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relate general, all-purpose descriptions -- or heavy-duty mythological references -- to the question you asked. But with Tarot in 10 Minutes, if you ask about your love life, the book will answer in a way that talks about your love life. If you ask about your finances, the book will talk to you about money. There are 29 questions and 29 Answer sections in all. And they cover everything from your career prospects to your mission in life.Within 9 MINUTES you will be learning which Tarot card is your mascot in life -- that is, if you choose to start with Reading #1. Or you'll be exploring your employment situation, delving into your dreams, contemplating your past lives -- because there is a Reading for just about everything here, and there are no rules about how you should proceed through the book. Starting at the beginning and working your way through to the end will result in a complete experience with the cards and a complete look at your life. But if you don't want to start with Reading #1, don't -- just consult the Table of Contents or the Index to find the Reading that deals with the question you want to ask.The method you'll use as you follow this book is straightforward: Ask your question; shuffle the cards; deal up the cards; and look up your answers.To ask your question. The easiest thing to do is to to ask one of the 29 questions listed in the Table of Contents, or one of the 77 questions included in the Index. These lists will direct you to the Reading where your question is treated. If you don't find your exact question, pick the one closest to it. Most Readings allow you to tailor the question to your specific situation. Once you know what Reading you're going to do, consult its Tarot Tools section, which will tell you which cards to use. Many of the Readings use only the 10 or 20 cards that are "best at" answering the type of question you have asked. This is one way in which Tarot in 10 Minutes helps you get answers that are relevant to your question. To shuffle the cards. Some of the Readings in this book are so easy to do, they don't even require you to shuffle. And when it comes time to shuffle, the book will tell you how. But in general, there is absolutely no way you can do this wrong. Ruffle them together. Shuffle them from front to back or back to front. Swirl them around on the table in front of you. Unlike some methods, with this book you do not have to cut the deck. You do not have to light candles or burn incense. You do not have to work on a black velvet cloth or keep your cards wrapped up in silk. You do not have to pick out a card to "signify" you or the person you are reading for. You can do these things if they make you feel better, but no complex rituals or extra procedures are required to get an answer from the cards. Just follow the instructions in the How To section in each Reading. To deal up the cards. The cards are "done" shuffling when they don't want to go into each other . . . or when one leaps out of the deck. At this point stop shuffling, cut the deck if you are so inclined, and deal up the top card or cards -- the How To section in each Reading will tell you how many cards to deal up and how to arrange them.To look up your answers. The answers to each question are right with the Reading. When you are done dealing up your cards, just turn the page and find the answers for the card or card combinations that have come up. The answers will relate directly to your question. Depending on the question you have asked and the type of layout you are using, some of the answers you receive will be detailed, and some will be short and snappy. Some Answer sections will trace your question back to its roots and look at the various aspects of a situation; other answers will read more like a continuous thought. The How To sections will tell you what kind of answer to expect for each question. If you would like more detail on your question, shuffle and deal again. To find more information on the meaning of any card at any time, turn to the back of the book and consult the Quick Reference Guide.In fact, if you prefer to follow a method of shuffling, dealing, and reading the cards that you already know, use the Quick Reference Guide the same way you would consult any traditional Tarot book. The difference is, the answers you find here will be more down-to-earth, practical, and specific than what you are used to finding. And they will certainly add to your own understanding of the cards.Either way, within 6 MINUTES, you will be reading your cards. To save six minutes, skip the rest of this introduction. But if you'd like to know how and why this book originated, read on . . . .My first experience with the Tarot was a fiasco. I lit my incense. I had my bowl of water sitting by to keep the "evil spirits" away. I shuffled the deck, I asked my question, I dealt up my cards into a Celtic Cross formation, and then I went to look up the answers. What a disappointment! Each card I looked up gave me 10 or 15 -- sometimes seemingly random -- words. Each card, it seemed, could stand for many different things. What was I to make of this? Which was my answer? What did my cards mean?I tried other books. Some told me how the cards were about an allegorical journey, or vision quest. Some told me how the cards represented figures from Greek and Roman mythology. Some told me how they related to the stars and astrological signs, or to numbers and numerological theories. Some taught me colors. Some taught me symbols. Some told me how the cards embodied ancient Egyptian ideas or the religious traditions of mother India ... the pagan customs of Europe or Hebrew mysticism. Some spoke only of the cards' Christian symbols, some only of New Age spiritualism, and some of Jungian psychology. All of this was quite interesting -- but when I dealt up my cards in a Celtic Cross, I still didn't know how to read them.What I really wanted -- needed, desired -- was something more, like a Ouija Board, or a daily horoscope in the newspaper, or even a fortune cookie. I wanted a book that helped me out with the answers, that helped me figure out what the cards mean in the context of real-life questions. Tarot in 10 Minutes is my humble attempt to give you the book I could not find anywhere else . . . the book with the answers.How I finally learned to read the cards was by playing around with them and trying all different kinds of things. Through trial and error -- and by borrowing techniques from other types of "fortune-telling" devices -- I discovered that reading Tarot cards can be a lot easier than most Tarot experts admit. You simply do not need to spend a lifetime learning complex methods in