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Extracted from Diary entry dated Saturday, 14 May, 1983ev {continued from file mirror4.txt} Anne is in Phily on business this weekend. Cliff & David will be doing a Jupiter working tomorrow evening. Anne & Vic will be participating. I will call Cliff this evening to see if there is an easy way for me to join the circuit from here. I had two brief dream images of the working last night, as well as an VIII° dedicated to it. Not much detail as to the exact nature of the ritual, except that it was a IX° working with all present lapping the combined elixir in Vitro, & using the residue in the cup to annoint various talismans. I got a very clear image of the altar, which is (to be truthful) not very practical for use in the physical temple, but which is quite useful for use in an Astral temple. The altar is made of solid gold in the form of a double cube, 1 meter on an edge with a plate of platinum atop the altar 4 inches thick. The sides of the altar are inlaid with traditional Jupitarian sigils in brilliant metallic blue (flashing with the burnished orange of the gold metal). The sigil of the Jupiterian Olympean Planetary Spirit, Bethor, is especially prominant on the front face of the upper cube of the altar. Beneath it, on the lower cube, is a countercharge (an inlaid blue square, with sigil in bas relief of pure gold) of the Solar Olympian Planetary Spirit, Och. The Platinum top of the altar is indented in the form of a body, laying on its back, with a groove running from the crotch to a cuplike depression at the front edge of the altar, just above the sigil of Bethor. If a IX° couple were to make love upon the altar with the male on the bottom, buttocks fitted into the indentations of the altar, the sexual fluids would drip into the groove & be conveyed to the graal at the altar's edge -- there to be consumed by the other members of the priesthood or used for annointing sigils, etc. An outline of some of the symbolism is as follows: Double cube of one meter/side: 1 meter=40 inches(aprox). 40 is the number of Jupiter in Malkuth. 43=64, MI ZHB, the Golden Waters (which relates back to the altar & its function. Total height of altar = 2 meters + 4" = 83"(aprox.) 83= the number of flowing waves of dew that clothe the body of NU -- and the ultimate consecration; the root idea of Romance + Religion. White Tin (the allotropic form sacred to Jupiter) is tetrahedral in its crystalline structure. Platinum has a cubic structure & is therefore an acceptable alchemical substitute for White Tin where the higher vibrat- ions of a precious metal are needed in a Jupitarian working. The double cube of gold is 2 billion cubic centimeters in volume and weighs 103,525,373.2 troy pounds. 103,525,373.2 taken modulus 360 = 173, or 80o aspect to Thelema (93). 80= Foundation, Throne. The Platinum altar-top is 101.6 million cubic centimeters in volume (ignoring the indentations for the priest & the elixir groove) and weighs 5,838,897.1 troy pounds. 5,838,897.1 taken modulus 360 = 57. 57=Rim, Altar, Built. The total weight of the Gold altar +Platinum top taken modulus 360 = 230 = 23x10, or the Glyph of Life in Malkuth. I have been trying to phone Cliff all evening to see what is cooking down there. As he is even more of a night person than I, I shall keep trying. He has a few days off, so I am not even sure if he is up yet -- it is only 10:30 in the evening. * * * Diary entry for 22 May When sleep finally did come (no pre-sleep VIII° due to bad feelings which it is not my will to amplify via sex), I had troubled drweams of mercenary wars, flooding of Baltic countries, and bloody self-sacrifice of a soldier who placed personal love above duty to the cause he swore to serve. Not a pleasant omen, but it is just one week since the trauma of the non-trip connected with the Jupiter ritual. After sleep I calmed myself & was able to dedicate an VIII° to my participation in the Great Work (see below for details). When I sat-up in bed, Jupiter was shinning down brightly thru an overcast sky directly into my window. I foucused upon the brilliant orb & re-dedicated myself to this Powerzone & my work with Anne & the mushrooms. Every time I began to word my dedication in such a way that I was `accepting' less than I really wanted, clouds would obscure Jupiter from my sight. Each time I took this cue & rephrased my dedication to speak directly & clearly to what I thought would best serve the Great Work, Jupiter's brilliance illuminated my hear thru the windows of my soul. I love spontaneous omens like these. It is not like asking for guidance from a static deck of cards or the wise words of dead men. It is a dynamic dance in which the Universe blesses my wisdom & withdraws from my follies. Immediate feedback of half-baked emotions welling up from within me is exactly what I need. I feel honored that the Universe bestowed such a Barraka upon me. The VIII° was very powerful. I worked with Julie upon the Astral in Cliff's livingroom. From within me I `remembered' the seven-fold kiss which roughly corresponds to the 5-fold kiss as used by the Witches. The seven-fold kiss is dyanmic with no fixed words or gestures, so what I write must not be memorized, but simply used as a guide for improvizat- ion. 1. Kiss anal sphyncter & carress the sensitive tissues with tongue. Blessed be the gate below Malkuth, the doorway to the residuum of Creation. Thou art the gateway of the reification of change & mutation extolled by those who seek to alter the `laws' of this material plane of existance. Thou art the birth canal of teratomas & the vessel of the Alchemysts of Black Isis. 2. Kiss the clitoris & lick the delicate inner labia. Blesssed be the Gateway betwixt Malkuth & Yesod whereby new souls enter this Universe & wherein mystics gaze upon the ever-shifting fabric of the body Of Nuit. Thou art the Gateway `home' for all of us not yet ready to pass permanently from this plane of existance. 