GALACTICLY SPEAKING By Craig Pace This is the monthy Jupiter ends its long winter retrogra

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GALACTICLY SPEAKING By Craig Pace This is the monthy Jupiter ends its long winter retrograde and turns direct. As it does, the 1st of May, it is preparing to leave Virgo and will not return for about 14 years. If you are an earth sign person (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn) and have been taking in the advancement, increase, improvement and expansion but not setting yourself up for long range benefit (opening doors, widening horizons, etc,) then this is a wake-up call for you. When Jupiter leaves Virgo this coming October 11, the influence of increase from our solar systems largest planet will be gone. One of the problems with positive Jupiter transits is that, when under their influence, we come to think of the ongoing advantage as being just the way life is. Then when the influence is over, we look around and say, "Well, what happened, why don't things go easily any longer?" It is because we raise our level of consumption during easy and lucrative times to that of the incoming flow, then when the influence is over, the flow dries up. The caution for these transits is to take this time of opportunity to set yourself up for the long-term. So if you are earth sign and have been enjoying a season of prosperity, opportunity or effectiveness, right now is not too late to wake up and use this time to invest your energies into some long term payoffs. Real growth, expanded potentials and newly developed assets will still be in place after October, while potentials for new opportunities will become fewer and farther between. May is also, of course, the time of Taurus. Probably there are more flowers in bloom now than any other time of the year. It is a time when we want to slow down a little and enjoy nature's artistic finess. Countless varieties of delicate shapes and colors capture us into doscovering them, while intoxicating fragrances fill our senses. The promise of spring is fulfilled. It is no surprise that the nature of Taurus is appreciation and love of beauty. (It's their darned stubborn selfishness that gets me.) There are no eclipses this month, but the full Moons are on the 2nd and 31st, the new Moon is the 16th. The first time it is full is at 13 degrees of Taurus. The Moon is in one of its most advantageous places in this sign, indicating trustworthiness, true-blue friendships, loyalty, sincerity and emotional fullness. Topics around the second of May will range from acknowledgement of attraction to pledges of marriage. Other scenarios include; The beginning of a prosperous money cycle, a family stroll in a natural setting or a friend going out of his/her way to do something special for you. The full Moon on the 31st is in Gemimi at 11 degrees and marks quite a different time. New beginnings then will involve fickleness of mood, a need of variety or change, a learning project, or maybe just a fun chatty day. The full Moon, which indicates the end of something having to do with family, emotions, or our natural way of being ourselves is at 26 degrees of Scorpio. The Scorpionic influence here will make this day heavy and thunderous. (The Moon is as uncomfortable in Scorpio as it is warm and friendly in Taurus.) Look for possible arguments at home with someone who is not willing to consider another's point of view, the foot being put down and law proclaimed, or someone pouty and moody in your life. May Specifics If you are Scorpio, born about the 14th of November, I know I have not written much for you in recent months. But, you are still involved in the same difficult, powerful, sometimes acutely painful transformation that I spoke of last fall. By now though, you are beginning to see your way out. The destructive dismantling of your old way of life and starting over from scratch, obviously will not go on forever. The 'new you' is beginning to emerge. Probably you can already tell, you will be stronger and more able in life, more than you would have ever been if you had stayed in the old shackles. It is better where you are going and you'll never be tempted to go back. Pluto is the influence here, the ruler of your natal Sun, and the aspect is the powerful conjunction. Qualities described by Pluto are total fearlessness and the condition of no longer believing in, or being able to accept the old ways. The awareness usually is that some major pillar of the foundation of our life is found out to be a morbid lie. This is a most difficult awareness to resist. Those that do retain their old ways and do not grow by meeting the challenge will pay the heavy price, of a major loss of personal power and self respect. For Virgoans born August 24 through September 1, the first paragraph this month is especially for you, and the time is now. While transit Jupiter will be in Virgo until October, it is exactly conjuncting your natal Sun this month. This is your prime time, so make your best choices right now while the influence is at its peak. Geminis born from May 26 through June 4, financial juggling around the end of the month is not a good idea as things could easily get out of hand. If you end robbing Peter to pay Paul, Pete may have a few things to say about that. Even still, all will be straightened out again by mid-June. If your Sun sign is Leo and you were born between the 7th and the 12th of August, it is temporary, but this month, Murphy's law is in effect. If it can go wrong, it will. That would not be so bad, except it will be up to you to set things straight again. Loss or the potential of it may be in line for you. Your sensitive yet confident, winning manner is important now. For Librans, especially those born between the 8th and the 14th of October, the positive money cycle I've been talking about since March is even stronger for you this month around the 25th. Expect positive financial events at this time that could net you a nifty bundle. Enjoy! Taureans born from the 5th through the 12th of May should expect testing challenges all this month., Look for ways to cut the deadwood from your life. You need to be light, flexible, and effective now, especially concerning things that are your personal responsibility. If you are Aries born between the 3rd and the 10th of April, May 27 through June 2 is a time of concern for you since your chart shows a health caution at that time. Another possibility however, is your becoming quite angry about having been lied to concerning an important issue in your life.


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