2-28-93 KARMA: 4 Resist negation. Negative thoughts and moods are the death of spiritual g

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2-28-93 KARMA: 4 Resist negation. Negative thoughts and moods are the death of spiritual growth. We all experience them, we must all overcome them or they will hold us back. I have said before that there is inequality in the world. Others may have greater or lesser capacity, but we are all answerable for our own behavior, our own thoughts and actions, not for anyone else's. We cannot straighten someone else's path; we can only straighten our own. When you ask, "God, are you still with me?" and you feel that comfortable presence, then you know that you are progressing spiritually. The whole world hungers for love, which is God. People go from one group to another, from one path to another, from one human being to another, seeking fulfillment; but they never find enduring contentment. Something is always missing and that something is the awareness of the God within. God is the one ingredient in your life that can procure contentment. Find God or let God find you, and contentment will be found. When things become difficult in the external world, it is very comforting to honestly and sincerely say, in your heart, "Lord, I only want you. I crave nothing but your love. Let thy will be done...." Don't try to tell God how to solve your problems or someone else's. Karma is the law of cause and effect as it applies to our soul. Our individual karma operates along the lines of personal motivations, personal actions, personal experience and personal character. Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the effect. Karma is the helping hand of life that alerts us when we have taken a wrong turn. It is the healer of our self- inflicted wounds. Life is a field in which everyday actions and thoughts are sown like seeds. These seeds germinate, grow, yield fruit and eventually scatter more seeds. Past actions that result in present circumstances can only be endured with patience and understanding. Actions that have accumulated but have yet to fructify can be tempered by education, self-control and selfless service. To avoid future effects, eliminate present causes. "Doctrine," in theology, is a generic term for the theoretical component of religious experience. Its purpose is to conceptualize the primal or original experience of the religious founders. Doctrines provide religion with intellectual systems for guidance in the processes of instruction, discipline, controversy and admittedly, propaganda. They provide only guidance, not necessarily truth. The development of doctrines and dogma, the officially accepted versions of religious teachings, has significantly affected the traditions, the churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other institutions of religion throughout the world. Oneness Center strives for a non- ecclesiastical academic approach, realizing that doctrines and dogma continue to influence science, history and philosophy although not to the extent in the last 450 years as they did in prior times, especially the middle ages. The established doctrine and dogma of the early Christian church effectively put an end to the teaching of karma and reincarnation. These early councils such as the Council of Nice, 325 A.D., the First Council of Constantinople, 381, the Council of Constantinople, 553 A.D. There were later councils between 1000-1200 A.D. but it was the early ones that established the basic doctrine and dogma and made the decision to delete all references to karma and reincarnation from Christian teachings. However, one can still find traces. It is sort of like the covered wagons of the Old West. The wagons may be gone but some of the tracks are still visible. Last week we spoke of the Golden Rule as the great karmic equalizer and energizer. We spoke of "Ideal human qualities." It certainly appears that Jesus demonstrated these ideal qualities in his ordinary daily works and actions. He fostered love, peace and understanding in all that he said and did. When he saw something wrong he did whatever he could to set it right. He comforted all, served all, forgave all. He saw all people as equal: men, women, children, beggars, lepers, fishermen, and traders. He repeatedly chastised the Pharisees for their "holier than thou" attitudes. He saw all possessing the Spirit of God - Divine Souls, not simply as individual personalities. He saw the potential of humanity...he never once turned away from the responsibilities he had assumed. He never veered from his beliefs and teachings. He practiced what he preached right to the end: "...forgive them, they know not what they do." He was practicing the Eightfold Path of Buddha; he was working out his samchita karma and generating positive kriemana karma...if I can put it that way, which admittedly is not exactly right. Jesus said "I work and my Father is working." John 5:17. Krishna, speaking as God in the Bhagavada Gita, says: "If I stop working for even an instant this whole universe would crumble and disappear." We all must work and we all perform karma, not only on an individual personal level but also on a community, a national, a racial, a universal level. This is how we bring the joy, the light and the love of the Divine into our usual lives: we do it by working. We build a bridge between knowledge and wisdom, and by convincing both our intellect and emotional mind the indivisible oneness of all people, all creation. Love will heal our relationships: family, personal and gender; religious, political, and economical; air, earth, water, plants, all earth, all creatures. Prosperity will never come to people who are indifferent to each other. Zig Zigler often said, "You can get anything you want if you help others to get what they want." I truly believe this. The difficult part is to want to help others get what they want. If you are too busy with your own development you will be too busy to be concerned about the plight and welfare of others. The Rabbis of antiquity taught in the Talmud: "An ignorant man cannot be a pious man, nor a lustful man a teacher, nor can one who is engaged in over-much business grow in wisdom." I don't agree in total with this, but I do agree in context. We often think that if we put all of our effort in going after what we want we will get it and then we will feel secure and happy. Modern civilization has certainly promoted this concept. Even if it is spiritual enlightenment it is not good to put all of our effort into "going after it." We may become so heavenly bound we are no earthly good. Karma demands that we be of service to others. Our deepest need comes from the joy of being loved by others and knowing that we are of genuine use to others. Devoting all of your energies to self- improvement, individual prosperity, achievement