3. Kiss the umbilicus & trace a line with the tongue along the linea alba to the solar plexus just under the base of the sternum. Blessed be the Gateway of Yang in ascendance, the solar plexus of Power & Might, by which Netzach aspires to Geburrah & Hod to Chesed via their reflections thru Tiphareth. Thou art the portal of physical power through which the adept gains balance, centering, and charisma for work in Arts Martial & Olympic. 4. Kiss the heart chakra with open mouth, breathing in & out so as to stimulate the heart of the subtle nervous system directly with prana & to permit the priest to drink compassion directly from this cup of the priestess. Blessed be the Gateway of Yin in descendance, the Sacred Heart by which Chesed assimilates the intellectual capacities of Hod in order that those who rule may learn to do so with Wisdom & by which Geburrah assimilates the love & compassion of Netzach in order that those who walk the path of soldiers may become transformed from mercenaries into warrior-Poets in the service of NU. Thou art the portal of the vessel of the pure Heart by which charisma & compassion are perfected & the Cup is filled to the brim to be offered to our Lady of the Western Gate of Heaven. 5. Kiss the throat in the hollow just below the Adam's Apple, then share a wet kiss with the mouth of the priestess. Blessed be the Gateway at Daath, the nourisher of vision & the vessel of Alternity. Thou art the Portal thru which alternative realities are skryed via the catalytic action of the sexual fluids disolved within the mouth & absorbed fully by nerve fibers which trigger the opening of thy most subtle Gateway. 6. Kiss the third eye with a wet sucking kiss which is almost vigorous enough to leave a hickey. Blessed be the Third Eye, skryer of all the other chakras, confirmer of visions, and adjustor of imbalances. If thou art not functional, all must be taken on faith in the words of others. Be thou fully open & clear in order that we may see the myriad Paths thru Alternity & make wise decisions for those who as yet refuse to see. 7. Kiss the crown charkra with the delicacy of kissing a fragile flower containing a bumble bee. Blessed be the innefible Gateway beyond comprenhension by which we transcend this plane altogether. We know that thou art but the Malkuth of yet another Tree, but (for most of us) thou are incomprehensible. We revere thee in silence. Needless to say, the Seven-Fold Kiss as written is desgned for use by an active male priest upon a passive female priestess. For a female initiate to play the active role, many changes will need to be made, not only because of anatomical differences, but because a woman's perception of the function of the chakras may be quite different from mine. It would seem that Julie is able to trigger some very powerful initiatory experiences within me. This is not the first time we have worked together upon the Astral & not the first time that `results' have manifested. The first working resulted in a powerful dream with imagry which I have not yet fully sorted out, but this time I have been blessed with the core of an invokation for use as `foreplay' to IX° ritual. It is now morning & I am in a much better space than when I began this entry. I must trust that Anne will do what she must do. I will do what I must & must trust that there is no conflict once we are both doing our Wills. * * * SATURDAY, the 28th Day of MAY, 1983 e.v. Very interesting dreams the past 2 nights. More magickal content than any in the recent past. Perhaps getting the IRS audit over & done with has enabled me to relax & be more in tune with my inner life. I shall now utilize my dream crystal to get back into those two dreams in order that I may retreive them more lucidly for this record. I am having a great deal of difficulty getting good resolution of the first dream, but I am able to pick-up the hilights. Perhaps as I progress, the images will become sharper. There is a soft pliable nylon rope. It is braided from 4 seperate strands, which are each braided from 4 seperate strands, recursive down to the sub-micon level. The main rope is about 4 inches in diameter & very long. It is used as a mooring line on a very big ship. I am describing to someone how the sound of this rope being plucked produces a standing wave of very low frequency which oscilates in harmony with the call of the whales. I remember back to my childhood when I first heard the sound of this rope being plucked at the docking of the Queen Mary. The rememberance of the vibratory sound evokes a dream within the dream. I am in a classroom with several others. Chuck Garvin is with me. I am looking at a book by Frater Achad on an unpublished version of the Tarot. I am attempting to make-out the suits when Chuck comes over & tells me that one of the names I am puzzling