TITLE: Out on a Limb AUTHOR: Shirley MacLaine PUBLISHED BY: Bantam Books AT: New York, 198

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TITLE: Out on a Limb AUTHOR: Shirley MacLaine PUBLISHED BY: Bantam Books AT: New York, 1983 VIEWPOINT: True Believer 367 pp. Reviewed by Darlene Noller . Out on a Limb recounts Shirley Maclaine's search for self-discovery and spiritual unfoldment. This trip takes her around the world as she pursues her career, has various intense encounters with her politician lover, and seeks answers about the revelations occuring in her life. She remarks that her investigation into the spiritual aspects of our existence was instigated by her best friend and "twin soul", David. MacLaine then set on a course to read everything from the Bible to the Cayce readings. The more she opened up to the realm beyond her five senses the more that world presented itself to her. An old acquaintance causally mentions a trance medium in Sweden and within hours, MacLaine finds herself in a situation where she must go to Sweden to meet her lover. The serendipity and the unusual nature of events occuring in succession cause a deep search for self-realization. For every step taken to find answers, a greater number of perplexing questions arise. . Her personal quest took her on a retreat high to the isolated mountains of Peru. During this retreat, she learned of David's experiences with a being from anther world, had an out-of-body experience and visited a Peruvian psychic that accurately predicted Bella Abzug's loss in her campaign for mayor. Maclaine's spiritual drive now took on a magnitude of a cosmic scale. David had told her she would be able risk humiliation if she really believed what she had learned. But what could she do about it? . She began to wonder if the string of coincidental events of late his some deeper meaning and direction. After these series of events, MacLaine began to develop and lead a more spiritually-oriented life that was covert and hidden from most friends and associates. To most of her friends, her convictions began to take shape, became more obvious, and were confirmed as she pursued her daily activities. MacLaine also encountered strong prejudice from, as she states, "highly intellectual people" at the mere mention of words like "astral" and "spiritual dimensions." As MacLaine's spritiual interests and experiences increased, the crossroads of whether or not to write this book had to be faced. She had gone public on politics, women's rights, social change, and war. . Out on a Limb is an insightful explanation of Shirley Maclaine's spiritual unfoldment. As an author, Ms. Maclaine is intellegent, witty and sincere in her endeavor to relate her experiences openly and fairly. Much courage was evident in order to create such an expose concerning her extraordinary path of growth. Much research was done and cited, with the author attempting to substantiate her claims of paranormal phenomena. . Even at that, some of the information in her book is difficult to accept and it is left to the reader to believe or reject the material. While the author undoubtedly has proof, to her own satisfaction, of spiritual entities and UFO contacts, I have reservations about the validity of some statements and claims until further and more sound evidence can be provided. Historical evidence, notwithstanding (UFO documentation and Cayce research), I find these claims not without drawbacks. Because "It feels right" isn't enough. A more solid case needs to be offered before public and individual acceptance will be forthcoming. Out on a limb is a very appropriate title as the author has laid her reputation on the line with the spiritual stance she has made in writing the book.


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