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Area 16: Pods Echo: Thelema From: Ranger Rick To: Kayla Block Msg #96, Feb-20-93 12:51 PM Subject: tree of life The grade issue is definately one that is pretty wierd in the west. Its true that with our social conditioning, its not dealt with in a very good manner. While one should keep striving for more atainment to keep their inertia moving, they need to also take EXTREME personal responsibility for truly working through the work. A goal is something to aim at, but the "experience" is in the path. As I've stated many times, magickians need to be more focused on the work and not on impressing their peers. Way too much emphisis is placed on Hod. Most magickians can spew magickal goppeldegoop that SOUNDS so impressive, then you look at them and see that they LIVE in a model of reality that is virtually no different than any mundane. There is validity in "grades". We do live in a linear existance. When I say that I feel that the tree is too linear, Im refering to, in comparison with other models Ive found, that the advancment is not as cut and dry as the "lightning path" up the tree. Let me give you a brief view on how I see the tree as to be traversed. All humans live in Malkuth, that's a given for all manifested beings. One who has found themselves perceiving this existence. In Malkuth, we deal with all the aspects to be found on the tree, but IN Malkuth. Once one feels the urge to "advance", and see the "foundation" or that which lies behind the obvious, they move into Yesod. All who are into any religion fall into this "grade". Anyone who seeks to see the underlying principals of the universe. Now once they get past the point of having someone else tell them what its about (religion), they start too seek out for themselves. They find a "method" that suits their nature, and procede to work with it. This is Hod. After working with their method for a time, it starts to manifest in their "expression". They start to grok how to live in accord with their discipline. It becomes less of a game of the mind and they truely become sincere in their passion for evolution. This is Netzach. There are lots of different ways in which different people deal with this progression. Some fill their brains with all sorts of information, and some deal more with going with the flow. Either is not good to focus on at this stage of the game. In a sense, they are not really advancing. The only "true" advancement is in the middle pillar. While there is somewhat of a progression from Hod to Netzach, its not the true "movement" into higher/deeper spaces. I feel that one virtually stays in Yesod during this time. To move into Tiphareth, one needs to achieve the balance of "method" and "expression". Then they move up the middle pillar into Tiphareth. Tiphareth is ones center in living as a manifested entity in this universe. It comes when one has their path/method (Hod) and are sincere in doing their work and living/expressing (Netzach) that work. Netzach sounds like an easy sphere to bag, but its not. How many magickians do you know that are fine in their element, but turn into bumbling boobies when they are taken out of it? The "passion" that is found in Netz goes into ALL expressions of their life. Netach teaches sincerity, and I mean TRUE sincerity. I know a person who is widely known as a magickal teacher. When this person is at a gathering or anywhere else that there is an audience, they are known for how well they "support" anyone who is going through some sort of catharsis. Whenever there is no reason to put on this "show" and someone comes to them, this person will ALWAYS tell them, "Oh, you need to work this out for yourself." Funny, Ive NEVER heard this person tell someone that when their "selling" themself, or when there is something (political or to get laid or whatever) to be gained by it. This person has no true sincerity. While they can spew magickal mumbo jumbo all day long, they do not have the true passion/sincerity of what theyre doing. My point here is that really "living" your path is much deeper than what most seek. That living the path is not just in front of others, for acknowledgement or gain or amusement. There is a Zen koan for Netzach, "When you are alone, act as if you have company. When you have company, act as if you are alone." The magickian must realize that their path is half method, and half expression. Then they will move on to their center. The "triangles" of the tree should be seen as single units with different aspects. While in Yesod, you balance method and expression. When in Tiphareth, you balance power with mastery. Im outta room (and probably getting low on time). Ill leave this for now. Ill go to the next post to answer the rest of your message. --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: Star In The Circle BBS. To climb the Tree... (93:9001/4)


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