LAShTAL SUMMER, 1992 e.v. IV e.n. LAShTAL is the official journal of Eulis Lodge No. 10, I

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LAShTAL SUMMER, 1992 e.v. IV e.n. LAShTAL is the official journal of Eulis Lodge No. 10, Inc. of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Entire contents copyright (c) 1992 by the OTO. All rights reserved. EULIS LODGE STAFF Frater Tau Allen Greenfield, Lodge Master and Acting Treasurer Frater Excolare Visionem, Past Master Soror Jael, Recording Secretary and Lodge Librarian Frater Pupo Iadnamad, Correspondence Secretary Frater James Baker, Lodge Tyler Frater M. H., Parliamentarian Ritual Committee - Frater Allen (0o); Frater James (Io); Soror Jael (IIo); Soror Cathy( IIIo); Soror Jael, quartermaster. Tantric Arts Committee - Frater Excolare Visionem, Master EGC Affairs - Frater Tau Sir Hasirim, Bishop LAShTAL STAFF Allen, James, Lisa, JoAnn, Jana Write the Lodgemaster at 1138 Woodland Avenue #11, Atlanta, GA 30324. EULIS LODGE EVENTS Spring, 1991 - Spring, 1992 e.v. (IIIxxi e.n.) On April 8, 9, and 10, 1991 we kicked off the Thelemic New Year with dramatic readings from the BOOK OF THE LAW at the home of various members. Having concluded the Elemental Invocation series, Soror Jael continued to give frequent instructions throughout the Thelemic Year in various A.A. rituals, including The Star Ruby, Liber Reguli, Liber Samekh, etc. She also gave instructions for initiates on various of the Man of Earth Degrees. Frater Allan and Soror Diane conduced a Summer Solstice Ritual in Athens, while Frater T Allen Greenfield offered talks and workshops on “Gnosticism and the Gnostic Church”,” P.B. Randolph and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light”, “The Devil and Aleister Crowley” and” Enochian Magick from A to Z”. The latter preceeded a dramatic series of scrying experiments utilizing the talents of a number of explorers of the Thirty Aythers. Numerous Gnostic Masses were conducted throughout the Thelemic Year. Frater Excolare Visionem spoke on the” Symbolism of the Eucharist in the Gnostic Mass”. Man of Earth initiations were performed approximately quarterly, with about 35 initiations administered during the year. In July Soror Jael and Frater Allen took their Vo in New York, followed shortly by Frater E.V.’s VIo initiation in California. Frater Allen baptized a substantial number of people into the Gnostic Church following various masses and initiations, and in March performed the marriage of Frater Daniel, Master of Midnight Sun Camp, to Soror Shannon. In February, following a lengthy training period and upon due application, Frater Tau Allen Greenfield became Master of Eulis Lodge. Eulis Lodge inaugurated a new Temple and workspace in Inman Park in September, and conducted an “open house” fund raiser in March. The year ended as it began, with a dramatic celebration of the Thelemic Holy days in April at the new Temple space, with a large number of attendees present.


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