order to enjoy the experience and learn something about yourself in the process. In fact, in less than 4 MINUTES, you'll be well on your way to using your cards to get real answers to real questions, by using simple techniques not found in other Tarot books. To make things easy, many of the Readings in this book borrow their technique from the way in which Celtic Runes are read. With Runes, three of the engraved stones are selected from a bag in order to get a reading of the current situation, an action that is required, and a result that can be expected. The same technique works great with the cards. From the Chinese I Ching -- a rather philosophical method of reading symbols constructed by tossing coins -- I have borrowed the idea of interpreting the cards as a continuous thought. Quite a few Readings in the book use this method in their Answer sections, where the first card that turns up is treated as the main idea, with each additional card supplying more detail. Readings conducted this way tend to answer your question more directly than traditional Tarot methods. From the age-old tradition of numerology, I also discovered that cards can be selected for character readings by adding up the numbers in your name or birth date. All of these techniques, as well as the traditional Celtic Cross method, are used in the book. If you'd like more information on the methods, consult the opening section of the Quick Reference Guide for details on each type of layout. You don't really need to know or remember any of this to use the book and your cards, but the reason Tarot in 10 Minutes is able to provide specific answers when so many others do not, is due not only to these simpler techniques but also to its structure. One secret to the book is this: I stack the deck in your favor. Rather than working with all 78 cards at once, we use the cards that are "best at" answering specific kinds of questions: Coin cards for money questions, Cups for love, Wands for work, Swords for strategy, etc. This not only makes perfect sense, but it helps you focus in on your question. And it helps your cards focus in on the answer.Another secret is this: I stack the deal in your favor. Contrary to popular opinion, it seldom takes more than a few cards to answer a direct question decisively. So, with the more straightforward questions, you'll use vastly simplified card layouts. And you'll find these layouts prove to be just as reliable as the lavish, intricate multi-card spreads recommended in so many other sources.The final secret is this: I spare you the theory. The answers in this book are based on decades of study and research, but why bore you with pages and pages of theory? The Answer sections in this book tell you what the cards might mean in the context of a real question. Isn't that, after all, what matters? And why do these things always have to be so complicated anyway?I want you to use your cards. I want you to have fun with your cards . . . for the Tarot is both serious and frivolous. It is both helpful and ludicrous. It is like everything else in the Universe. It is like life itself. In 1 minute, I'll set you loose, but allow me one last thought.Should you believe the answers in Tarot in 10 Minutes? Let me put it this way: You will know when the answers are right, because they'll feel right -- they'll be your own conclusions. At the least, Tarot in 10 Minutes will give you a fun way to spend the evening. At the most, it will help you decide things about and for yourself. This is what Tarot is best at. This is what Tarot does.Time's up.Go on to Reading #1 whenever you are ready to begin.READING #1Who am I?In your life as a whole and at any given moment, you can be said to be living out one of the situations depicted by the Tarot cards. In this Reading, you will learn to identify which card SIGNIFIES your life in general. This card is your mascot in life. It describes you. It can also be said to cover you. It is sometimes called your Key Card.TAROT TOOLS Take out your deck -- any Tarot deck will do -- and separate out the following cards: I 1 The Magician II 2 The High Priestess III 3 The Empress IV 4 The Emperor V 5 The Hierophant VI 6 The Lovers VII 7 The ChariotVIII or XI 8 or 11 Justice IX 9 The Hermit X 10 Wheel of FortuneHOW TO In this Reading, we will use the numbers associated with your birth date to determine the card that represents your general situation in this life, your Key Card or mascot. Here's how ...Simply add up the month, day, and year of your birth like this: August 29, 1952 = 8 + 29 + 1952 = 1989Then, add up the result: 1989 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27Now, reduce this number, by adding it up once more. You should get a number of 10 or less: 27 = 2 + 7 = 9 If this step adds up exactly to 10, reduce it again to 1, only if the day of the month in which you were born is an odd number; leave it as 10 if the day on which you were born is an even number. SCRATCH PAD ----------------------------- Jot down your figures here. ---------------------------------------------Now, take out the card from your deck that SIGNIFIES you. Look at it for a minute, then look up its meaning in the Answer section below. Just repeat the steps to learn about others. THE ANSWERS I -- The Magician. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who control their own destinies. Magicians have the ability to make things happen. If this is your Key Card, you are particularly good at influencing -- even controlling -- your own environment. You are capable of leading a highly directed, determined life by focusing your energy on achieving all the things that matter in this world: career and status, love and happiness, money and possessions, power and glory. If you are like most people however, you will need to choose one of these areas to master. The choice is yours. II -- The High Priestess. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who know without knowing. High Priestesses have the ability to know or feel things. If this is your Key Card, you are the kind of person who can trust your gut feelings, hunches, inner voices, and dreams. When in doubt, you go with your instincts. You may have an uncanny sense of direction. You may even describe yourself as psychic. In general, you will feel your way through life as if you were navigating a familiar stream. The past, present and future can click together for you, but you may need to strike a balance between body and mind (conscious and subconscious) in order to achieve your full potential. III -- The Empress. