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(7) 25 Mar 94 01:59:00 Sent: Sat 26 Mar 0:27 By: Adam Sterling To: Glenda Stocks Re: Francesca St: Rcvd Sent In transit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: 11:13 pm Tue Mar 1, 1994 Number : 29 of 41 From: Francesca Thoman Base : Dreams,Pastlives & Reincar To : All Refer #: None Subj: FamiliarSpirits LAQuake Replies: None Stat: Sent Origin : 03-01-94 21:08 THE LOS ANGELES NORTHRIDGE QUAKE Q: What are some of the causes of the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles? And is there some way of deflecting or transforming the potential energies so that quakes in the future will have less impact? (From a phone conversation.) As you suggested to the channel, the weather does indeed have an interactive (you now say a "feedback") effect; the long spells of dry weather do help to make the earth more fragile on the surface, and shifting water tables do tend to redistribute stress. Of course, to your present standards of sensitivity, these factors alone are considered close to negligible compared to the tectonic shifts, so there are other factors to consider. But the weather's recent imbalances have had an effect on the general psyches of the area (the entire Western Coast), and have contributed to the feeling of uncertainty of which earthquakes are both the producers and the effect. Earthquakes are a direct confrontation with your illusions andthe expectations of your illusions. They are a vivid method of checking the difference between feeling secure due to habituation of circumstances, or being secure because of your grasp of your own humanity -- specifically your spiritual relationship to All That Is. Those who have felt secure because of their attempts to control reality have had that security of control shaken. Those who have felt secure in their sense of self as a gift -- recognizing the grander center from which their self springs -- will weather these changes well. Those who, within their "better thans" and "less thans" (an "us" and "them" picture of others) who have based their sense of security on their definition of self on their outer relationships to other people will not fare so well. I'm not saying that to have a sense of your self defined by the apparent positions of other people with yourself creates earthquakes. But it does have an effect on the human aftermath. Failure of imagination is one cause of the damage of earthquakes, as is what might be called a "failure of will." By "failure of will," I mean a disaffection from action. Some of this is from sheer exhaustion. Your lives and work, once meant to be so full of leisure, have become so full of demands that you can hardly live them, nor work within them. The causes for this are too complex to cover within this article, except to say that the attitude of victimhood is a factor, both in the sense of chosen powerlessness, and in the desperate, for-the-moment panic which most of you sum up in the statements, "I gotta do this," "I have to do this," and, "I can't rest until it's all done." Another aspect of failure of will is desensitivity to what is wrong. I mean that it seems too easy to forget that allowed license becomes the de facto standard, unless real and true limits, based on personal character in action, are set though personal action. With such license as failure of will created, red traffic lights can become merely suggestions, followed according to personal convenience, instead of the necessary agreements which they really are. Others' generosities become presumed upon, then demanded. There is going to be a huge amount of remedial repair for the "sloughing off" of personal standards. The earthquake -- and the repair following it -- are a wonderful impetus to begin doing so. By "failure of imagination" I don't mean just the imaginative ability of planning engineers to imagine the stresses a particular structures might be under. Failure of imagination means to live on a very narrow surface of awareness. This means all of you -- not just the "negligent rich," but the "vengeful poor." It means to build with poor materials because of your own immediate profit despite your disdain of the later human costs, as much as it means spraying graffiti on the same wall 700 times because it gives you a "kick" and you "disremember" the humanity of those you tire and trouble. Failure of will with failure of imagination are embodied in the attitude of "Let George do it." The opposite attitudes -- to act from guilt and fear of personally uncomfortable consequences if you do not act -- are equally a failure of will, since both are failures of character. Whether it is guilt that "makes" you act by manipulating your emotion, or the "fascist system" by manipulating your body into prison, the end result is that you demand to use others' energy in order to act, instead of your own. So it is a failure of will, because will is your choice and ability to act from your own resources. That the freeway "arteries" to and from the city have been blocked by the earthquake can be interpreted symbolically in any of various ways. The tensions of snap judgments, of rationalized cruelties and unkindnesses (from the disadvantaged towards the advantaged as much as from the advantaged to the disadvantaged), and the overall "dis-awareness" of many