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MUFONET-BBS GROUP - MUTUAL UFO NETWORK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS - WIRE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 =START= XMT: 11:16 Sat Feb 22 EXP: 11:00 Sat Feb 29 쿌RCHAEOLOGISTS AWAITING WORD ON GRAVE THAT MAY HAVE BEEN OLD 쿖ING COLE'S 쿗ONDON (FEB. 22) UPI - Archaeologists who found a 2,000- 퀉ear-old grave of a Celtic ruler near ancient Roman ruins 쿴ope to learn whether the remains may be those of Cunobelin, 쿪lso known as Cymbeline or Old King Cole, a museum spokesman 퀂aid Saturday. 쿟he grave was found at historic St. Albans, 20 miles north 쿽f London. The site which was covered over shortly after the 쿝oman conquest in 43 A.D., lies near the ruins of the Roman 쿬ity Verulamium, which was burned by Boadicea, the Celtic 퀇oman warrior, about 60 A.D. 쿟ests were under way to determine whether the remains are 퀃hose of Cunobelin, believed to be the nursery rhyme's ''merry old soul'' who is also believed to be the ruler 쿸nown as Cymbeline in Shakespeare's play, a Verulamium 쿘useum spokeswoman said. 쿟he grave, which overlooked the vanquished Celtic town of 쿣erlamio, dates to between 20 A.D. and 40 A.D., about the 퀃ime Cunobelin died. 쿟he burial site may have been dedicated to Cunobelin's 쿯ather, ruler of the Catuvellauni tribe, or another 쿬hieftan, dig director Roslind Niblett said. ''The candidates include Androcus, an early first-century 퀁uler of the Catuvellauni, and his co-ruler, Tasciobanus, 퀇ho was the father of Cunobelin, Shakespeare's Cymbeline and 퀃he Old King Cole of nursery-rhyme fame,'' Niblett told The 쿟imes . 쿍ut archaeologists suspect the grave may actually be that of 쿎unobelin, who made his capital farther north at Colchester 쿽n the Colne River, about 50 miles north of London. ''It seems more likely to be a contemporary of Cunobelin, 퀇hom one would expect to find buried at Colchester, but it 쿶s possible that Old King Cole himself was brought back to 쿞t. Albans for burial,'' Niblett said. 쿟he cremated remains of the king were clad in a chain-mail 퀂hirt and surrounded by treasures, some made of silver and 쿶vory, and placed in the largest Iron Age tomb found in 쿍ritain, The Daily Telegraph said Saturday. 쿙iblett said the burial site was so venerated it drew 퀇orshipful followers for generations. ''The quantity and quality of objects found in the very 쿮laborate grave and the fact that a Romano-Celtic temple was 퀃hen built next to the site, which continued to be venerated 쿯or two or three hundred years into the Roman period all 쿾oint to this being the burial place of a high-status tribal 쿸ing,'' she told The Times. 쿟he royal tomb, which was found this month on a hospital's 쿲rounds a week before the site was to be turned over to a 쿴ousing development, was at the center of a wooden funerary 쿬omplex that covered almost 4 acres, reports said. 쿟he remains of the king were found on a wooden bier within a 쿭eep pit enclosed by a wooden building piled with ritually 퀂mashed plates, cups and wine containers. 쿌ppropriately for Old King Cole, who, so children recite, 쿬alled for his pipes wives and ''fiddlers three,'' the grave 퀇as reached by an entryway strewn with what appear to be 퀂acrificial burials - including three human skeletons. =END=


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