over is Mayan script for Teonanacotyl. As I look, the pattern begins to fall into place. I see 4 seperate suits, one for each of the four kingdoms. I attempt to sort the suits & fix the attributes within my mind. Chuck tells me to write down the vibratory formula for the suits as I vibrate them aloud. As I begin the vibrations, I become aware of the 4 stranded rope vibrating just beneath my consciousness. At first I see the suits as Animal, Vegetable, Fungal, & Crystaline, but somehow I am unable to make the pattern fit together harmoniously. At this point in the original dream I awoke & was unable to take the neccessary time to sort-out the dream. I now remove that `ending' & continue within the dream reality. The very deep vibration continues. It is ever present at the core of my being. The cord is a four-fold synphony, but there is a sublte hint that just beyond the realm of my hearing, there is an invisible fifth which very subtly controls 7 harmonizes the other four. Of the 4 tones, 1 seems to be the basis from which the others grow (although all 4 are independent). This is the tone of the mineral kingdom. There are seperate notes for each of the elements, and complex harmonies for each of the chemical compounds. The metals & the insoluble salts have the strongest voices, but all members of the mineral kingdom are fully represented. it is this synphony which corresponds to the suit of disks. Next I hear the raucous crys of the animal kingdom. They war, they conquer, they die. They are always on the move. They are aware of self far more than the minerals, but most seem deaf to the overall synphony of the 4 kingdoms. It is this kingdom which constantly acts out the formulae of the suit of Swords. Next I hear a very subtle note which strikes me as being sublimely sensual. There is full harmony with the other notes of its kind, yet all are distinctly individual. As I tune in closer & closer, I sense a very powerful gateway. The music comes from those whose office is the transformation of dead matter. It is the carprophageaous kingdom of the fungi -- they who eat the dead in order to aid their transformation. Their song is a rich narcotic sensuality. A blend of Eros & Thanatos which cannot be comprehended fully by either the animal or the mineral kingdoms. Here is the suit of Cups perfected. I become aware of a steady beat, like a cosmic heart which pumps the oceans between the stars. It is the trees & the other members of the kingdom of photosynthetic plants which weave the sexual secretions of the fungi with the rays of the sun to formulate their own structure. The nobility of the Wands is easily seen in this Kingdom. I then strain my ears for the vibrations of that highly refined strand which seemingly waeves all 4 kingdoms together. I taste electicity in my mouth & smeel the sharp spice of ozone. I°ns flow about me in a heady dance. The Trumps begin to unfold about me; their images in infinite regress like images in a house of mirrors. I transcend this plane altogether. I am in the company of stars & the celestial music weaves about me. The energy itself is both alive & sentient, both individually aware & an inseperable part of the whole. I tumble back down to the physical plane & I become aware of the microscopic pervasiveness of crystals within all four of the Kingdoms. The finest of the mineral kingdom, refined & rarified thru passage amongst the other 3 kingdoms becomes the living sentient crytaline vehicle for the fifth Kingdom, the all pervasive Spirit which guides & nurtures from within as well as from without. I am back in the classroom. Chuch is nowhere to be seen, but his presence still surrounds me. The book is open to a hand-colored plate which weaves together the 4 suits & the Major Arcana into a complex mandala of flashing color. I attempt to join the vibratory song which constantly cometh from within, but my conscious self is unable to follow the complexities. I meditate upon the mandala & merge with the song within. My mergance is far from complete. I still feel more like a spectator than a participant. I am still unable to pick-out details for the individual cards with the suits. The patterns are dynamic & seem far too fleeting for me to catch. Second dream is more fragmented. It begins where the first left off. I am a part of the music of the spheres. Astronomy is an aspect of the life cycle of the Universe & its intricacies have always awed me. I come-down from my external perspective & sink deep within myself. I emerge from stillness. I am at a party in some town near here (perhaps Syracuse), & am talking magick with a very precocious ten year old. Her shows me a cartoon strip which he has drawn. A man rushes into a room bearing some important news. Most of his liteners commit suicide, while others run to spread the news to other groups. The scene is repeated time & time again amongst different groups of people, with the same result. Finally, an astronomer beams the message into space via a f.t.l. laser beam & the stars go out, one by one until the Universe is completely black. The message which caused such behavior was never even hinted at in the cartton. In speaking with the young man, I casually mentioned that the other end of a black hole is most probably a quazar & he immediatly assumed that I understood his cartoon (which I did not). He comes home with me for a visit & I enroll him as a probationer