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are in touch with their environment. Empresses have the the ability to create and influence the things around them. If this is your Key Card, things grow, develop, and mature under your careful attention. You are good at parenting, mentoring, coaching, and in other ways bringing out the skills and talents of others. You may also be rather prolific yourself. You appreciate that there is an ecological balance to be maintained, that everything depends on everything else. In order to achieve your goals, however, you may have to wait a period of time for the things that you desire to come about. IV -- The Emperor. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are natural-born leaders. Emperors have the ability to control things. They are decisive and authoritative. And they know how to get to the top. If this is your Key Card, you are the kind of person who likes to live according to the rules (which you help make). And, within this framework, you are extremely capable of making your own decisions. You will also decide things for others. They may respect, honor, and even obey your opinions. You like to rule the roost. But in order to achieve your full potential, you may have to temper your own temper. Learn to respect the opinions of those whose support you depend upon. And be ready to defend your territory. V -- The Hierophant. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who have faith. Hierophants have the ability to believe in things. If this isyour Key Card, your life is knit together by a highly organized system of beliefs. You may hunger after idealistic, patriotic, moral, or religious ideas. You may have a strong sense of standards, ethics, and traditions. You may even require a rigid structure (or hierarchic scheme) in your life. To achieve your full potential, you need to dedicate yourself to pursuits that serve a higher purpose. This card can also indicate that you feel a need for public acceptance. You want to fit in. You want to belong.VI -- The Lovers. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are passionate. Lovers have the ability to care deeply about things. They have the ability to care about each other. If this is your Key Card, you are the sort of person who feels hopelessly attracted to someone else. This could mean that infatuations will be a common experience for you, or it could mean that you will have the great fortune to find true love in this life, and it will be "love at first sight." But beware, your true love may notbe another person. It may, in fact, strike you as a deep, enduring passion for some kind of work, which you will pursue relentlessly. To achieve your full potential, you must choose something that will love (or reward) you back. VII -- The Chariot. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are heroes. Charioteers have the ability to conquer things. They can do the impossible. If this is your Key Card, you will know the thrill of victory in your life, like a surge of adrenaline. You may work long hours and appear to run on high-test, for you thrive on challenging situations and will stay up all night to complete projects. You will take your share of risks. It is not so much the fact that you are fearless (for you may desperately fear failure), but that you are relentless that distinguishes you. You not only keep score, but you like to overcome great odds, playing things right down to the wire. To achieve your full potential in this life, you need to strike a balance between self-confidence and winning strategies. VIII -- Justice. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are good critics. Justices have the ability to evaluate things. They can cut through the crap of this world and get to the point. They can see what is written between the lines. If this is your Key Card, you a very insightful person, fair-minded, even-tempered, and a good listener. You want to hear both sides of a story before coming to your own conclusions. But with such a capacity for insight comes an obligation, too. To achieve your full potential you may need to learn how to be forgiving. IX -- The Hermit. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who have grown wise. Hermits have the ability to understand things. They are the loners of this world. If this is your Key Card, you may like to retreat to your study at night or get off to that cabin in the woods--not just to rest, mind you, but to be alone with your thoughts, even to meditate or pray. Your job in life is to hold up a light for others to follow. To achieveyour full potential, you must come back from your hermitage eventually to tell others what you have seen, heard, and learned. X -- Wheel of Fortune. Look at your Key Card. This is the card of people who are fortunate. Wheel of Fortune people have the ability to benefit from change. If this is your Key Card, you may even feel as if Lady Luck shines on you. When things happen around you, it always seems as if it's for the better. You always seem to not only make it through the bad times but to come out better off in the end. To achieve your full potential, though, you may need to work on improving your ability to predict and anticipate when things are about to change. EXTRA CREDIT Compute the Key Cards for your spouse, lover, children, friends, or relatives to see which cards signify them. SCRATCH PAD ----------------------------- Jot down your figures here. ---------------------------------------------EXTRA! EXTRA! CREDIT What the heck, make a complete family tree, with all of the birth dates and Key Cards of your ancestors. Go on to the next Reading whenever you are ready to continue.TABLE OF CONTENTSForward Introduction to the Cards Readings Reading #1 Who am I? Reading #2 Where am I? Reading #3 What's next? Reading #4 When will I know? Reading #5 What should I be when I grow up? Reading #6 What is the work climate? Reading #7 What is the business outlook? Reading #8 How am I doing at work? Reading #9 How do I get along with others? Reading #10 How's my love life? Reading #11 How will this relationship turn out? Reading #12 How do others see me? Reading #13 Where do I belong? Reading #14 Will I be a rich man? Reading #15 How's my money doing? Reading #16 How much can I expect to make? Reading #17 How successful will I be? Reading #18 How's my game? Reading #19 What's my winning strategy? Reading #20 What kind of fool am I? Reading #21 What's in the mail? Reading #22 Yes or no? Reading #23 Who am I deep down inside? Reading #24 What are my motivations? Reading #25 What do my dreams mean? Reading #26 What is my life's purpose? Reading #27 What is my mission? Reading #28 What do I need to learn? Reading #29 Where do I go from here? Quick Reference Guide Card Layouts Master Answer Section Index to All Questions The prec


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