GALACTICLY SPEAKING By Craig Pace The Sun is out, it is warm, and the changeable, carefree

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GALACTICLY SPEAKING By Craig Pace The Sun is out, it is warm, and the changeable, carefree time of Gemimi has arrived once again. One particular note of variety that will keep us flexible this June, is a set of eclipses. The Lunar eclipse will be on Sunday the 14th at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, while the Solar counterpart will be Tuesday the 30th at 9 degrees of Cancer. If you would like to watch them, the peak shadowing of the Moon will be 9:50 pm PDT and the Sun's dissapearing act will be most prominant at 5:18 am PDT of their respective days. Their interpretations will, of course have a lot to do with each person's particular house and planetary placements, but as always, some things can be generalized. These eclipses will probably have at least some identifyable interpretation for everyone. However, this time the Moon's eclipse will be the the most directly relevant to Sagittarians, Geminis, Virgoans and Pisceans. Look for challenging and decisive times revolving around home and family issues having to do with travel, philosophy/metaphysics, legal affairs, or college. The Solar eclipse will probably be a little less unruly. Those most likely to have events at this time will be Cancerians, Librans, Capricornians, and Arians. Interpretations will be more direct in this month's specifics, but generally events at the time of the Sun's eclipse will include; the beginning of a family project or cycle, a decision having to do with something that began two weeks ago at the Lunar eclipse, or the creative resolution of a dissagreement. This is going to be an exciting month because there are lots of other event indicators happening in our solar system also. To start with, for practically all of June, Venus is running conjunct to the Sun. From June 1 through about the 27th, gals should expect their guys to want to keep them on the go. Even still ladies, there will be several opportunities for your girl's night(s) out. Also ('lest we forget) financial indications continue to be strong all through June especially for Aquarians, Librans, Geminis, Virgoans, Pisceans and Sagittarians. Mars is still in Aries until about mid-month, so there is still time to get that new idea off the drawing board and into action. By June 15 however, lethargy may weight your pioneering spirit down as Mars enters Taurus. Mars is not in its most natural way in Taurus, apparently the scene of Ferdinand complacently laying in a field chewing his cud and smelling flowers all day just doesn't jibe with Mars's fiery zest and zeal. Reguardless, because of other factors, things will not slow down too much after mid-month. Mars in Taurus can be real outdoorsy, especially men will want to be working on something they can appreciate. This marks a good time for gardening and going fishing. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all indicating major life issues, have gone retrograge. Scenarios they describe will be a little more low key, at least until this fall when they turn direct again. Many of us are involved in transformations, internal and external revolutions, and profound self discovery and actualization right now, so it isn't that we don't want to do these things, but since they are so heavy, a short respite is welcome. After we've become more comfortable with recent gains we have made, and had a moment to look around and see where we are, we will be back to the forward thrust this fall. Some of us, in backing off now, may discover some important thing(s) that had been overlooked. June Specifics The wake-up call for earth sign people who are in the prime time I spoke of last month are; Virgoans born between August 29th through September the 2nd, Taureans from April 25th through the 30th, and Capricornians born from December 27th through the 31st. If you are an earth sign person or have a lot of earth in your chart, but do not fall between these dates, don't feel left out in the cold. This may not be your most fortuitous time, but all this summer will be good for you. As we go along from month to month, I'll point out who will be at the best advantage, at the appropriate times. If you are Libra born from the 8th to the 14th of October, or Gemini born between the 5th and the 11th of June, or Aquarius born between the 4th and 10th of February, expect to have some especially productive days around the 8th and 9th this month. This aspect is not limited to, but is especially good for financial matters. For Cancerians born July 5th through the 12th, around the 18th and 19th of June, you have entered a time when social and/or relationship issues have become quite complex. Near the 18th someone will be either lying to you or trying to hide behind a smoke screen. Talking sincerely and straight-forwardly to that person may not bring positive results. By the 20th you may be in a position if force his/her hand, but up-front, honesty is not intended by them. As an alternate solution, you may have to find someone else to give you accurate information. Expect finalization of issues by the Solar eclipse on the 30th. Sagittarians born from December 13th through the 19th, the Lunar eclipse on the 14th of June is going to conjunct your natal Sun. You can be sure there will be an event on this one. Communication and sensitivity will be keys to success for you. Someone you love needs you to hear and understand him/her. If you just react, you will have overlooked something important. It will then become a loss that you will feel badly about later. Arians born from the 10th through the 17 of April and Leoans born between the 13th and the 28th of August, you may or may not have a clearly discernable event from the eclipse on the 14th. You will however, have at least a generally positive time. The picture will have to do with travel to visit family (or distant family members comming to see you). Not everything will necessarily be happy, as there may be some disheartening family news. If you are Gemimi born from the 12th to the 19th of June (happy birthday), the eclipse time marks for you a reprise from what had been the financial doldurms. It doesn't look like you are going to win the lottery, but things are definately on the upswing. For Pisceans, if you are having a happy, prosperous, interesting and rewarding life right now, it is not from what can be interpreted by looking at transit aspects to your natal Sun. (Which is all that can be seen without actually looking at your chart.) I keep waiting for some positive news for you, and ... Well, I'm still waiting. If you were born between the 24th of February and the 1st of March, Jupiter is squareing your natal Sun from Virgo. This marks a time when your long range planning will be a little out of focus, you are inclined to overreact and gain weight. Everything seems to be out of whack and needing improvement or repair. As if that weren't enough, you are having to put in a lot of long hours, you are aware that you are working too hard, but it seems necessary. If you were born March the 8th through the 14th, the news is a little better, and will be better still next month. For now however, it is just a generalization that you are feeling quite able to tackle the challenges in front of you. You are of a mind to pull something apart and put it back together in an altogether different way. But here again, it will probably be July before you do it. If you are Capricorn born December 28 through January 15, the Solar eclipse at the end of the month will mark an event time for you. Since Uranous and Neptune are still conjuncting your natal Sun, (and will continue to for another two years) life still remains full of surprises and complexity. This time look for fun and excitement, travel, and the unexpected. This will be a light, fun time that will provide you with a much needed break from long-term, ongoing challenges at work.


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