds responsible for the sexual integration of the u.s. armed forces justify themselves by pointing out that some women are able to fill most male military roles as well as many men. that may be true, in a strictly mechanical sense, but the effect on male morale of such an unnatural reversal of roles is catastrophic." additionally, the far right excludes black women from equality upon the basis of their being black, as well as being women. the traditional viewpoint of klansmen is that black men insanely crave white women; the patently false desire to protect white women from the "lust" of black men is in fact the spurious justification for lynchings and violence. right wing postulates 'birth dearth' women's reproductive functions loom largely in both sector's world views, and one of both's most pressing concerns is what the new right terms the "birth dearth." at an 1985 american enterprise institute symposium on this "birth dearth," edward luttwack wondered, "the important question is why are western nations not wanting to reproduce themselves? actually, as collective thinking, you might call it cultural suicide." luttwack at that forum applauded the pro-natal program of vichy (nazi) france: "it was vichy that started the structures for day-care centers, for family allowances for youth programs -- initially hitler-type youth programs, but also the much more positive go-to-nature work camps -- and....propagandizing against abortion and in favor of family values...we could do worse than to study the french experience." [public opinion, jan., 1986] not all opinions expressed at the aei were as dramatic, although luttwack was but mildly opposed. the "birth dearth" is also a concern of glenn miller, leader of the white patriot party, who wrote: "simple mathematics regarding racial population implications, i.e. race-mixing, abortion, sterilizations, drugs, homosexuality, venereal diseases, the extremely low white birth rate, and flooding of america by...non-white aliens proves conclusively that white america will not survive unless drastic changes are made. should the ku klux klan not become powerful and influential...the white race will have become so weak in both numbers and influence, there will be no hope for white racial survival..." [fayetteville observer, feb. 3, 1984] so, too, does jan keown comment, "white numerical growth...has been overtaken by a population explosion in non-white lands. there are now more than four non-whites for every white living on the planet, and the ratio is shifting toward an even greater non-white preponderance at an accelerating rate." keown also endorses nazi pro-natal policies: "pro-family and pro-child propaganda encouraged germans to have large families...the lebensborn...provided support for large families and help for expectant mothers and children. it fought against the abortion of healthy children and tried to raise the position of the unmarried mother. germany was well on the way to a revolutionary new age of racial dynamism..." [national vanguard, may, 1982] viewpoints on birth conrol vary. robert marshall of the american life league said, "we don't think the government should fund these things -- artificial means of birth control. they lend themselves to coercion and centralized control over family life." [new york times, feb. 5, 1986] while the far right encourages white women to have numerous children, it is in favor of birth control and sterilizations for non-white peoples. the knights of the ku klux klan solicited funds to be "used toward the purchase of contraceptives in an effort to stop the ever-expanding birth rate of the negro people." glen miller wrote, " without massive sterilizations, sending food to africa is equivalent to pouring jet fuel on roaring california forest fires...our food shipments should be accompanied by thousands of abortion doctors and shiploads of birth control pills and prophylactics." [raleigh news & observer, july 24, 1985] statements on abortion also differ in this manner. the new right consciously reaches out to unaffiliated black and minority women, as well as to white, to urge against abortion. dr. mildred jefferson of the right to life committee said, "...a people that has lost so many in slavery, a people that has lost so many to drug addiction and alcoholism, cannot affort to throw its babies away." [the georgia bulletin, jan. 30, 1986] the far right usually sees abortion as a jewish plot to destroy white christian children, but advocates abortion for black and minority women as a welcome form of genocide. at least 115 instances of arson, bombings, vandalism, harassmant and serious threats occurred between 1980 and 1986 at clinics and related sites. many within the far right advocate anti-abortion violence. the new right takes a slightly different tack. cal thomas of the moral majority said on the "nightline" television show in january, 1985, "the violence is to be deplored...but if it can be used to translate the abortion issue into a national debate, then it's served its end." and paul brown of the american life league asserted that convicted clinic bombers were only "very young, naive, well-meaning kids." [new york times, jan. 23, 1986] of course, the rhetoric of some far rightists is much more extreme; witness the statement of this correspondent on the liberty net: "i hope they would make abortion illegal, then these stupid women could feel what it is like when you must use a hangar in order to destroy their child. maybe while they are having fun they can remember ye old coat hangar." [sic] at a posse comitatus meeting in wisconsin in 1980, a speaker declared, "we might as well tell the truth...what the purpose of these space shots was...and all these abortions...the babies' brains were pried out of them, taken out and put into alcohol to be preserved. they were the memory brains for the computers." the new right usually describes its new ethic for america and women's role in the future society as a return to judeo-christian principles. warren johnston of the confederate knights of the kkk scoffed, "more than ten million white babies have been murdered through jewish-engineered legalized abortion...right to life groups continue to talk of 'judeo-christian' ethics. but the term judeo-christian is an anomaly...the term judeo-christian is offensive to real christians." [gastonia gazette, feb. 19, 1985] william pierce bluntly declares: "it seems to me that a truly healthy morality is one which guides the statemen of a nation just as surely as it guides the nation's other citizens. but such a morality cannot be christian; it must have a new set of race-based values, which are the same for the state as for the citizen." 