Msg: 442 Date: 14 Dec 89 19:00:54 To: Jack Ofshadows Subj: Re: Do what thou wilt. Hello ag

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Msg: 442 Date: 14 Dec 89 19:00:54 From: Phil Hansford Area: Magicknet To: Jack Ofshadows Subj: Re: Do what thou wilt... Hello again...Thanks for the message... JO>Magic, if done right, will affect both the subjective inner JO>world of the operator, and it will alter external reality. They are the same (or appear to be, since all observation is subjective). JO>When magic, intended to affect external events is not quite JO>at the peak power level necessary to affect the world JO>outside the consciousness of the operator Do you subscribe to the energy model of magick? Even if you do, more is not necessarily better. In any case, sometimes magick is the 'internal' kind, intended to directly affect the operator. JO>then it recoils upon the mental plane of the magician and JO>produces obsession. Generally one speaks of recoil only in aversive magick. If constructive magick fails, it will produce positive (ie. beneficial) side effects. JO>Self proclaimed magi usually die of their obsessions. A sweeping generalization. Do you have documented evidence of this? You sound like a reader of Blavatsky and Annie Bessant JO>Karma. You deffinitely sound like a reader of Blavatsky and Annie Bessant. There are many different theories in magick and metaphysics. I won't say they're all wrong, but I don't think many of them serve much purpose either. You don't need a theory to perform magick or ESP. You can do it without one. Many people do. When pointless theories start getting in the way, it's time to throw them out... 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.' //Phil//


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