+quot;It is of great importance that the general public be given an opportunity to experie

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"It is of great importance that the general public be given an opportunity to experience - consciously and intelligently - the effects and results of scientific research. It is not sufficient that each result be taken up, elaborated, and applied by a few specialists in their field. Restricting the body of knowledge to a small group deadens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty." --Albert Einstein What is MICAP? MICAP is the acronym for the Multi-national Investigations Cooperative on Aerial Phenomena, a new international organization dedicated to promoting focused, responsible scientific research on unidentified aerial anomalies. This announcement briefly outlines MICAP's goals and long-range plans. Founded in 1991, MICAP is an outgrowth of the world-renowed ParaNet Information Service, an international electronic news-gathering and news- distribution network. For five years ParaNet has provided a link between UFO "hobbyists" and the world's leading UFOlogists. Additionally, ParaNet has become an invaluable research tool, unparalleled anywhere else. Now MICAP has been founded to enhance and coordinate the research efforts already being carried on in this field by investigators and organizations around the world. Over the last forty years, a great deal of UFO research has been conducted at the local level by independent UFO organizations, and there have been occasional attempts to bring these efforts together on the national level both in the United States and elsewhere. However, in all that time far too little progress has been made toward gaining an understanding of what these anomalies represent -- in part because the UFO problem is global in nature. There has also been far too much rivalry among the various UFO organizations, which has often resulted in duplication of effort, monumental egotism, and all the other ills for which UFOlogy is just infamous. Clearly there is a need for a cooperative, global effort directed toward UFO research. MICAP is designed to answer that need. MICAP is not a UFO club. It is a scientific-based organization founded on scientific methodology, and is intended solely for discovering facts rather than for propagating religious, philosophical, or political convictions. We are under no illusion that we already know the answers; the first step, indeed, is to achieve a better understanding of what the questions are. Furthermore, MICAP is not intended to replace or compete with existing UFO organizations. Rather, its goal is to establish cooperative working relationships with other organizations in order to help them achieve a greater understanding of the complexity of the UFO enigma. MICAP is designed to function as the "United Nations" of the UFO research community and it's goals will be pursued by four strategies: standards-based scientific investigation; global data collection; public education; and active, trained membership. Standards-based Scientific Investigation MICAP will work with the scientific community to establish sound and accepted principles and standards by which the UFO phenomenon can be investigated; these will be designed by veteran investigators within UFOlogy and by responsible scientists from other disciplines. Every effort will be made to assure that collected data is of the highest quality, and field investigators will be selected and trained using the most stringent practicable criteria. In addition, formal oversight committees will be formed to assure compliance with investigatory standards, and will be staffed by representatives of existing research groups which are affiliated with MICAP. These measures will, we hope, allow MICAP to bridge the gap that currently exists between scientific UFOlogy and the rest of the scientific community. Global Data Collection One of MICAP's first efforts will include the establishment of a central clearinghouse for data culled from independent local and international sources. This information will then be combined in a global computer database which can be accessed by authorized researchers from around the world. Public Education The public often has a gross misunderstanding of what the UFO phenomenon represents, based on media hype, rank speculation, and deliberate disinformation. MICAP will strive to replace the mythology surrounding UFOs with verifiable facts based on scientific investigation. This will be accomplished through positive and aggressive public education in the media, through its own publications, and through classroom curricula developed in conjunction with professional educators. Active, Trained Membership For its membership, MICAP is seeking concerned men and women from around the world who are seriously interested in unlocking the secrets behind the UFO phenomenon. MICAP members, unlike any other UFO organizations, will play active roles in the pursuit of organizational goals; they are not restricted simply to the financial support of the organization. Instead, they will have the opportunity to actively participate in the investigation and collection of data if they wish. Members will benefit from MICAP's educational efforts, as well as access to the largest, most sophisticated network of UFO investigators in the world. In order to assure that all members are serious about their involvement and well qualified in the areas to which they wish to contribute, membership is by application only. Other benefits for MICAP members: a subscription to CONTINUUM, ParaNet's official quarterly newsletter. Discounts to MICAP Special Events Bulletin Board/ParaNet Access Opportunity to meet top experts/researchers in the field Education for Field Investigators Workshops/Seminars/Discussion Groups Networking Public Education Subscription to CONTINUUM Newsletter Discount subscription to UFO Magazine For More Information To receive additional information on MICAP or an application for MICAP membership, write to: MICAP P.O. Box 172 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172 303-429-2654 voice 303-429-2713 data 303-933-7179 data MICAP P.O. Box 172 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-0172 303-429-2654


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