GLOCESTER, R.I. (AP) - State police, acting on a tip from a self-described psychic, once a

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GLOCESTER, R.I. (AP) -- State police, acting on a tip from a self-described psychic, once again searched a section of the Chepachet River for the body of a missing Massachusetts girl and once again found nothing. Lt. Louis B. Clark of the State Police's Missing and Exploited Children's Unit said troopers and a specially-trained dog conducted a two-hour search along the snowy riverbank Friday on the advice of Normand J. Joyal, of Woonsocket. Joyal on Wednesday led Holliston, Mass., police to the body of a missing Bellingham, Mass., teen-ager. He has several times claimed to have seen visions of the body of Sarah Pryor, of Wayland, Mass., in the Chepachet river. Sarah was 9 when she was last seen in October 1985. On Nov. 28, state police and a diver conducted a fruitless search of a section of the river that Joyal pointed out. Since then, Joyal has insisted that the girl's body was slightly upriver from where he originally directed police. Clark said police felt compelled to conduct the second search. Joyal, 60, is a charismatic Roman Catholic who claims that God reveals to him the whereabouts of missing children. Jacques Martel, 16, of Bellingham, had been missing since Nov. 5. Beginning last Saturday, Joyal said he had visions of Martel and drain pipes. On Wednesday, the boy's body was found in the septic tank of a Holliston shopping center. An autopsy ruled the cause of death accidental drowning. <<>> HOLLISTON, Mass. (AP) -- A self-proclaimed psychic who said a vision led him to the body of a missing 16-year-old drowned in a septic tank is setting his sights on finding Wayland's Sarah Pryor, although authorities already have fruitlessly followed one of his leads. "This is what I needed for Sarah Pryor," Normand Joyal said Thursday after the discovery here of the body of Jacques Martel, missing since Nov. 5. "She's my little adopted girl." Joyal, 60, of Woonsocket, R.I., who two weeks ago visited the site where Martel was found, claimed a vision led him again to the place Wednesday, where the body of the drowned boy was recovered. He said he believed the body of the 9-year-old Pryor girl, missing from Wayland since October 1985, could be found in the Chepachet River near Routes 44 and 102 in Rhode Island. Wayland Police Lt. Gerald Galvin said that a Rhode Island State Police diver searched the river last November on the basis of a Joyal tip and found nothing. Andrew Pryor, the missing girl's father, told The Boston Herald the police will search the river again. "He seems like a very concerned individual and he obviously had success with this Martel boy," Pryor said. "There's always the hope that she will be found alive, but that's not the way he sees things. But we want it solved one way or the other." Joyal said his visions started nine years ago when he and his wife separated . She since has returned to their home. "It started when I got involved with the Bible and the charismatic movement," he said.


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