in Grant's branch of the Order while undertaking to tutor him personally. I awaken from the dream with a sense of mission to teach & the feeling that my ministry is about to begin in earnest. As I write this entry I am overcome with extreme tiredness. I feel the call of the world of dreams. I need to take a nap before continuing with my work for today. * * * 28 June,1983ev Very strong dream images upon awakening this morning. No `plot' or strong `characters', but a very strong message -- i.e., the dream had content without context. But in sorting my thoughts to share the dream with Anne, the context `appeared' with a sense of rememberance from another place rather than the memories of a dream. For me, it is the feelings associated with the rememberance rather than the content of the dream itself which lend credence to its message. But I realize that any who read this diary will have to judge the message soley by my words, so I shall tell this tale with care to be faithful to the images which can evoke altered states of consciousness in the reader. I am wandering alone through dark tunnels. The darkness is absolute, yet I am able to see by a glow which permeates this plane of reality -- an illumination which is somehow analogous to cosmic rays which penetrate the densest rock, yet which is faintly perceptable to the esoteric nervous system. The walls are ruggose & remind me of the giant worm burrows &/or the bowels of a dragon. There is a heavy sweet odor in the air -- dark, yet powerful. It reminds me of both mentrual blood & the exudations of the Muldalahara chakra after anal orgasm. I see a light ahead. I follow the light & I come upon a small procession. A young albino girl (probably about 7) dressed in a pure white gown with silver ornamentations is carrying a silver lantern. As she walks, there is a sound like a thousand tinkling bells, and she leaves a trail of silver sparkles on the floor behind her. Within her lantern is large faceted diamond-like gemstone (about the size of a pomegranet) which gives-off a pure white brilliance which illuminates the passageway & causes brilliant reflections from the trails of slug-slime which decorate the walls. Behind her walks a very dark man. At first glance he appears to be a dark-skinned caucassion, but on closer look he is an amalgamation of all the races of humanity -- and then some, for there is something about him which is far older than any primate on this planet. He reminds me strongly of that which I have glimpsed within Hegit from time to time. He is dressed in a short dark brown tunic of coarse weave. A naked sword, smeared with blood, hangs at his side & he carries a wooden chest bound with iron straps. As they pass by me, they pay me no heed. I cannot decide whether they ignore me, or are unable to perceive my presence. I follow them. The small girl leads without hesitation & not a sound is heard save the tinkling of tiny silver bells. I am reminded of a Roman Catholic Priest bearing the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of a ghetto being led by an altar boy. We come to a large cavern. All is bright light & much gaudy color. The scene reminds me of one of the paintings from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but there are many discrepancies. The young girl goes off to the sidelines where many people are observing the pagent. Sutek (the dark man with the casket) goes to the middle of the cavern & opens it upon the altar. Within the chest are two items; a freshly plucked human heart (it is still oozing blood) and a murkey crystal, about the size of an erect human penis. The crystal is placed upon a scale & balanced with an ornately engraved human tooth. The tooth is only slightly heavier than the crystal. Murmurs of worry & consternation are heard from those observing the rite. Maat & Anubis (who preside over the weighing) are very calm, but I can sense their very great concern. Next, the heart is balanced against an ostrich plume . The feather is itself balanced on its tip & slowly rotates on the balance pan like a gyroscope. The balance is almost exact. Neither the feather nor the heart seem heavier than the other. I sense the importance of the test, so I intervene to precipitate a judgement. I breathe upon the feather & exhale IPSOS. The gyrations of the feather increase & the pan slowly tips downward, leaving the heart clearly lighter than the feather. All breathe a sigh of relief save Anubis, who looks disapointed. Both the heart & the crystal & put back into the box & returned to Sutek. He walks back the way he came, led by the girl in white carrying the silver lantern. The large cavern grows dark & the figures seem to become two- dimensional frescos upon the ancient walls. I am alone in the cavern of twilight. I am torn between solitary exploration & following Sutek & the girl. I opt to follow. I quickly locate the light from the crystal lantern & come upon them in a small grotto. Tied spread-eagled to a stone altar is a young woman. He chest has been cut open. Sutek is placing both the heart & the crystal within her chest. He then closes her wound as the lantern carrier heals the gash with the light from her crystal. The woman on the altar is untied & is taken away by some small gnome- like creatures who are very difficult to look-at directly (images of them are fleeting & leave streaks upon the retinas). Sutek leaves by