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Message number 18504 in "Necronomicon" Date: 04-23-93 22:53 From: Michael Aquino To: All Subj: The Hay _Necronomicon_ Thanks to Frater Almost for your welcome, and to Azoth for the most interesting _Necronomicon_ comments. I picked up my Hay _N_ when it first came out from Gilbert's bookstore at Hollywood & Vine, which used to be the old occultist's watering hole in L.A. Long gone now. Another tale about the Hay book: Shortly after it appeared, an article of mine on HPL ritual appeared in the magazine _Nyctalops_, following which Frank Belknap Long wrote to me (9/2/78): "The inclusion of 'the Hounds of Tindalos' in that Satanic ritual startled me no end. I had no previous knowledge of this. Now I am really frightened, fearing that - oh, well. I shall probably be able to overcome that fear by telling myself, over and over, that the 'Hounds' were solely an FBL construct and that I thought of them one morning while shaving. But still - one never knows. "I knew absolutely nothing, I can assure you, of LaVey's ritual use of 'The Hounds' until the arrival of the _Nyctalops_ article, and seemingly none of my friends read the Avon volume. Otherwise I'm quite sure my attention would have been called to it long before this [1978]. I was appalled, as you surmise, that LaVey ascribed 'The Hounds' to Nazi/SS ideology. It was published in _Weird Tales_ long before the rise of the Nazis and even before HPL's C-mythos had taken on its later, elaborately structured form. It could, of course, have gone back to the very wild period of German expressionism that immediately followed World War I - no, that began as early as 1910 or so - if I did not know better. I simply pulled the title out of thin air, in searching for something hideously chilling (some title with a fiery implication attached to it as well perhaps), and I remember that the word 'tinder' leapt immediately into my mind. "Now another specter from 'long ago and far away' has arisen to astound me. In the just-published new volume about the _Necronomicon_, an elaborate ancestry has been traced for John Dee's translation. I pulled that non-existent translation out of thin air too, and it appeared at the head of 'The Space Eaters' in _Weird Tales_ in July 1928. HPL immediately incorporated it into the C- mythos. The incredible things we set in motion without remotely suspecting they would have such momentous future consequences!" --- Tabby 3.0 * Origin: Glinda (1:125/430)


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