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Radical Politics on The NY Transfer 718-442-1056 -------------------------------------------------- ............ THE MONITOR - COUNTERING THE POLITICS OF FEAR .......... A Publication of the Center for Democratic Renewal .............. P.O. Box 10500, Atlanta, GA. 404-221-0025 'DEMOCRACY NEVER WORKS', SAYS WPP AT JANUARY CONVENTION IN N.C. "Democracy as a form of government has never worked. It is a tool of the Jews to destroy white Aryan republics," declared White Patriot Party chaplain Steve Miller at an extremists' rally and convention on January 18 in North Carolina. Sponsoring organizations of the rally and convention were the White Patriot Party (WPP), the National States Rights Party (NSRP), and the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Two hundred attended the convention, from at least one dozen states. Most of these, however, were members of the White Patriot Party. Although there was no official delegate recognitionj, monitors believe representatives of the Southern White Knights, the Christian Identity Movement and the NSRP were present. Glenn Miller, leader of the WPP, emceed the conference, which was marked by a militaristic veneer. Among speakers were Thom Robb, Christian Identity minister; Edward Fields, National States Rights Party; Steve Miller and Gordon Ipock of WPP; and David Outlaw. All spoke about the need to adopt a united vision. Steve Miller, always popular with the WPP rank and file, concentrated upon the ideology of the violent Klan/Nazi underground in his speech. Gordon Ipock, previously known in extremist circles as a tax resister and writer, is emerging as a spokesman for WPP. His speech and that of David Outlaw received enthusiastic response. Outlaw summed up the sentiment of the conference: although factional disputes prevent a formal merger at this time, enough unity exists that serious merger discussions can begin among sectors of the white supremacist movement. Preceding the conference was a march and rally at the state capitol in Raleigh to oppose the federal holiday, King Day. The march emerged as a White Patriot Party showcase; most of the 325 participants were WPP members, as were most of the two dozen sympathetic observers, despite promotion of the event by the NSRP, the Southern National Party and the Liberty Lobby. Last year's anti-King Day protest in Raliegh drew about the same number, but this year's concentration of WPP forces indicates an increase in Glenn Miller's potent influence. Speaker Steve Miller told the crowd, "There's operating in our country a gang of criminals. They are fat. They live wherever they want, all over the world. They have their headquarters in Washington, D.C. They even have a branch in Raleigh: the international satanic Jew." He continued, "These are the sons of Satan. With murder and bribery, they have overthrown the republic of our forefathers. The republic is gone, people." Miller concluded, "The Constitution lies mangled by our enemies. That is why nigger communists are able to rate a national holiday." The rally also stressed support for the violent underground and the apartheid regime in South Africa, and opposition to equal rights for Black people. Glenn Miller's campaign as a Republican Party candidate for the U.S. Senate was emphasized, also. Some disgruntlement about WPP prominence was expressed by participants; the White Knights of Liberty, the Christian Knights and even David Duke of NAAWP (a sponsoring organization) were not present. Robed Klansmen were absent, although four men marched in full Confederate Army regalia. Four Gastonia, N.C., residents were stopped while driving to the rally and arrested on weapons charges. Found in their car were several semi-automatic weapons, knives and over 1000 rounds of ammunition. James Hyman, Cynthia Posey, Timothy Shannon and William Fore were charged with going armed to the terror of the public, a misdemeanor. NEWS AND BRIEFS In Seattle, OR, Charles and Anna Goldmark and their two children were attacked in their home Christmas Eve. According to police reports, David Rice entered their home with a toy pistol, chloroformed the family, and bludgeoned and stabbed them. Anna and one of the children died immediately. Charles died a few weeks later, and the remaining child was in critical condition as we went to press The Goldmarks are a prominent Seattle family active in Democratic Party politics. Although they are not, many people in the Seattle area believe that the Goldmarks are Jewish. Charles' mother, the former Sally Ringe, had been a member of the Communist Party during the 1930's. She and her husband successfully sued some members of the John Birch Society who had libeled the Goldmark family in 1963. The case made a lasting impression on the far right, which considered the Goldmarks to be part of the so-called