a side passage, alone & in a hurry. The lantern carrier leaves by another passageway & I follow. I stop her & ask her what has transpired. She tells me that if I have to ask, I shouldn't be here. I reply that since I am here, I must have a need to know. She ponders on my words for a bit before telling me that which I seek to know. She takes me to a small room carved from the living rock & places her crystal lantern on a shelf. She looks deeply into my eyes. She tells me that I already know what has transpired & questions why I need to have my knowledge confirmed by her. I smile & point to the book which I am carrying. It is my magickal record. I tell her that without a clear explanation from her lips, there will be many who will question my interpretation. She takes out a feather from her tunic & balances it on its point. It begins to spin as she breathes upon it. I speak the word IPSOS as she vibrates the word Abra-HAD-abara. Her small room disolves & we are in a crystal palace surrounded by servants. She is now much older, yet her body retains the youthful grace of the child. She points to a darkly veined red crystal which floats on a pool of Mercury within an ornately appointed glass globe. The globe appears to have been blown around the dark-veined crystal & the mercury somehow introduced before the globe had fully hardened. She tells me that we were just within the crystal of judgement in which each member of the secular sisterhood of Prostitutes is periodically tested. The dhols kidnap them from dreamland & the gugs sieze them from post-orgasmic trance. The Gaunts enchant them from drug induced insomnia trance & the voormis snatch them when they travel alone. No matter where they go & no matter what they do, each member of the sisterhood is brought to the blood crystal of judgement at least once a month, preferably (but not neccessarily on the first day of their menses. Within the crystal they are drugged insensible & Sutek opens their chest to remove their heart & the crystal of transmutation which each are given upon initiation into the sisterhood. The heart & the crystal are carried to the great hall of judgement where the crystal is balanced against the Tooth of the AEon & the heart is balanced against the Feather of Truth. If the heart & crystal be both judged pure, they will be returned to the hooker & she will be revived by the healing rays of the diamond. Then they will be taken off for further instruction in dreamwork & in their priestcraft of alchemy. But,If the heart is not pure, it gains weight from the repressed ecstacy which it is unable to channel. If the crystal be not clear, the Sister is unable to transmute the toxins of her client into the Spirit- Fire of the Nu-AEon. If the heart or the crystal fail the test of the balance, the Prostitute is not allowed to continue plying her trade. She will be restored to life, but will be warned in dreams that she is no longer capable of plying her trade without severe danger. Most listen to this dream advice & change professions &/or seek spiritual guidance in waking life to enable them to alter the course of their own destiny. But there are some who refuse to listen to the voice which speaks within them. To these are given nightmares & close brushes with death. At each passing month's judgement, they are warned more sternly & some of their magickal powers of attraction are hidden from them. If they still refuse to listen, they are visited with dis-ease, and begin to exude the aura of self-destuction which attracts those whose office is the dissolution of lost souls (men such as Jack-the-Ripper). It is never too late for the crystal to clear or the heart to become light & self- luminous, but it is very difficult to manage such self-transformation while plying a trade which attracts those who need to work-out their own murkiness. When at last such a darkling priestess is laid to rest, Anubis eats her heart, so that the darkness my be disolved & I (in my office of Lady of the Diamond) absorb her crystal that its murkiness may become self-luminous by the action of the highly evolved diamond which I carry within me. As she spoke, the priestess of the diamond opened her blouse & exposed her delicate breasts. Between them her heart glowed thru her skin like a beacon to all lost ships & a crystal shone like a saber of purest energy, cutting thru the murkiness in my own being. She was both Mary the Mother of the Sun & Mary the bride of the Master. She was consolor & initiatrix into the mysteries. She told me to look for her sign in all whom I approached for initiation. She then counciled me to trust myself enough to approach those with dark hearts & murkey crystals, for it was time for me to manifest my office of whore to the harlots. I should not be afraid to absorb darkness, nor should I fear the consequenses of transmutation of the murkiness within others. If I would seek to be healed, I must heal in return so that the priesthood can grow to meet the needs of the Race. Her light filled my being & I became pleasantly disoriented. The external dream ceased & I was in a sea of silver dew at dawn. The dawn came from within myself, as did the sea. I was, without being, and without external reference. Then `I' looked `UP' and saw the stars. The dream fragmented & I returned to my waking self, filled with a warm glow.


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