MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 01 May, 1990 Page 1 of 5 Introduction to the NEOPAGANISM,

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MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 01 May, 1990 Page 1 of 5 Introduction to the NEOPAGANISM, WITCHCRAFT AND MAGICK Echo Conference Network 1. Overview In November of 1985, Senator Jesse Helms and Representative Robert Walker each introduced legislation that would have prohibited tax-exempt status for any church or religious organization that practiced "sorcery" or "had a substantial interest ... in the promotion of witchcraft." The effect that these bills had on the magickal community was electrifying. Groups and traditions that otherwise hated or distrusted each other banded together into one large network, bound together by the telephone and by U.S. Mail, to block their passage. It took over a year, but finally both bills were dead. They seem unlikely to return soon. In early 1986, a programmer named Jeff Rush wrote a FidoNet extension called EchoMail. It electrified and revolutionized the FidoNet community every bit as much as the Helms Amendment and Walker Bill did the magickal community. In the very earliest days of EchoMail, Brad Hicks, sysop of WeirdBase, a Discordio-Pagan bulletin board on the FidoNet in St. Louis, Missouri (1:100/523) came up with the idea of finding every possible Pagan and magickal contact person who could dial into the FidoNet, and connect them all together, ideally via an EchoMail conference. So he advertised quietly for such people in several articles in FidoNews. Initially, three other systems replied. In Berkeley, California, Josh Gordon was operating a bulletin board for the Ordo Templar Orientis called ThelemNet (125/93 then, 1:161/93 now). In Gardner, Massachusetts, a local astrolger named MizMoon had a horoscope area on Dave's Fido (1:101/27). And on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, a hippy named Gene Clayton replied that he didn't know much about the subject but surely was interested. From these four systems was formed the very first EchoMail conference set up to discuss a specific, non-technical subject: the MAGICK EchoMail Conference. In its first month, it garnered only a few dozen messages. It has since grown beyond belief, to 40 or more systems and dozens of messages =per night.= To accomodate the increase in traffic (and the continuous stream of the new and curious), the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick conference was separated into its three current components (MAGICKNET, METAPHYSICAL, and MUNDANE) in March of 1988, almost exactly two years after it was founded. As of Beltane (May Eve) 1990, the load of adminstering the huge and still growing echomail system, became too much for Brad Hicks and the network administrative duties were assumed jointly by several people in New Mexico and Colorado. MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 16 Jun 88 Page 2 of 5 2. Content of the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick Conferences 2.1 MAGICKNET...... Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick This remains the normal Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick echo. However, discussions of only marginal relevance to the topic(s) will be strongly encouraged to move to MUNDANE. 2.2 METAPHYSICAL... Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick (articles) This portion of the echo is intended to encourage members of the magickal community to discuss points in common and points of difference in detail; to promote scholarship and depth of thought in the magickal community. Only messages of magazine-article quality should be posted in Metaphysical. Replies to articles posted in METAPHYSICAL should be posted in MAGICKNET. It is the responsibility of each sysop to ensure that messages which belong in MAGICKNET or MUNDANE do not get posted here. For example, the sysop may choose to have users submit potential messages as files to be converted (by the sysop) into messages, or alternatively may only give access privilege sufficient to post into METAPHYS- ICAL to trusted users who have had the policy explained to them. However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should unvalidated, first-time callers be permitted to post in METAPHYSICAL. 2.3 MUNDANE........ Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick (sidetrack) Many members of the original Magick echo derived great pleasure and satisfaction from being able to discuss mundane and political matters with other members of the magickal community. Unfortu- nately, left unchecked such discussions can tend to crowd serious magickal discussions. To allow both types of dialog to exist side-by-side, the MUNDANE echo was formed. If a discussion starts in either the MAGICKNET or the METAPHYSICAL echo that is irrelevant to their topics, the parties to that discussion will be =strongly= encouraged to move the discussion over to MUNDANE (if not completely away from the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick Conference). This should not be confused with a wide-open general chatter echo. While the topics may range freely, only members of the magickal community or those with interests in magickal topics are encouraged to post here. 3. Rules of the Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick Conference 3.1 Nodes Required to Provide All Three Echos All systems which distribute this conference or make it available to the public are required to carry all three echos. Mail-only and/or point systems which do not distribute the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick conferences or make them publically available are exempted from this rule but are strongly encouraged to carry all three echos in order to be able to follow discussions which are moved to other tracks. MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 16 Jun 88 Page 3 of 5 3.2 Notify Coordinator of Local Distribution Any system carrying all of the MagickNet echos may further distribute them to any private or FidoNet node within their local calling area. However, they are required to notify the coordinator of this hookup at once, and to distribute to that node or point the current version of this document. 