COME ONE - COME ALL United Wiccan Church's Lammas In the California Sequoias August 3 thru

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COME ONE - COME ALL United Wiccan Church's Lammas In the California Sequoias August 3 thru August 7, 1990 ** Pagan Potluck Pig-out Barbecue - bring side dishes ** ** Lammas Ritual ** ** Herb Walk ** ** Workshops ** CAMP SITE INFORMATION LOCATION: Northeast of Bakersfield in the Sweet Home State Forest. Map location and gate combination are enclosed with reservations. FACILITIES: spacious tent camping among the trees (we have the entire site), Pit toilets, tables and stoves. You will need to bring sturdy food containers or keep your food in your car (we will be the guests of the California brown bear). It is recomended that you bring drinking water and firewood (UWC will provide some but more is always better). Admission: After July 25 Adults $15.00 $20.00 Children 4 - 13 $5.00 $5.00 Children 0 - 3 free free Reservations received after July 25 will be picked up at the gate. Please call for Confirmation & Directions. VENDORS TABLES: Vendors tables are available for donation of merchandise worth at least $25.00 which will be raffled off at the Gathering. The money is used to support Seekers Circle, Lizard Ring, retreats, etc. UWC Gatherings are operated as religious retreats, not a "Camp & Shop". Most of the vendors at previous gatherings have at least made expenses for the weekend. If you vend for a living, and feel it could mean your income, we will miss seeing you but will fully understand your need to eat. THE FEAST We will provide beef steaks. If you wish to participate, you must make your reservation in advance. There is an additional fee for this event: Adults $5.00 $7.00 Children 0-7 free free Registration form 1990 Lamas I, the undersigned, agree to all rules of the UWC Lammas 1990 gathering including, but not limited to, the following: 1. All Guests shall comply with existing Federal, State and local laws, as well as the campgrounds. (Campground rules will be posted). 2. Conduct that is disruptive or harmful to the peace of the event and/or the Wiccan community is prohibited. 3. The Directors of the United Wiccan Church, and the Sextons of its member Traditions shall interpret these rules. I, the undersigned, do hereby release, absolve, and hold harmless the United Wiccan Church, a California nonprofit religious corporation, its Directors, Officers, Clergy, and agents of any responsibility whatsoever for my safety and well-being, as well as the safety and well-being of any minors in my charge. This waiver is to cover the period of August 2, 1990 through August 8, 1990, inclusive. I also fully recognize that any difficulties coming to and/or going from this event are entirely my own responsibility. I, the undersigned, have read and understood the above, freely sign this document with no reservations whatsoever and with no expectations of compensation of any kind. PRINT NAME SIGNATURE DATE ______________________________ ___________________________ _______ ______________________________ ___________________________ _______ ______________________________ ___________________________ _______ ______________________________ ___________________________ _______ ______________________________ ___________________________ _______ All people in your party must sign his or her legal name. If you need more room, please photocopy this sheet. In order to insure sufficient space for all, we must account for each participant. Releases for minors will be required at the gate. Remember, if you are bringing minors other than your own children you must have a written provision from their parents or guardian(s) as well as a medical power of attorney (available at most hospitals). ADMISSION TICKETS FOOD TICKETS ___ Adults @ $15.00 ________ ___ Adults @ $5.00 ________ ___ Adults @ $20.00 ________ ___ Adults @ $7.00 ________ ___ Children @ $5.00 ________ ___ Children (0-7) ___ Children (0-3) ___ Vendor Table TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED _______________ Please make checks payable to UNITED WICCAN CHURCH. The United Wiccan Church is a non-profit, tax-exempt Church under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Any profit made by the gathering will go to support Seekers Circle, CassandraNet, Lizard Ring, future gatherings, and UWC's Worldwide Educational Programs. Your dollar can count. Mail Tickets to: Name:_________________________ Street:_______________________ Send Registration form to: City:_________________________ United Wiccan Church State:______ ZIP:_____________ PO BOX 16025 NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91625-6025 Phone: (____) ________________ (818) 982-7167


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