.K.A.M. Listing Service In futures issues we will provide a way for genuine seekers andTra

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.K.A.M. Listing Service In futures issues we will provide a way for genuine seekers andTraditional Wiccan Covens to make contact. For that reason ourgroup listings are restricted to those Covens who subscribe tothe principles of Traditional Wicca. It is neither possible nordesirable to investigate or guarantee any group listed, but we dorequire that groups fill out our listing form certifying a fewbasic principles of the Craft Tradition as we understand it. Personal and group listings are $1.00 per issue for up to 25words. We welcome feedback and comments from persons who havecontacted various groups listed in our Journal. Individuals seeking contact with Traditional Covens are alsoencouraged to send in listings. We encourage the use of postoffice boxes rather than addresses and will not print telephonenumbers. We cannot be responsible for responses, and urgecaution and circumspection in dealing with your responses., orlack thereof. .K.A.M. , A Journal of Traditional Wicca Listing form for Traditional Covens Name of Group Address or P.O. Box City State ZIP Country Tradition HPS HPP Text of listing: Please list my group in the .K.A.M. Journal. I certify that thisis a Traditional Wiccan Coven, which subscribes to the followingbasic principles: * Initiation is by a High Priestess who herself was brought in by an Initiate. * Initiates are trained for at least one year and one day before Initiation into each Degree, and their fitness is determined by a Council of Elders. * No fees of any kind are charged for training or membership, excepting shared Circle expenses. * Both the Goddess and the God are worshipped in a Wiccan▄j manner. * The Coven is administered by a High Priestess of Traditional Lineage.


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