'good' people, 'bad' people and morality solutions for establishing morality for forcible public consumption -- including how to establish childbearing and child-rearing as a woman's primary role in the body politic -- present points of variance between the far right and the new right. jerry falwell asserted in penthouse that "it is easy for people today who are violating god's law and man's law to ridicule those who oppose them by simply saying, 'that fellow's repressive; he is suggesting a return to where america was fifty years ago, morally.' that is exactly what i am proposing, morally." falwell and other new rightists advocate lobbying for legislative change. paul brown of life amendment political action committee pointed out, "it really doesn't matter what the polls say. whoever can deliver politically is the group that's going to get its way." schafly advocates voting: "if the good people stay in the pews, and the bad people vote, we will continue to have attacks on family values." moreover, the new right takes a long-range view. "it is no secret that in spite of better than expected results in the 1980 elections, many of the most experienced right-to-life leaders are far less optimistic about the possibility of passing and ratifying the ideal amendment in the forseeable future than they care to admit in public," acknowledges david o'steen of the committee for a pro-life congress. "some privately speak of twenty or thirty being necessary to end abortion." the solution furthest to the right is expressed by william pierce: "the great hope of the white race is mother nature -- and the coming cataclysm....the fact is that a great dying out is coming -- a wolf age, an ax age -- and after that, a rebirth....we are certainly in a war -- a war without uniforms, but nevertheless one in which a glance ordinarily tells to which army a soldier belongs. at least, it tells those who have not had their brains addled by the myth of equality, or the myth of individuality. the soldiers on the other side don't have that problem. to the jew, the black, the militant feminist, the homosexual, or the hispanic, what is of paramount importance about any individual is whether or not he is one of the 'chosen'....he always knows to which army he belongs." editor's note: why do so many women respond to the appeals of the right wing? in subsequent issues the monitor will explore the programs for women presented by various right wing groups, as well as the position of women in both the new right and the far right. tom metzger and the white aryan resistance the shift with the far right to a more evident neo-nazism and, in some cases, to expressed formulations for violent underground activity, has resulted in realignment, debate and considerable turmoil within the ranks. two former ku klux klan leaders have merged from this new situation with stable, even expanded, constituencies: tom metzger and glenn miller. this duo -- metzger in california and miller in north carolina -- have promoted a shrewd blend of nazi, populist and racist agitation; educated their followers in "underground philosophy;" and experimented successfully with a variety of organizing tactics. in the last issue of the monitor, we examined glenn miller's position; this third issue of the monitor will explore tom metzger's career. both men's paths indicate the dramatically-changed status of ku klux klan leaders within the far right. tom metzger's transition from a klan leader involved in street violence in 1978, to a political candidate in 1980, to a cable television show producer in 1986 is representative of some of the changes that sections of the ku klux klan have made. metzger, a television repairman from fallbrook, california, is the leader of the white aryan resistance. fallbrook's location midway between los angeles and san diego has allowed metzger to play a major role in racist politics throughout southern california for many years. his electronic abilities have placed him at the head of the racist movement's dabbling in high-tech. metzger has produced 27 different video programs that are shown on public access cable television in california, texas and pennsylvania. in addition, he runs an independent computer bulletin board system similiar to the aryan nations system. white aryan resistance (war) publishes a tabloid -- advertised as part of the aryan nations liberty net -- about four times a year. in a fashion similar to the north carolina white patroit party, metzger relies heavily on 24-hour message phones in seven california cities to spread his word. war has spawned a small youth group, the white student union, which has four chapters in california, two in north carolina, and one chapter in florida. metzger is not all high-tech, however. when the verdict was announced in the racketeering trial of the order in seattle last december, metzger was there to say the order was "not dead." in fact, metzger has been not only a technological leader among the racists, but also a political leader. metzger in the sixties and seventies metzger's political development is similar to others on the far right. during the sixties he was a member of the john birch society. the birch society was at that time the largest formation of right-wing extremists and included within its ranks a number of competing tendencies. while the birch society program included opposition to the income tax, it did not include breaking the law by not paying taxes. in the early '70's, a