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====================================================================== FILE ORIGINATES FROM: <> UPLOADED BY: Tom Mickus DATE OF UPLOAD: JAN/08/1990 ====================================================================== ====================================================================== LAZAR9.TXT [ **] Billy Goodman interviewed on the Phone ====================================================================== ====================================================================== NOTE: Late December, 1989 phone interview between Billy Goodman of Las Vegas based KVEG Radio, and Grant Cameron, UFO researcher from Winnipeg, Canada. Goodman is recently known for his nightly 3-hr radio program, "Billy Goodman's Happening". Cameron is co-author of the soon to be publicly released, "UFOs, MJ-12 & THE GOVERNMENT", a report centering around the activities of a prominent Penn State President. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= : "I wanted to quickly ask you about this Mr. Lazar, you've had this guy on your show a number of times? : "I certainly have yes." : "What's your gut feeling on this guy?" : "My gut feeling?" : "Ya." : "He's telling the truth." : "Is that right?" : "Oh, ya. I probably shouldn't say that word - telling truth. As far as I'm concerned, what he has said and he has been on my show twice, and I've talked about it wide open and nobody has disputed it. I have to go by the...nobody has disputed it. It's been all over the west coast. My show goes into ten states. If people had any desire to dispute it they could have. No one has. Other people have confirmed it. Some people say, "Ya they know about it". They are saying it very non- chalant." : "You have other people who have worked there?" : "They are very nonchalant saying they know there is activity there." : "Some of your tapes are circulating around, and a lot of researchers are now working on this case." : "Terrific. Let them circulate and let them contact me personally and we can go from there, but you've called me when I'm in the middle of about 9 different things. I'm producing a special. You talk about a tape that is going to circulate. I'll probably have the best show of the entire year coming up New Years Eve. I'm going to have the Best of Bob Lazar, the Best of Bill Cooper, and the Best of Virgil Armstrong. This is going to be a tape that the world is going to want. All of their inside information." : "Is there anyway I can get a copy of this tape?" : "I can give you a number. It's area code 702-564-4404. I call the man Rodger the Dodger, but his name is Roger. And he tapes every one of my Happenings. He has copies of everyone of my Happenings going all the way back to August. He can run down who we have had on, basically what was discussed, what really outstanding information was revealed. He has it all down pretty good - more so that I have. So you are a UFO researcher?" : "We're dealing in a paper that deals with a very high ranking Navy person that we are going to expose. It will be published in 30 to 60 days." : "Why are you going to expose him?" : "He's former President of Penn State." : "But why do you want to expose him?" : "We want to prove there is something to this." : "Great. Oh there's something to it my friend. What are you talking about. We had over 200 people up in the middle of the desert that saw it." : "You were at the test? You were on the Special?" : "That's where I was." : "On the KLAS Special?" : "That was me. You can imagine what we were doing up there. We had over 200 people. You saw the busload of people. We are talking about a lot of listeners that don't imagine things. I'm talking about doctors and lawyers. We had policeman there too. There's no fabrication here. Every- body saw it." : "Have you done any pressing to get any statements from anybody? From Groom Lake or Nellis?" : "I've had them on my show. They're on tape with what they saw. I've had callers policeman say, "I can't say anymore but I was there and I saw it." It's all over the tapes. As far as written form, no. I don't do that kind of thing." : "I was meaning the officials. They must be denying this?" : "Well of course they're denying it. Well theirs no denying it. No one's denying a thing. What are you talking about? There has not been one denial. We had Senator Bryant on here - the Senator of Nevada. He didn't deny it. He says he can't talk about it. That's what their answer is. The Undersecretary of Defence said its too Top Secret to even discuss what's going on up there. Your talking about an area where everything goes on. Anything goes on there. Have you got my office number (gives it). If you want to do an interview - some inside information or something. It's all happening here - there's no question about it. I guess you're getting the tapes. This New Year's Eve thing will be phenomenal." "Lazar has been on at least two times. Maybe once more where he called in. He describes the UFO. He describes touching them. He describes how many there are. What do they look like inside. How their made. How they get here. I mean its phenomenal. You call the office and we'll do an interview and put the whole thing in pers- pective." ============================ End of File ======================================= ============================================================================= = Directory Listing of <> Computer Bulletin Board Systems = ============================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Board Name System Data Phone Baud Net/Node Location Operator Remarks Hours ============================================================================= <> THE CRUCIBLE Tom 416-237-1204 12/96 HST (1:250/440) Toronto, ON Mickus Canadian Hub Various ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Nexus Linda 602-526-8025 3/96 HST (1:304/1) Flagstaff, AZ Murphy American Hub 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> LATTICE~ Rod 405-277-3603 3/96 HST (1:147/66) Luther, OK Wilson 14.4 HST 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Astro-Net David 714-662-2294 3/24 (1:103/903) Costa Mesa, CA Rice 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Radio Free Milwaukee Pete 414-351-1823 3/96 HST (1:154/414) River Hills, WI Porro Multi-line 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Studio PC Ralph 813-862-8850 3/96 (1:377/2) Port Richey, FL LoBianco 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> The Briefcase BBS Mike 316-652-9202 3/24 (1:291/3) Wichita, KS Holcomb 24 Hrs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <> Adventures Unlimited Ray 303-493-8162 3/24 (1:306/15) Ft. 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