are impediments to human communication as solid as the rubble. The exhaustion of living under various double standards (which are again based on arrogance, to whomever they are directed) weakens the human interactive system as much as "soft" ground floors in buildings. The valuation of appearance over substance, of results over methods, also weakens the sense of the human self. These things not only exacerbate the effects of earthquakes, they are literal, experiential symbols of the instability of your supporting personal and social structures of character. So the structural damage of the earthquake is a metaphor of the damage perpetuated by the ineffective human structures already in place. That this was an unknown, angular fault is another symbol of the failure of imagination -- the prime ingredient of compassion -- and will. Arrogance is lack of compassion, and the compassionless imagination cannot see far enough. It sets its own limits, its own definitions of your self for you, and will not let you go beyond them. But despite the real grief and cost of the earthquake, the temblor was guided by a compassionate hand -- more compassionate than victim-oriented mindsets will easily credit. This occurred before dawn on a holiday, and not a holiday such as Christmas, where there would be much traveling. (That it was the observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, is too ironic to be coincidental. That there are not nearly the same number of riots or the amount of stealing as there were in the riots sparked by the Rodney King verdict -- at least, not until the media reminded everyone about the possibility -- is another "coincidence" too large to ignore.) Preparedness was better for many, too, both civilians and emergency services. So there is a slow growth of awareness being demonstrated. One way to alleviate the effects of future earthquakes before they happen is to recognize that earthquakes represent shifts in a pre-existing system. So shift your own systems intentionally. Shift your viewpoints, shift your beliefs and expectations, deliberately. Not out of guilt, as in "I should think more about the little guy, or I should remember than the rich are people too." As I said above, these are both gestures of arrogance (lack of compassion), and cannot be healed by giving up your power into more "shoulds," as you already do with so much else in your lives. Rather, accomplish these shifts to promote both a sense of play, and a sense of mastery in your own self and abilities. The continuing aftershocks following the earthquake are of course the symbol of follow-up. When you have accomplished a certain intention or result in your life, whether through meditation or in your daily life, follow up at a later date. Ask those whom you spoke with before in a meditation for new information. See what the results of your former decisions and actions in your daily life have been, and change what seems necessary. Realize that earthquakes are a release of tension. Find ways of not only releasing tension, but of using it creatively. Tension in itself is not bad. A limp string on a violin makes no sound at all. But it is the creative use of tension -- as an impetus to action, as a source of inspiration, as a focal point for healing and compassion -- which will alleviate some of the geological stress. There will be earthquakes. But they can be small ones with great damage, or great ones with small damage. Shifting your viewpoint in order to perceive your own arrogances, and then shifting your own internal structures to accommodate a creative use of tension, all will help. The time for simple positivity has not ended, but there is time for more than just, "It'll all be all right (as long as it doesn't affect me personally)." As to the guide of where you should act, in which area you should direct your imagination and will? Look to what is presented to you in your daily life, first, and hone your awareness of the power of your imagination, and the power of your will. Obehon EARTHHEALING: AN INTERVIEW WITH LALDON HANN, WOODS-ELF OBEHON: Laldon Hann, thank you for coming again to continue our discussion, especially in this timely situation following the earthquake in Los Angeles. LALDON HANN: It is beyond doubt my pleasure. I am here in part to answer your question at the end of our other interview, "Can human beings shape their dreams in accord with healing the planet?" The obvious answer is, most assuredly so. Already your visible nightmares in the forms of war, pollution, and negligent abuse have shaped much on your world. Surely your dreams are able to do so. But there are several thoughts which I'd like the readers of this article to keep in mind as they contemplate taking inner action to intentionally and consciously change those dreams. First, the planet Herself has not only Her own consciousness, but Her own nightmares, and Her own dreams. They are not human dreams, nor human fears; they are Her own. Were you to see some of them in your excursive meditations, you would think some of them strange beyond measure. The referent points of reality are very different. So, you must call on guides and interpreters, and many of those (by no means all) are of the Elven kind. They themselves will have many different forms of communication. Some of them seem "primitive" ("undeveloped") enough to speak only in emotions, without any words, or even concepts themselves, as you understand them. Just emotions. Others will communicate with words, but the words will seem like dreams to them. When you come up to them and speak with them, they will experience something which in humankind would be considered disbelief, even fear. So, you need interpreters for the differing "languages" which are used by those who work closely with humans (angels, guardians, guides, some elves, fairies, and the like) and those who work more directly with the Earth (gnomes, what were once called dwarves, devas and other great Earth Spirits, and others for which you have no names). Guides and interpreters for this situation of different "languages" are easy to obtain; usually a polite request for help is sufficient, and can be accomplished with such ease that you hardly notice. Your own higher selves and other guardians will act as your natural intermediaries in any case. But there is much, much value in examining and experiencing the different languages as directly as possible, whether in meditation (as it will usually be) or in personal experiences. The second thing you need to keep in mind when you are doing healing work for the Earth is that the universe is NOT anthrocentric. In other words, human beings are neither the sole focus of the universe's intention, nor the sole focus of its attention. This is easy for the imaginative among you to understand. But far too many in your human social world right now define their experiences with other beings and creatures solely in regard to their own definitions of what is real, and what is necessary. Granted, some may go too far the other way, loving pets more than other humans, or wanting to kill other human beings which abuse animals. To some, this may seem a justifiable balance. Even so, in neither case is the animal being served, any more by the human-oriented view. In the first case, the human uses the pet as a method of escape from growth, and to retain a sense of control over the world by limiting it. In the second case, what is desired is not the animals' (or plants' or ecosystems') welfare, but rather control over others through coercion. This is the most important thing for you to do: to examine your own motives as fully and honestly as possible, especially in the light of anthrocentricity. O: How do the animals or plants themselves feel about human beings' penchant for self-centeredness? LH: Most do tolerate and ignore it. Some, such as many of your pets, do so out of love, even when your abuses become extreme. Countless others (like most of the insects, the fish, and many of the birds) simply ignore it, except where it impacts them "personally." There are whole tribes of insects which consider humans a force of nature, which is breeding them to become better and stronger in certain ways, with your poisons and traps. But still others, most among them the either severely threatened or recently extinct animals, have simply withdrawn from a world which they have come to feel is too widely divergent from their sense of self. In other words, they perceive the human attitude of carelessness as a wholly unfavorable aspect of habitat, and choose not to participate in its perpetuation. O: Are humans then interfering with those animals' desire to leave the scene when they try so desperately to save a species, as with the California Condor? LH: In some degrees, yes. But a change can occur in the attitudes of the animals themselves. This is what happened with the cheetah, for instance. I am not certain if our readers know, but cheetahs are all of them almost genetically identical to each other. This is because they have been hunted out, then allowed to return, then hunted out again, so many times that they are very nearly at the limit of their genetic ability to adapt. But they, the Cheetah Deva, looked ahead and saw that cheetahs would play a significant role in humans' spiritual and emotional growth. She decided to take on the tough job of adapting to the "selection pressure" of your Darwin's ideas, in other words, to stake the fate of the species on a hope and a prayer of future growth, both that of her own children, and humanity's children. I could state fondly that Cheetah Deva enjoys playing long odds like these; that is her expertise, of which the cheetahs themselves are the embodiment. But, in addition to remembering the differences in your own dreams and the dreams of the Earth, the need for guides and interpreters, and in addition to checking the limitations of your own anthrocentricity, if you are to attempt Earth Healing, you must also respect what is needed, not just what is wanted. You do this simply by asking, of course. What it means is that you allow yourselves to act in ways that do not "make sense" in human terms, acting on the wisdom of inner direction, rather than the limited view of your own agendas. I will continue this discussion in your next Newsletter, Obehon, and I thank you for the opportunity to speak. O: Thank you again, Laldon Hann. Blessed be! Obehon ... Familiar Spirits -- Obehon and the Circle ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- GEcho 1.02+ * Origin: AWARENET INTERNATIONAL 1-303-377-1963 Denver,Co (111:111/0)


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