Governor Wm. P. Clements Jr. Texas State Capitol Austin, Texas Dear Governor Clements, I a

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Governor Wm. P. Clements Jr. Texas State Capitol Austin, Texas Dear Governor Clements, I am Billie Goldston, the daughter o f Lenode Goldston. OnFebruary 27,1987, I delivered to you several pages of my documentation embalming of, every man, woman and child in the state of Texas. I alsoleft several books to prove my findings. they were; "The CompleteGuide to the Chemically Sensitive" by Debra Lynn Dadd , and Alan S.Levine M.D. Price $16.00. "Nontoxic and Natural" by Debra Lynn Dadd.$10.00. "You Are What You Breathe" by Robert Massey. $1.5 0 andOSHA/NIOSH Handbook on Hazardous Chemicals." $5.00. These books provethat AIDS, and all other catastrophic diseases are caused by toxic manmade petro-chemicals, that are added to almost all of our consumerproducts. We the people did not vote to have these poisons added to ou r products. We use to be protected by the Pure Food and Drug Act. Sinceit is Known that almost every drug approved by the the a kno wn poison with deadly side effects it is time, we the peopleof Texas use the knowledge that Robert Massey documented in his bookthat no drug s are needed to cure disease. OSHA/NIOSH book gives thesymptoms of benzine poisoning, every man world wide is endangering his health by wearing his beloved business suit. This is a public serviceannouncement that should have been made immediately. and theinformation that the only safe fabric to wear is 100% cotton. I am shocked that you have said nothing about this. All we haveheard about is the SMU mess. I also delivered to you two copies of MUFON's monthly magazinesthat Walter Andrus asked me to deliver to you. The people in Americahave bee n paying for a covert star war against the people from otherplanets that are here to advance life on earth thousands of years, forthe last 3 3 years. (I also delivered documentation of the meeting ofthen President Dwight D. Eisenhower's meeting at Edwards Air ForceBase, on 2/20/19 54. with two large motherships, three disks. and theinformation these beings from other planets gave him. and the phonenumber of Gaberal Gre en who has this documentation. With the releaseof this information the State of Texas can secede and become theUnited Republic of Texas, the only country on earth that is not atwar. It is obvious that the people in Washington have no intentions ofreleasing this information, even though Reagan and Gorbachev discussedUFOS at the meeting in Iceland. MUFON's information I left for you wasabout the U.S. cover up of the JA L airline incident. The people arefed up with forty years of covert cover up of the war the U.S.government has carried on against the peopl e from other planets thatlive in peace and seek to help the people of earth end all war,disease, starvation, and the destruction of our plan et. Texas is a favorite vacation spot of these people and they aretired of the U.S. Governments all out war to keep this informationfrom the public. I have talked to people all over Texas that have beencontacted and have seen their ships. NASA has had information of howto buil d a safe space ship and how to power it with freeelectromagnetic power for over 25 years. I can introduce you to theperson that gave them th is information. This information was includedwith the information I left for you on 2/27/1987. YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION TO THIS MATTER IS UR GENT. There are over 5billion people on Earth that all have the right to life liberty andthe pursuit of happiness, and not be the victims of the Holy Terroristever lasting religious wars, that have been raging for thousands ofyear. The people of Texas passed a Right To Know Law. You now have theTruth and you as Governor of the State are responsible to present thisinformation, and make Texas the interplanetary trade a nd travelcapitol of the Earth. Thank you in advance for your help in making Texas and the worldwhat it was intended to be the Disney land of this galaxy. Freedom is the absence of force and the toleration for all others.The planet Earth will not know freedom until we abolis h the worship ofdouble standard and the have and have not society, or Satan worshipwhich Texas also has a law against. It is time for ALL PE OPLE UNITEDFOR FREEDOM (APUFF) to take charge of their own lives and not allowthese barbarian religious cults to brainwash us to be their mi ndlessrobot slaves. We are slaves to a totalitarian government ( totallycontrolled media, and the power to take from some of the people andg ive it to other people.) an education system that educates people tostupidity. the only knowledge needed is the knowledge of the greatpyrami d in Egypt The use of free electro magnetic energy, and the lifeforce. Every Nationality on the planet earth is from a differentplanet, t hat is the reason they speak different languages and havedifferent customs. We were all to live under the laws of God andnature. (a copy of which I left with you) and live the truth love andunderstanding. Love is is the answer no matter what the question. The people of space o ffer free rides to the city on the back sideof the moon,(which U.S.Government is hiding. I gave you documentation ofU.S.S.R's documentation ) visit for 20-30 minutes, and be back on Earth in5 1/2 hours from any air port. They serve Earth coffee. Take Rita for avisit to the moon f ree.It is time to welcome OUR UNITED FRIENDS OF SPACEUFOS,books, video tapes,and personal phone numbers of contactees available. Sincerely and Truthfully Billie Goldsto n P.O.166 Bandera, Texas 78003


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