Originally published in the Samhain issue of WodenWood Review by Iarwain Kundalini for the

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Originally published in the Samhain issue of WodenWood Review by Iarwain Kundalini for the New Age Kundalini for the New Age is a collection of 15 essays written by the late Gopi Krishna. In this book Krishna explains the Kundalini force in detail. He covers the chakras and how Kundalini effects each of them. He explains how the awakening of kundalini has effected his own life and different ways Kundalini can manifest itself in others. There is an essay where he compares biofeed back, drug experiences and other forms of meditation to Yoga meditation. There is a wonderful essay on the after life where he likens individuals to icebergs in an ocean. The individual dies (the iceberg melts) and returns to the Kundalini (the ocean) only to return in part when a new iceberg forms. Krishna also explains Kundalini in biological terms. He writes that there is a physiological pathway for the Kundalini which is transported by a yet undiscovered essence. He also writes of the glorious evolution to which humanity is being directed. His arguments for the biological explanation of Kundalini and directed evolution are unconvincing. He often falls on 'further study will reveal...' as support for his ideas. Since the book is a collection of essays his writing style is varied. Some of the essays are written in an eloquent descriptive style, others in a more formal argumentative style. I have also found much repitition between the essays. He often writes about his biological theory of Kundalini. Most of the better parts of the book are buried between his biological theory arguments. There is no index, and the table of contents is not descriptive. This is not a how to book on meditation or awakening of Kundalini. It does relate Kundalini to spirituality and everyday life. It is also filled with unconvincing arguments of the biological source of Kundalini and directed evolution of Humanity. For $8.95, I can not recommend this book to the Neo-pagan. It may be useful to the new-ager if they are looking for additional information on Kundalini. If you can borrow this book, read chapters 4 and 9 on meditation and chapter 15 on the afterlife for a Yogic view on these subjects. Kundalini for the New Age; Gopi Krishna/ Editor: Gene Kieffer; Bantam New Age; 1988; $8.95 Not Recommended


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