Another Look at Events and Reports Don F Ecker ParaNet RHO/COL 1-208-338-9187 The much awa

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Another Look at Events and Reports Don F Ecker ParaNet RHO/COL 1-208-338-9187 The much awaited broadcast of UFO Coverup/Live is now history and what we are seeing is the fallout. It has been quite awhile since I have witnessed this amount of turmoil in the UFO community. Just what did we see, and more importantly, what does it all mean? The following text are some observations I have made, and some ( what I hope are educated guesses ) about this whole affair. Much CRITICISM has been leveled at the broadcast because of the live format, the canned speeches, the glitz, and some of Mike Farrels patter. First, what must be realized is that this program was not geared to the serious UFOinvestigator. The majority of the viewing public that viewed the broadcast has no backround in the subject, and as a rule, is limited in information to the tabloids, and public library. On the pro side, the broadcast presented information that has neve r before been available to the general public on a national forum. An apparent air of respectability was given to the subject, with testimony from "government intelligence operatives", reports from airline pilots, former Air Force officers, and general citizens that have experienced uncommon events that defy apparent explanation. Reported abductions, "deals" made in secret with the US government, earth bound "alien" bases in the United States. So much as to make your head swim. But, beside all of that, I found the Soviet hookup incredible. Regardless of what is said about the US governments reaction to all of this, the fact that the Russian government had to approve this makes it even more incredible. Any US citizen that watched this program, and was capable of thought, had to asked what is really going on? There simply can't be this much smoke, and not have a fire somewhere. The only problem with that statement however, is that sometimes fires create much more heat than light. In the UFO community however, some very disturbing things are now very apparent. Increasing cases of namecalling, pointed fingers, charges, counter charges, and turmoil plague all involved. Much of this is directed to John Lear and William Cooper. Lear, as most of you know, wrote the very controversial and very disturbing LEAR.TXT. From the beginning Lear drew fire on his hypothesis, and events show that the fire does not appear to be stopping. Cooper, who apparently has, as he claimed, an intelligence backround, ha s posted texts that support Lear in his proposition. This has drawn even more fire, which have resulted in behavior that is not conducive to solving this enigma. As more charges and counter charges flew about, Lear and Cooper were terminated from a number of boards. It is my contention that at this time events such as this were not warrented, and as a result, I made ParaNet RHO available to these men. Now, just what drew this lightning? Back in January, when the LEAR.TXT was released on ParaNet A lpha, Lear stated that he believed that an alien race had entered into an agreement using duplicative means, with the US government, to exchange technology for permission to "study" an advancing civilization ( which according to Lear, the aliens would have done anyway ) by "abductions" and mutilation of domestic animals. Also stated was Lears belief that the aliens had received from the government an area in New Mexico among others for a "joint CIA/Alien Base". It was only later that the US government re alized that there was much more to the agreement than first met the eye, and in a "panic", attempted to covertly meet this threat with new weapons, SDI, and rapproachment with the Soviet government, in our mutual self interest. Wow, this would have been enough to upset anyone and the effect among the UFO community should have been anticipated by Mr. Lear. First, the serious investigator should ask if any of this would even be possible let alone conceivable? To first address the abduction phenomenon of abductions, Hopkins two recent publications, "Intruders" and then "Missing Time" should be read, and much information on hundreds of abduction cases can be studied. Budd was certainly not shy about relaying information about "genetic experiments" and what appears as an alien attempt at "cross breeding". In "Coverup", I was upset at Hopkins failure to mention any of this on the broadcast, but then I realized that he might not have had a choic e about relaying this information. It "could" have been th e producers, and not him. However, this part of Lears paper has apparently been proven possible by Hopkins, not to mention Phil Imbrognos "Night Siege". Imbrogno has recently come forward with information that there have been many abductions in the Hudson Valley sightings. None of this surfaced until after Dr. Hyneks death, apparently Hynek didn't want to muddy the water with such sensational and frightening information. According to Imbrogno, the reports became so numerous, that it became counterproductive to dismiss them any longer. The next apparent vindication of Lear was when "Falcon and Condor" admitted on national TV that the US government DID enter into a "deal" with the aliens, that, according to Bill Moores informants, stated that the government would not disclose the aliens if they did not interfere with our society and culture. Somewhere along the line, it was stated that the government also ended up with alien craft, and after the Cash/Landrum testimony, Lears paper looked better and better. John stated that along the way, the Military had captured three of the "EBE's" and were holding them in a very secure military base. Low and behold, basically, Bill Moore and Shandera said the same thing! We had entertained alien "guests", and there was still one being entertained somewhere. There was testimony and references to the Roswell crash, the Mantell incident, the Iran chase, and as the program proceeded, the Lear.TXT became more and more believable to me. Could this be what was occurin g? As anyone who read my AGENT.TXT, you will know that I received some information that would seem to verify various aspects of this. However, as even John Lear states, nothing is Black and White. There are numerous shades of grey however. As I studied more and more of the information, and became more and more frustrated, it suddenly struck me. What I, or anyone to whom ever hopes to get an answer must do, is treat this as I w ould have treated any criminal case I investigated. Where there is smo ke, it follows that there must be fire. Now the trick is to discover the light and ignore the heat of this situation. I began to look for a common denominator and I believe that this is the only way to pursue it. Is it possible that there is a common denominator? Yes, but at this point, I really can't say with any assurance what it is. If a hoax is being executed, then this would be an excellent reason for all concerned with getting to the tr uth of the matter, and dropping the petty differences, forget ting the fragile egos, work together to solve this enigma that is firmly wrapped in a riddle. Otherwise, I believe that this will go on for another 40 years and we all will be no closer to the answer. So, what is the short term solution, and is there one? Yes, I feel much more comfortable with that one. The real problem is not finding a short term solution, but to get the principles together to agree to it. So here is what I propose. I extend an open invita tion to Mr. William Moore, Jamie Shandera, Stanton Friedman, John Lear, William Cooper, Jim Speiser, Dale Wedge, Phil Imbrogno, Budd Hopkins, Walt Andrus, Vickie Cooper, Dale Goudie, and any of the ParaNet Sysops to meet here in Boise, and if any interest is generated, I will make all arrangements for this meeting. Among the rank and file, it is felt that some of the principles are only concerned with their pocketbook, and have no real interest in solving this riddle. Now is an excellent time to lay aside our differences, and do the only thing th at is really important, and that is WORK TOGETHER, pool the available information, settle our differences, and solve the riddle. It is fine to sell a book or film rights, but what is more important, when it is possible that the entire human race could be at a crossroad? The only thing that I have left to say is this, let each individual conscience be your guide, and if any of the mentioned are interested I can be reached one of several ways. First I can be reached at ParaNet RHO at 1-208-338-9187, my CIS number is 74270,3360 for EasyPlex mail, and Ted Markley, Jim Speiser, and Dale Wedge have my home phone number for a personal chat. So lets find out if the UFO community is more concerned with the heat or light aspects of this situation. Don F. Ecker 74270,3360 ParaNet RHO 1-208-338-9187


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