THE BOOK OF LAPIS PHILOSOPHORUM Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn

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THE BOOK OF LAPIS PHILOSOPHORUM Issued by the Thelemic Order and Temple of the Golden Dawn Official Holy Book of the Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora concerning the Stone of the Philosophers Received by Sir David Cherubim Copyright (c) 1989 e.v. 1. We shall now make bold to affirm to ye the Great Secrets of Our Royal Art of Alkhemi for the attainment of the inner and outer Stone of the Sages, the Medicine of Metals, and the Elixir of Life. 2. Let no man abuse this sacred gnosis, for the true keys of these High Operations of the Sun will verily destroy all fools who seek to profane them. 3. Let only the Wise perceive and exercise these Grand Keys of the Holy Ghost of the Aeon, and so shall they inherit all the riches and splendours of the kingdoms of Nature and Heaven. 4. Concealed in this Royal Book of the Holy Ghost of the Aeon is the most holy of all magick rites; but only a portion, not the whole of the rite, is revealed in the language of Our sacred cipher. It is the True Mass of the Holy Ghost of Horus; and none but the Wise may rend the Veil of the Occult Sanctuary of the August Formula of this Most Holy Mass of the Magick of Light. 5. In the Name of the Most Holy One, the Most Beloved One, Whom is the Crowned and Conquering Lord of the Aeon, Amen. 6. All mysteries concealed in these holy runes of magick are true signs from the One Occult Sanctuary of the Holy Gnosis of Light. To interpret the Spirit of these holy runes is to rend the Veil of that One Light. 7. The sacred symbol of this Holy Book is a Triangle surmounting a Cross of equal arms. Now the Cross is a glyph of the four elements, and of the Four Gates to the Palace of the Stars; and the Triangle is a glyph of the three principles, and of the Three Hidden Wonders of the Ineffable. 8. Thou canst interpret this alkhemical symbol of Hermes- Mercurius-Thoth in two manners: from above or from below. If from below, then is the sacred symbol of this Holy Book reversed, so that the Cross of equal arms is surmounting an inverted Triangle. 9. But in either case, the True Formula of Our Royal Opus is One: the Athanoor is One, the Vessel is One, and the Substance is One. 10. Omnia in Unum. This knowledge shall be a guide unto the Alkhemist in his Hurculean Labor to accomplish the Great Work. This One Knowledge is the True Crux of the Whole Opus: it is concealed in all that shines. 11. Now behold, O Master, how thou art also One! All is in Thee: all elements and principles of Our Royal Opus of Initiation are all parts of thine own secret Laboratorium upon earth. 12. This is true insofar as thine inner work is concerned; but as for thine outer work, O Adept, there is a further secret in the matter. 13. Yet if thou canst obtain the True Stone of the Wise, be it heavenly or earthly, surely thou shalt transmute all base things into the True Aurum Solis. 14. The Opus is threefold, above and below; this ye shall understand according to the six-rayed symbol of Our Holy Father, Who is in the Centre of it all, that is, in the Palace of the Stars. This same symbol typifies the Stone of the Wise and the accomplishment of the Great Work of the Ages. 15. To obtain the Material Stone of the Philosophers, ye must be Adept in this Most Holy Art of Alkhemi, knowing thine own True Will. Then shall ye unite the Sun and the Moon, and the Sulphur and the Salt, to obtain the Androgynous Mercury of the Sages. 16. The Athanoor of this Most Holy Rite is the Magick Wand of the Adept, and the Holy Cucurbite is his Mystic Graal. 17. Out of the Adept's Athanoor there cometh forth Sulphur which he shall mingle with the Salt of his Holy Cucurbite. The egg of the Salt and the serpent of the Sulphur will then fuse, and then shall the Adept obtain the Lapis Philosophorum in his Hermetic Vessel, and he shall then absorb it. And lo! it is the Potable Gold, the Medicine of Metals, and the Holy Quintessence. 18. Here is That which is written of Samson's riddle: "What is sweeter than honey, and stronger than a Lion?" It is the Wine of the Sabbath and the One Eucharist of the Sun. 19. Also shall the Adept be armed with a Magick Link, which he shall imbue with the magical virtue of his Holy Elixir by touch and by prayer. 20. Yet to acquire the Supernal Stone of the Philosophers, which is the One Truth in Man, ye must be Master in this Holy Art of Alkhemi. The Black Ass must be transformed into a Double Headed Eagle: the base lead must be transmuted into the perfect Gold of the Sun by enduring Our seven secret rites of holy initiation. 21. There are four outer stages, and three inner: thou shalt pass beyond the four gates to the Palace of the Stars; then shalt Thou endure Three Invisible Rites of Initiation, which are as Three Great Lights in the Centre of the Holy Cross of the Sun. 22. And so shalt thou accomplish the One Magnum Opus of the Aeon. And so shalt thou become a true partaker of the Ineffable Mysteries of the Palace of the Stars. There, in the Mystic Centre of the Cross, shall the Master of this Royal Opus of the Sun discover the Lost Word, the True Key, and the One Way of Holy Initiation. This do We promise, and so shalt thou be united with Us in the One Sun of Truth; yea, in the One Sun of Truth.


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