#: 118132 S10/Paranormal Issues 10-Jul-87 20:31:43 Sb: #Light Years Fm: Joel C. Don 72406,

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#: 118132 S10/Paranormal Issues 10-Jul-87 20:31:43 Sb: #Light Years Fm: Joel C. Don 72406,633 To: ALL Here's another mystery regarding the supposed UFO contacts with Eduard Meier, detailed in Gary Kinder's new book Light Years. According to the text, Meier "is a man with his left arm severed just above the elbow." However, the last photo included in the book shows Meier with his right arm severed above the elbow. In an earlier photo, it is clear that Meier has a right arm and his left coat sleeve appears empty. A third photo shows Meier and part of his right arm including a portion of his right elbow. I think we first need to identify Meier before we take on the objects. 11-Jul-87 01:43:13 Fm: Steven B. Harris 71450,1773 To: Joel C. Don 72406,633 (X) The only known glass plate negative of Billy the Kid is often printed reversed, so that his pistol is on the left. That has sponsored myths and movies like Paul Newman's "The Left Handed Gun." But if you look closely, you can tell that Billy was right handed, because in the left-gun picture, his buttons are on the left side of his jacket. So anyway, one of the photos of Kinder must be reversed. Look at hisbuttons. 11-Jul-87 10:27:49 Fm: Joel C. Don 72406,633 To: Steven B. Harris 71450,1773 (X) Thanks for the reply. Yes, it seems to be a plate reversal. I just figured they'd be more careful in a book that relies heavily on photographic evidence. 13-Jul-87 21:15:36 Fm: Sysop Jim Speiser 72135,424 To: Joel C. Don 72406,633 Hi Joel.... The only mystery about the Billy Meier affair, as far as I'm concerned, is how this book got published in the first place. But for the record, it is his left arm that's severed. Welcome to section 10. Jim


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