wave of tax protest developed that later became associated with the posse comitatus. metzger then became a tax-protester and left the birch society. according to doug seymour, a former san diego police reservist who infiltrated metzger's organization in 1979, metzger was also a member of the minutemen, a paramilitary organization, during the sixties. the minutemen stockpiled weapons, conducted paramilitary training, and got involved in a number of altercations with the law. in 1975 metzger became an identity minister in james warner's new christian crusade church. warner was located in the los angeles area, although he has since moved to louisiana. christian identity no longer plays a public role in metzger's politics, although he maintains close associations with a number of prominent identity figures. also in 1975 metzger joined the knights of the ku klux klan, then led by david duke. duke was, at the time, one of the new, young klan leaders who first steered the klans toward a more straightforward form of neo-nazism. metzger became head of the knights in california, and developed a certain amount of independence for his statewide organization. the california knights recruited marines from nearby camp pendleton and in 1979 organized a highly publicized "border patrol" to prevent undocumented workers from entering this country. according to seymour, metzger dazzled other klan leaders at a national meeting in 1979 with his mastery of electronics and computers. metzger became the center of a klan internal security apparatus that included the sophisticated use of credit reports and court records. at that same meeting klan leaders discussed developing an electoral strategy designed to widen their appeal beyond the white robes and hoods. metzger's associate glenn parker, a former campaign official for george wallace, helped form the strategy. wapa and war in 1980 metzger ran in california's 45th congressional district democratic primary. he surprised a number of people and won the nomination with over 33,000 votes. he ran a wallace-style "little people's" campaign and polled best in white working class areas of the district. he lost the general election by a wide margin. shortly after the election, the organization's name was changed to white american political association (wapa). in 1982 wapa fielded a number of candidates in the california primaries, including metzger, winston burbage, and donald musgrove. by developing wapa as a public vehicle for their racist program, metzger and others tried to bury the violence associated with the klan behind a public relations blitz. however, the mask came off of wapa in december, 1983, when metzger was arrested at a cross-burning in the san fernando valley. in retrospect, the cross-burning was a significant occasion. richard butler and future order member david tate drove from the aryan nations idaho compound so that butler could officiate at the cross-burning. butler was assisted by klansman frank silva and randy evans. both silva and evans later were convicted in seattle as members of the order. 1983 was the year that the strategy of developing a clandestine criminal underground was widely discussed in klan and neo-nazi circles. and a number of the significant participants in that underground were in southern california at that december cross-burning. for his part, metzger has been a vocal supporter of the order -- and has opened the pages of his publications to its jailed members. according to a statement given to the fbi by convicted order member bruce carroll pierce, metzger received between $250,000 and $300,000 of the total four million dollars stolen by the order. pierce retracted his original fbi statement before he went to trial, and metzger has not been charged with receiving stolen property. metzger stopped running for office and wapa soon became the white american resistance (war) war began to more fully develop themes that had only been implicit in metzger's work: those related to developing support among white working class people. war began to attack others in the right wing movement who are anti-communist extremists without a world view totally dominated by race: "war will not walk a conservative line...nor left nor right. whatever benefits white racial culture, we endorse. whatever degrades our race, we oppose. the most sophisticated terrorist organization in the united states is our own so-called federal government, and now it wants men to die in el salvador to protect fat-cat owned u.s. factories that left the u.s. to get cheap labor and dump u.s. workers..." (war, iii, #1) by 1986 metzger had developed even more fully his approach to white working people. side-by-side with an article by convicted order member david lane, war published an article supporting the local p-9 strike against hormel in austin, minnesota. he wrote, "war calls on all white people to help trim the fat from the hormel bosses by boycotting all hormel products..." significantly, metzger also wrote: "white revolutionaries have no dogmas...we do not connect ourselves to reactionaries who think they are assisting their race by fighting for 'western traditions' or against 'socialism.' white racial socialism is positive. race mixing socialism is negative. we are not pro or anti christian, pro or anti communist...socialist regimes seeking to overthrow coca-cola 'culture' and zionism, and that are ruled by white men who keep their nations essentially white, have our support." metzger added another twist to his political transition last fall when he and several war members attended a rally by louis farrakhan and donated one hundred dollars to his cause. in october '85 he presented his case for supporting farrakhan to a meeting of 200 klan and neo-nazi leaders in michigan. metzger won fairly wide support for this new policy. at least publicly, metzger has voiced support for black territorial separation on the north american continent. (some neo-nazis have even called for a five-state white enclave in the pacific northwest, but metzger doesn't seem to be one of them.) tom