3.3 Request Permission for Non-Local Distribution No system may distribute all or part of the MagickNet echos to a node or point outside their local calling area without first securing permission from the networking coordinator(s). 3.4 No Illegal Messages No message which is blatantly illegal in content shall be entered into the MagickNet echos. The only exception will be for messages regarding legitimate religious practices or beliefs which are or may be made illegal, in violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Statement on Human Rights. 3.5 No Harrassing Messages No message which is intended to harrass someone because of their religious beliefs (or for any other reason), or to convert them to another religion, shall be entered into any of the MagickNet echos. No exceptions will be made to this rule, even in the MUNDANE echo. 3.6 No Irrelevant Messages No message which is irrelevant to the topics of Neopaganism, Witchcraft, and Magick shall be entered into MAGICKNET or into METAPHYSICAL. For this rule, a warning will be issued, and in general the conversation will be permitted to continue in the MUNDANE echo. 3.7 No Personal Insults No message which contains unnecessary profanity or personal insults shall be entered into any of the MagickNet echos. Only one warning will be issued to any violator. (If you wish to continue to insult each other, please use personal FidoNet mail.) This includes messages in the MUNDANE echo. 3.8 Voice Number for all sysops must be on file with both the Coordinators Everybody who wishes to carry these nodes on their system must leave a voice telephone number either with Paul Seymour (301/9) or Russ Anderson (104/11) These numbers will remain confidential if you desire, but you MUST BE REACHABLE VIA VOICE in case of problems. 4. Enforcement If a user of any bulletin board system or point operator under a Fidonet node naively violates one of these rules, it is the MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 16 Jun 88 Page 4 of 5 responsibility of the local sysop to take whatever action is necessary to prevent it from happening again. In the event the local sysop is unaware of the violation, the coordinator will notify him or her. If the sysop of the local node does NOT take such action, or is the person responsible for the violation, then the coordinator will request that system to leave the MagickNet echos at once. If it does not, then the coordinator will request of the system by which it is linked into the MagickNet echos that they cease to deliver messages to or accept messages from that system, and it will be forcibly exiled from the echos. Anyone who knowingly provides a "feed" to a sysop who has been exiled from the MagickNet echos will suffer a like fate. Likewise, if the exiled system's feed refuses to cut the link, the link above the feed will be cut - as high up as is necessary to successfully exile the offending node. In all but the most obvious and gross of cases, the coordinator(s) will, AT THEIR OPTION, seek a consensus, or at least an overwhelming majority, of the sysops in the MagickNet echos before taking drastic action. If this seems harsh, it needs to be pointed out that until and unless the International FidoNet Association and/or the FidoNet Co-ordinators change the rules, this is the ONLY means available to keep order within an echo conference. 5. The Coordinators From its earliest beginnings, the Magick Conference has been co-ordinated and moderated by Brad Hicks from his BBS, WeirdBase at 1:100/523 (314-389-9973). As of this date, Brad no longer coordinates all three echos. The distribution of the echoes is coordinated by Paul Seymour (301/9) [(505) 883-7418 Voice], and the administrative moderation (Topic Cop) will be done jointly by Russ Anderson and Amergin O'Kai of 104/11. 6. Revision History 6.1 Version 1.0 Original document issued 1 Mar 88. 6.2 Version 1.1 Revised on 16 Jun 88. Definition of METAPHYSICAL echo (section 2.3) clarified. Topology (section 6) updated and PC-Pursuit markings added. Revision history (section 6 and subsequent) inserted before the topology list. Page numbers added. 6.3 Version 2.0 Revised to take effect 1 May, 1990 to reflect the new distribution and topology of the network dmanded by Brad Hicks taking a much needed break. MAG-POL.TXT v2.0 Effective Date: 01 May 90 Page 5 of 5 7. The Topology The following list are the known ACTIVE feeds in place as of 4/28/90. PLEASE HELP KEEP IT UP TO DATE! 301/9 The Mountain Oracle ABQ, NM | ------19/5 Drumright Drumright, OK (9600) | ------308/60 Casa De La Luz Alamogordo, NM (9600 BAUD HUB) | | | |------109/120 TIDMAT Alexandria, VA (9600) PCP | ------101/192 NPI Lynn, Ma. PCP | ------102/922 Cassandra News Lakeview Terrace, Ca. PCP | | | |--------102/862 Tahuti Net Los Angeles, Ca. | |--------102/??? Mysteria Tijunga, Ca. | ------104/11 Dragonfriend's Place Denver CO. (ADMIN. HUB) PCP | | | |-------104/610 The 8th Sea Northglen, CO. | ------114/29 Deus Ex Machina Phoenix, AZ. PCP | ------124/4214 Chrysallis Dallas, Tx PCP | ------125/13 Alt-Net NAPA, CA. | ------128/50 The Crystal Cave Widefield, Co. | ------280/311 Gates of Delerium Kansas City, MO. (9600) PCP | | | |--------280/64 | |--------280/901 | ------377/5 Liberty BBS Tampa, FL. PCP | ------382/7 Black Ice Austin Tx


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