SYSOP Computer Aided Gematria I am pleased to be able to offer this fine program to the me

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SYSOP Computer Aided Gematria I am pleased to be able to offer this fine program to the members of the MOODS File Echo. LEXICON is a computer aided gematria program and the author of this fine piece of software has allowed me to post this version. In the near future an expert system will be created to work with it. I have not had a lot of time to work with it and am very ignorant in this area. However many help screens are provided with generous amounts of information. The author will be on this board soon and if possible he can fully explain the workings of Gematria and LEXICON. If other users have knowledge in this area feel free to post. As the program was intended to be distributed on diskettes the following instructions are given so that you will get the package up and running in no time. The arc file attached to this message contains the install program and the system files. Download it and un-arc the files to a diskette. Next download the second arc file and un-arc it to a seperate diskette. Lexicon will work on a 2 floppy system or a hard disk. Dos 3.1 or higher is neccesary and 640K is desireable. Note that the diskettes (1-System 2-Data once created are not to be used as program diskettes) are used to install ONLY. An attempt to run LEXICON fromn these diskettes could cause a failure. To install LEXICON place the system diskette (Disk 1) in the A: Drive. Set the current drive by typing A:. After you see the A:> prompt type LEXSETUP This will bring up the LEXICON setup program and will guide you through the setup procedure easily. Note that if you are using LEXICON on a 2 floppy system with no hard disk, you should format 2 floppy disks before installation and have them ready. Copywrite 1988 PentaLogic Systems SYSOP Computer Aided Gematria - Disk 2 This is the second (Data) diskette required to use the computer aided gematria program. See the message attached to the first file for instructions on downloading and installation. FURTHER NOTE. I have since talked to the author of this system and was previously under the impression that it was to be distributed only to my inner wrking circle. However he has said that it can be delivered to the general public. He has sinced moved to the deep southern States and I have lost track of him. Therefore there is no program support. You can pass it on to other pagans and those interested in Gematria but you cannot sell this program as it is copywrited. Enjoy. Richard Burry at 250/626 - The Homestead Knowledge Network PS. If the author ever runs across this please drop me a note at the above node address.


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