20-Jan-87 23:13 MST Sb: APva 01/17 Monster Evidence ASHLAND, Va. (AP) - A Virginia Tech pr

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20-Jan-87 23:13 MST Sb: APva 01/17 Monster Evidence ASHLAND, Va. (AP) -- A Virginia Tech professor who has written a book about the Loch Ness Monster says there is much evidence that the creature actually exists. Dr. Henry Bauer, professor of chemistry and science studies, said Friday night that he has been fascinated with the Loch Ness Monster since the early 1970s, when he met a man who shot a movie sequence purporting to show the creature. His interest prompted him to write a book, "The Enigma of Loch Ness: Making Sense of a Mystery." Bauer told about 120 people at Randolph-Macon College that many people, including most of his colleagues, consider the monster a hoax. He said much of the material compiled by people who claim to have seen the monster is, indeed, fake. "The real difficulty is deciding which is good evidence and which is spurious evidence," said Bauer. Bauer, a native of Austria who was raised in Australia, said the Loch Ness Monster may be not one beast but "a population of animals that were distributed quite widely around the world and became landlocked." Sightings of creatures with large bodies, long necks and small heads have been reported in many Scottish lochs, or lakes, other than Ness. While studying in England in 1972-73, Bauer visited Loch Ness and met Tim Dinsdale, a British aeronautical engineer who shot a film sequence in the early 1960s that he claimed showed the Loch Ness Monster. The film was examined by the Royal Air Force, which confirmed that it showed something large moving in the water, Bauer said. Bauer said Dinsdale seemed sincere, and "I couldn't disbelieve him." Bauer showed a copy of Dinsdale's film, as well as slides purportedly showing moster heads and fins taken over five decades. He said some appeared real, others fake. Bauer said he empathizes with people who claim to have seen a snakelike monster nicknamed "Chessie" in the Chesapeake Bay. "You don't know what to do," he said. "It's very frustrating to sit on Loch Ness or on the Chesapeake Bay and wait. You can spend a lifetime."


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