results in separation from the herd, the flock, the tribe; it puts man against man, man against woman, men and women against each other and against the world. This must cease or we go on generating more and more karma to be worked out. Life is an indivisible whole. If we work from only our ego we will never see this. Jealousy comes in when our ego sees someone with something we want and don't have. There is no greater glory than love nor any greater punishment than jealousy. I believe that we must forgive those who mistreat us. Forgiveness is as much or more, for our own benefit as it is for those we forgive. It purges and cleanses us of negative feelings toward that person. After forgiveness, we need not think that this implies that we have to associate with such people. There may be a change in them or us at some future time that makes association comfortable or even pleasurable, but we don't have to push for it. We only must make certain that we recognize the earliest inkling of negative thoughts and immediately replace them with positive ones. If a friend is persistently trying to draw you into their negatives, those too can be firmly resisted. Say plainly to them, that they are entitled to their views, but you would rather not discuss them because: "We have discussed them many times before and I do not agree with you. It is non-productive, even counter- productive, and I would prefer some other subject as long as it is positive; that way we can maintain our friendship." To compromise with evil of any kind leads in the end to confusion, weakness, a gradual decline of standards, a contradiction of principles and a wavering spirit. Remember the parable of the talents (Mat.25). Jesus said: "Well done, you were faithful in small things. I will now give you charge of greater things." Don't compromise even with little evils. What we are speaking about regarding non-violent ways of combating evil or negatives can be called wisdom. Ignorance is the opposite of wisdom. Ignorance breeds violence, and violence breeds more violence of varying kinds. Violence of any kind is a destructive force, which in the end, in its ultimate manifestation, destroys even itself. When you create an authority you may create a type of violence, even passivity can be a type of violence. Looking around this world, there must be many who feel they have no future to live for, and only an apathetic present at best, or a miserable present at worst, in which to exist. There are times when a person is more vulnerable to negative thoughts than at other times, such as in great emotional depression, or even in great emotional excitement, when in physical discomfort, anger and passion of any kind, we are more susceptible to negatives. We may have to make a greater effort to accept God as the source of this universe, including those things in it that we dislike, but to not do it is to deny God as the one power in the universe. We must take the words "Lo I am with you always" and repeat them over and over until we realize their truth and understand their meaning. No matter the circumstances, joy or sorrow, light or darkness, we are never separated from God, nor can we ever be... "Lo I am with you always...." All paths when seen from above are one. As the expression of life becomes more advanced, the bodies and minds become more suitable and more perfect, to fulfill the greater purpose, until the ultimate instrument is created, with all the faculties and instrumentalities required to become a living, moving, Divine self... a Godman. Man, from the Sanskrit "manas" "to think." Genesis: "...male and female He created them." From the beginning of life, the Spirit of God has been perfecting the instruments of life, beginning with the first tiniest conceivable life entity, each becoming more and more complex and complete and ultimately Earthman comes on the scene, who has the faculties to use the spiritual power if they choose. What we observe as we look back and around is the phenomena of growth, change of life, the unfoldment of what is within. It is the change of the imperfect form so that the inner living entity can continue building the perfect form for the expression of that which is perfect within. "Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who is in Heaven is perfect." Mat. 5:48. As life evolves in human beings, our faculties of knowing and learning the Spiritual Laws and the ways of living the Spiritual life are revealed to us. When the Spirit of Truth comes (to you), he will guide you into all Truth, for he shall not speak of himself, but whatever he shall hear from the Father, that shall he speak.... He shall guide you in all Truth and the Truth shall make you free." John 8 It is the Divine Comforter within, not some external messiah, maitreya or channeler. Until that time we will continue to struggle to have happiness, peace, prosperity and security in our material world, and we continue to work on our karma. From the teachings of the ancients, including the Master Jesus, Buddha, and others, we must realize that we are not the body, nor the sense mind, but a part of the Creator..."I am that I am." "He that has seen me has seen the Father." We are the spiritual self that IS. We merely occupy a body and temporarily live on earth. The great fundamental truth was stated by Paul: There is one body and one spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all who is above all, and through all and in you all." (Above! and through! and IN ALL.) Eph. 4:4-6 As soon as we realize this great truth of oneness in the midst of appearances to the contrary, we will be able to transform those appearances and limitations and we will experience that "truth which sets us free." The primary intent of religion is to bring us close to the Supreme Truth or Principle. Even if we don't know what or where it is precisely, we know the direction in which it lies and that is the direction we choose to travel, because we now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and we are in the process of developing the heart to respond, a willingness to change. When we are happy and content we are unlikely to want to change. When our realities are serving us reasonably well we feel justified in leaving well enough alone. It is during the difficult periods of life that we are apt to search for a better way. This is the law of karma working in us. Develop this attitude: "I accept all that comes into my life as necessary for my own Spiritual unfoldment...and I thank you Mother-Father God, even for the experience. --------------------------------------- For more information contact: Don Parkison, MD c/o The Oneness Center 2000 S. Stewart Springfield, MO 65804 1-417-889-5215 or contact: Sandra Price Shadow Rider BBS 1-901-873-1570 tapes are available for $3 each


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