communist Jewish threat. At the time we went to press, the investigation into the murders had not been completed. A pile of anti-Semitic and racist literature was found in Rice's apartment by police and evidence indicates that Rice's girl friend is the treasurer of the local Duck Club. The Duck Club, headquartered in Florida, is widely-known in the tax protest movement of the right. It is known that Rice attended at least one meeting of a far-right, anti-Semitic group, as yet unidentified, last fall. Rice also conducted a six-month "investigation" into the Goldmark's lives prior to the murders. In Portland, Oregon, in early December, four attempted bombings were foiled. "Letter bombs" packages were mailed to three clinics and a Planned Parenthood ofice, but a receptionist at the Feminist Women's Health Center noted the suspicious apperance of a package and notified authorities, who found three more bombs in the mail. "This is really the first time that it's clear that the intent is to kill people," said Nannett Falkenberg of the National Abortion Rights Action League. Tom Metzger of the White American Resistance allegedly has urged that letter bombs be sent to abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices because "Almost all abortion doctors are Jews" and "Jews must be punished for this." In Ohio, three abortion clinics were set afire in December in Toledo and Cincinnati; a fourth in Toledo received a bomb threat. A bomb exploded in the Manhattan Women's Medical Center in New York City. Seven people were evacuated from the clinic minutes before the explosion, which caused slight damage. Last fall, anti-abortion extremists also set afire two Louisiana clinics and one in North Carolina. TV evangelist Pat Robertson has been spreading the word that he would welcome the GOP presidential nomination in 1988. Although GOP pundits dismiss the possibility of a Robertson candidacy, they acknowledge that his bid could dramatically affect the GOP's '88 platform. Robertson's fundraising base equals that of the Republican National Committee. He owns the Christian Broadcasting Network, and over 28 million people, according to the Nielsen Co., watch his TV show, "The 700 Club." Robertson also runs the conservative Freedom Council. A few sidelights have emerged since Robertson threw his hat in the Republican ring. A former employee of Robertson's, Charles Shugarman, recently was convicted of tax fraud arising from his work with the extremist Patriot Network. The new managing director of CBN News, James Whelan, recently resigned from the The Washington Times, a Unification Church-owned publication. Edward Fields of the National States Rights Party has issued threats against Lyn Wells, Anne Braden and monitors of the National Anti-Klan Network. Photographs of the monitors and three articles naming Wells and Braden appeared in The Thunderbolt, Fields' newspaper. The threats have been reported to Federal and state law enforcement agencies. Excerpts from the articles include these statements: "Can you help us find them? If you see them, follow them to their place of residence and report same back to us. A generous reward will be paid."; "We want them questioned..."; and "The time has come for us to fight back with everything we can hit them with and we mean FIRE POWER. This time let there be no more survivors. WIPE THEM OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL." Rev. Jerry Falwell, New Right leader of the Moral Majority, has established a new organization, the Liberty Federation. The Liberty Federation will focus on "possible comunistic takeovers" and other international issues, while the Moral Majority will narrow its program to concentrate once again on "strictly moral" issues such as fighting legal abortion. At press time, Vice-President George Bush was slated to speak at the Federation's first meeting in January. The Liberty Federation seems to be Falwell's response to the sharp decline in financial support the Moral Majority is experiencing since he endorsed apartheid in South Africa and the Marcos regime in the Philippines. The Moral Majority hopes to rebuild its constituency by returning to its original rallying cries, while the Liberty Federation explores building a new, second constituency. The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously voted to deny parole to Jesse B. Stoner, convicted in 1983 of bombing Bethel Baptist Church 25 years earlier. Stoner is scheduled to be released in November, 1986. -------------------- These are selected articles from the THE MONITOR, a publication of the Center for Democratic Renewal. This is the first issue of this paper since the National Anti-Klan Network became the C.D.R. ------------------------------------------- from the Amnet Civil Liberties BBS, Chicago 1 312 436-3062


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