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GHOST & VAMPIRE INVESTIGATORS ------------------- EXCURSIONS INTO THE UNKNOWN Dale Kaczmarek P.O. Box 205 Oak Lawn, IL 60454-0505 708-425-5163 THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF GHOSTS & APPARITIONS and GHOST BUS-TOURS Howard E. Heim P.O. Box 479463 Chicago, IL 60647-9463 312-252-8114 CHICAGO FORTEAN ROUND TABLE Richard T. Crowe P.O. Box 29054 Chicago, IL 60629 312-735-2530 VAMPIRE STUDIES Martin V. Riccardo (see clubs) Stephen K. Kaplan (Geek Extrordinaire) P.O. Box 252 Elmhurst, NY 11373 718-894-6564 THE VAMPIRE RESEARCH INSTITUTE P.O. Box 20167 Seattle, WA 98111 Send SASE for info CLUBS ----- Martin V. Riccardo P.O. Box 151 Berwyn, IL 60452 Count Dracula Fan Club Dracula Unlimited Penthouse North 29 Washington Square West New York, NY 10011 $5.70 for "DO VAMPIRES EXIST" $4.00 for member info & sample publication VAMPIRE INFORMATION EXCHANGE Eric S. Held P.O. Box 328 Brooklyn, NY 11229-0328 $15 per year subscription THE TEMPLE OF THE VAMPIRE The Religion of Vampirism P.O. Box 3582 Lacey, WA 98503 $5.00 for info SECRET ORDER OF THE UNDEAD T. J. Teer 155 East "C" Street Upland, CA 91786 $5.00 cash for membership TEMPLE OF LILITH Box 14836 New York City, NY 10009-1483 $1.00 + SASE for member info $3.00 each cash for publication #1 or #2 titled "Tongue of the Serpent" SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT Magazine "Nightmist" P.O. Box 17006 Rochester, NY 14617 $15.00 Subscription LOYALISTS OF THE REALM INTERNATIONAL VAMPIRE ASSOCIATION Gracie Station P.O. Box 1354 New York, NY 10028-0001 212-459-4801 PUBLICATIONS ------------ VAMPIRES (magazine "BLACK ANGELS - Shadows of their Souls") 5008 Washington 2nd Floor Downers Grove, IL 60515 NOCTURNAL EXTACY (The Vampire Coven) Darlene Daniels 4527 S. Troy Chicago, IL 60632 $15.00 subscription THE VAMPIRE'S CRYPT Margaret L. Carter 3842 Corral Canyon Road Bonita, CA 91902 $7.50 for issue #5 (1 issue annually) NECROPOLIS Chad Savage P.O. Box 77693 San Francisco, CA 94107 SCREEM IN THE DARK The Dark Theatre (Industrial Rock Band) Screem Jams P.O. Box 138300 Chicago, IL 60613 $13.00 for subscription CRIMSON Phil White 82 Ripcroft Southwell Portland, Dorset DT5 2EE ENGLAND Use Int'l response coupon found at PO Wicked Mystic Andre Scheluchin P.O. Box 3087 Astoria, NY 11103 12 issue Subscription $39.95 sample issue $4.00 Limited copies available through Martin Riccardo (See clubs) ======= True Vampires of History (Don Glut) $6.00 Journal of Vampirism #2 $9.00 Gargoyle Smile Broken Dishes P.O. Box 250 Oak Forest, IL 60452 (No it's not me) ONYX Mark Williams P.O. Box 137 Uniontown, OH 44685 $2.00 for one issue $7.50 for 4 issues (1 year) COSTUMES -------- Blackwood Costumes 5120 S. Harper Suite c-17 Chicago, IL 60615 Ghoul's Gallery 2926 W. Leland Chicago, IL 60625 $5.00 for catalogue AUTHORS ------- Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club P.O. Box 58277 New Orleans, LA 70158-8277 P.N. Elrod (The Vampire Files) TX Lois Tilton (Vampire Winter) Elgin, IL BANDS ----- Energy Vampires (E-mail Vampire) Lestat Jevan Records P.O. Box 29519 Parma, OH 44129 216-886-0981 $7.00 for Casette "Grave Desires" (Excellent) The Dark Theatre (see publications) If you're into The Cure..... Communion C/O Lament 628 Woodlawn Road Steens, MS 39766 Send SASE MISCELLANEOUS ------------- Miniature Haunted House $29.95 NOT JUST FOR THE BIRDS P.O. Box 293R Romeoville, IL 60441 815-886-3376


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