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THE INITIATION OF KURGASIAX, NIGHTSIDE WHEEL OF FORTUNE by Mishlen INITIATION The chakras are wombs, wombs of the human body, wombs shared by male and female alike. When congress is enacted with the Old Ones, their seed may fall upon any one of these vortexes. The chakra within which they are absorbed is dependent upon the type of rite and the focus of attention of the magickan. The various effects -- powers -- which each fertilization gives is dependent, also, upon which chakra it falls. Therefore, in any one particular ritual, it is possible to receive various types of initiations by focusing upon different resting places for the power or powers involved. The seed grows, slowly or quickly, depending upon the resist- ance encountered within. It may grow in the dark, and suddenly be perceived full-grown. Initiation is the Seed and the full grown Realization. Initiation is the result of all such growth. Touch the Seed, and you touch the Power Realized. THEORY: The Mystery of Kurgasiax is the mystery of the Wheel. The I is at the center, the edges (boundary) of the Wheel are the edges of Mystery; the area outside of it is the Unknown. The way in which it differs from its dayside Wheel of Fortune is hidden in the relation- ship of Universe A to Universe B. In order to learn/grow, one must commune with the edges of the Wheel. This is the realm of Mystery, where we enlarge ourselves through experiences with that outside ourselves. The keys for stability in this unstable place, are Mercy and Strength -- Geburah and Chesed -- the first emanations below the Abyss (Seperation). Strength borne of anger is unstable in itself. Mercy without the action borne of strength, is weak. The translation of energy from Geburah to Chesed manifests as the magickal Weapons of the magickan become the magickal Tools, the essential Tools of the Adept. What is less obvious is the importance of Mercy (which can be a powerful mantra!). The act of doing something anyway. It is an "irrational" act--a method of controlling one's universe. One act's "in spite of". One forgives. By creating this controlled act, one draws upon the power of creation, the power of the Word. You are no longer reacting blindly to the stimuli of your environment; you are creating your own. The mechanistic cause <-> effect process of the multiverse has no mercy. It is up to us to create it. Consider how important that choice is. Geburah-strict judgement is an equalizing, knee-jerk reaction to situations. Within it there is no choice. Fairness and equality are not the highest truth--but it is the truth by which our country is run. Laws must exist where there is no love to temper action. Mercy is a product of love. Mercy allows for choice. The Weapons becone the Tools--tools to use at Will. The choice to act anyway. PRACTICE: The practical application of Kurgasiax is revealed within the sigil itself. Here we find a glyph for the magickal working involved. The horned circle with the x within represents the earth, our Wheel. Outside the earth lie the Stars, the stars and the magnetic earth is our point of departure from enforced response, into freedom. Knowing the Stars allows that freedom. And how do we escape earth's endless chain of cause <-> effect? The Key exists in the relationship of macrocosm to microcosm. We must look inside ourselves first. The Stars exist inside of us. They are accessed through the Sahasrara Chakra, that center at the top of the head. It is here that the "Kalas of the Stars" rain down. It is here that we find our Stars and begin our journey. When the Star is found within, you are at the beginning of the path. The Star within sets up a sympathetic vibration with the Star outside, in the night sky. That sympathetic vibration is the path which leads you out of yourself, and into freedom. What we have, finally, is a path up the right-hand side of the Tree: From Malkuth to Netzach, through the Wheel to Chesed, through the Hierophant to Chokmah, the realm of Stars. It is a path well worth travelling.


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