This document was originally distributed on Internet as a part of the Electronic Buddhist

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This document was originally distributed on Internet as a part of the Electronic Buddhist Archives, available via anonymous FTP and/or COOMBSQUEST gopher on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU The document's ftp filename and the full directory path are given in the coombspapers top level INDEX file. This version of the document has been reformatted by Barry Kapke and is being distributed, with permission, via the DharmaNet Buddhist File Distribution Network. [Last updated: 23 September 1993] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Zen Buddhist texts listed below have been translated from Japanese and rendered into a thoughtful English by the Diamond Sangha members, Honolulu, Hawaii headed by Robert Aitken Roshi. Although the basic work was done in the 1970s and the 1980s translations of some of the texts are not final as they tend to continue to be improved on and refined. These texts are used with gratitude and delight by members of several affiliated Zen centers and communities, including California Diamond Sangha, Santa Rosa and Berkeley, USA (headed by John Tarrant Roshi); Sydney Zen Center, Australia, and the Zen Group of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. [The final authoritative version of the sutras - as translated in Dec 1991 by Robert Aitken Roshi can be now found in the document called: diamond-sangha-zen-sutras.txt available from the coombspapers at the above internet address, or DIA-SANG.ZIP from DharmaNet.] ============================================================= ZEN BUDDHIST MEAL SUTRAS Sydney Zen Centre, 251 Young St., Annandale, Sydney NSW 2038, Australia ============================================================= Buddha, born at Kapilavastu, Attained the way at Magadha, preached at Varanasi, Entered Nirvana at Kusinagara. Now as we spread the bowls of Buddha Tathagatha We make our vows together with all beings. We and this food and our eating are vacant. NYAN NI SAN BO AN SU IN SHI NYAN PIN DAI SHU NYAN Vairochana, pure and clear Dharmakaya Buddha; Lochana, full and complete Sambogakaya Buddha; Shakyamuni, infinitely varied Nirmanakaya Buddha; Maitreya, Buddha still to be born; All Buddhas everywhere, past, present, future; Mahayana, lotus of the subtle law; Manjusri, great wisdom Bodhisattva; Samantabhadra, Mahayana Bodhisattva; Avalokitesvara, Great compassion Bodhisattva; All venerated Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas, The great Prajna Paramita. *** Porridge is effective in ten ways To aid the student of Zen. No limit to the good result, Consumating eternal happiness. *** These three virtues and six flavours Are offered to the Buddha and Sangha May all beings of the universe Share alike this nourishment. *** First, we consider in detail the merit of this food and remember how it came to us; Second, we evaluate our own virtue and practice, lacking or complete, as we receive this offering; Third, we are careful about greed, hatred and ignorance, to guard our minds and to free ourselves from error; Fourth, we take this good medicine to save our bodies from emaciation; Fifth, we accept this food to achieve the Way of the Buddha. *** Oh, all you demons and spirits, We now offer this food to you. May all of you everywhere Share it with us together. *** The first portion is for the Three Treasures, The second is for the Four Blessings; The third is for the Six Paths; Together with all we take this food. The first taste is to cut off all evil, The second is to practice all good, The third is to save all beings; May we all attain the Way of the Buddha. * * * We wash our bowls in this water, It has the flavour of ambrosial dew. We offer it to all demons and spirits; May all be filled and satisfied. OM MAKULASAI SVAHA * * * The world is like an empty sky, The lotus does not adhere to water. Our minds, surpassing that in purity, We bow in veneratlon to thee most Exalted One. * * * ------------------------------------------------------------------------ end of file


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