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#: 211707 S16/UFOlogy/Contacts [NEWAGE] 13-Apr-94 03:26:34 Sb: CRASH COVERUP EXPOSED Fm: Stephen L. Schwartz 74353,1544 To: All LATE BREAKING NEWS ON THE SOUTH HAVEN PARK CRASH & COVERUP Members of several UFO investigation organizations will be represented the weekend of May 13th-15th at a regional science-fiction convention in Columbus, Ohio. LIUFON, PRO, PIC, and others will be coming to Marcon 29 to present a forum on recent developments in the area of alien interaction with the occupants of Terra. Many other topics will also be covered during the Marcon weekend. Seminars will be held on government coverups including Grooms Lake/Area 51, UFO crashes, physical evidence, & congressional inquiry into events in Roswell; as well as data on recent alien abductions including physical types & psychology of alien races, effects on the abductees and anectdotes of personal encounters. A prominent UFOlogist from The Long Island UFO Network will present and narrate a 2-1/2 hour slide/video show on the "SMOKING GUN" evidence that is the "BEGINNING OF THE END" of the UFO coverup. This is the video that was too startling to be show on NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, and includes considerable footage not included in the broadcast done by The Fox Network. Suffice to say that in total this is evidence that has never been seen anywhere else. This show will consist of slides & video footage of the aftermath of the Nov.'92 explosion and crash of a mothership & six escape pods over Southhaven Park in Yaphank, Long Island NY. This is supported by photo, video & physical evidence. The video will show close-ups of the crash sites and efforts by "men in black" to clear the sites. Included is onsite footage of the retrieval of discernable dead extraterrestrial bodies, debris from crashed escape pods & structural wreckage near Brookhaven National Laboratories. At one point in the video, you can even see an ET head passing less than 8" away from the lens. You will be able to decide for yourself why this startling evidence hasn't been able to be shown. Don't miss the definitive evidence in the ultimate controversy. Single day memberships will be available at the convention. For more information about Marcon 29, see the file "MARCON PR3" (marcon.txt or marcon.zip) in the forum library. Steve Schwartz Marcon 29


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