metzger has traveled quite a distance from his days as a john bircher twenty years ago. major sections of the far right clearly have not traveled quite so far, but others -- like metzger -- have. their version of racism is now much closer to political strands that existed within hitler's own nazi party. they add a dangerous new political edge to the violence that has long been associated with the ku klux klan. countering the politics of fear bang bang uber alles, a musical drama by june jordan and adrienne torf, premiered june 12 in atlanta, ga, sponsored by seven stages theatre and the center for democratic renewal. director del hamilton calls bang bang uber alles "a wildly american musical." the drama presents a group of black and jewish performing artists who resolve to confront the ku klux klan through the power of their music and dance. drama merged into reality when dave holland of the white southern knights, a robed cronie and several cammie-clad klanmen attempted to disrupt the third performance. the klanmen arrived at seven stages theatre carrying posters which declared, "deport lyn wells and the center for democratic renewal." a crowd of over one hundred neighborhood residents spontaneously surrounded the klansmen to chant "get out! get out!" atlanta police drew enthusiastic praise when they promptly chased away the white southern knights. that evening's performance in turn recieved a standing ovation. holland's appearance marked the first time in recent memory that the ku klux klan has appeared publicly in atlanta. bang bang uber alles completed its atlanta run on july 13. a benefit performance of the musical, which was choreographed by michaelangelo davis, was held for the center for democratic renewal on june 13. featured cast members included robert breaux, jane anne ferguson, mark ford, jennika good, matthew hutchinson, stephanie pettis, don smith and sheila wheat. orchestra members included chip epsten, roger french, debra kaye and jay norem. news briefs the southern poverty law center has filed a court motion in raliegh, n.c., asking that glenn miller, leader of the white patriot party, be held in contempt. the law center asserts that miller is violating a 1985 settlement in which he agreed not to operate a paramilitary organization, and requests federal judge earl britt to sentence miller to three years in prison. the trial date is july 21. miller's response, in an "emergency fund appeal," was to assert, "no matter the outcome of the trial, the white patriot party will continue to operate, grow and further the cause of white people...we all know the immense power of the jews over the federal government. we must never allow them to beat us simply by getting rid of one leader." glenn miller has suffered a few other setbacks recently. in his race for the north carolina senatorial nomination in the may republican primary, miller garnered only 6,526 votes. "frankly, i expected to do a little better," he admitted. and the much-touted rally of the white patriot party near knoxville, tenn. fizzled, drawing fewer than fifty participants. a black family building a lakeside cabin in an otherwise all-white area found their nearly-completed home burned to the ground on may 13 in missouri. the kansas city-area couple was told eight months ago that one of their new white neighbors didn't want them in the neighborhood. on the opposite side of the kansas city metropolitan area, another black family moving into a previously all-white neighborhood has had their home attacked five times since february. a white protestant minister organized a 24-hour prayer vigil at the latter family's home. tom metzger will no longer produce his cable television program, "race and reason," on the campus of the california state university at fullerton. although metzger was alleged to be dissatisfied with the college's video equipment, extensivve protests by the school's anti-racism coalition probably prompted his exit. rick elliott, tax protester and leader of the national agricultural press association, was convicted in may of 14 counts of theft and fraud in colorado. elliott, who published ads for the aryan nations in his now-defunct tabloid, told the court he kept the best interests of farmers at heart. he was convicted of stealing over a quarter of a million dollars from his own supporters. a report released by the national gay and lesbian task force documents 2,042 acts of violence and intimidation motivated by bigotry against homosexuals last year. the report was compiled from 44 communities in 31 states and included 445 physical assaults, twenty homicides and nine bomb threats. according to the report, increases in anti-homosexual activity were directly attributable to public reaction to aids. british revisionist david irving spoke in georgia in april for the atlanta committee for historical review. the committee, an ad hoc offshoot of willis carto's institute for historical review, was sponsored by sam dickinson, a decatur, ga attorney. local white supremacists, including edward fields and dave holland, attended irving's speech. from london, england, irving has been a popular speaker for some time among britain's far right racists. no stranger to the united states, in september, 1983, he was a guest speaker at an institute for historical review conference in los angeles, ca. in 1977, david irving wrote hitler's war, a history purporting that adolf hitler was ignorant of the holocaust. since that time, irving has attempted to deny the holocaust entirely, and has opposed immigration of people of color into great britain. for his part, sam dickson hosted a gathering of racists and anti-semites from around the world in october, 1985. joining dickson's georgia standbys at this previous meeting were members of the canadian league of rights and the australian league of rights, and ivor benson of south africa. ----------------------------------- for more information or to get a subscription, write to: center for democratic renewal, p.o. box 10500, atlanta, ga 30310. 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