P.O. Box 115 Florence, Montana 59833 January, 1979 Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings in

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P.O. Box 115 Florence, Montana 59833 January, 1979 Dear Brothers and Sisters: Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to start this newsletter by apologizing for it being late. The reason for the delay is that we have just moved. We are now in the general area of our retreat. Praise the Lord for His glory! We are praying for the soon return of Jesus as it can only make us happier than anything we have ever known. We have received a lot of letters asking about the things John said on the tape, "Helter Skelter," and if anything has changed. On the contrary. The riots have started in California like John said they would. This time-table is right on schedule, and October 14 or 15 is still the date they have planned to change the money over. Of course, they could try to do it to us sooner. John still believes that all Christians should try to get out of the cities and store food and some type of defense. We also feel that we should store Bibles and tracts. We personally feel that the Chick Publications tracts are the best because you can just place one in somebody's hand without a lot of explaining. Many of you are wondering about the food. You say, "What shall I store?" We recommend dehydrated foods. They are cheaper and easier to store. If you don't know where you can get them, you may write to: Sam Andy Foods P.O. Box 93 Mentor, OH 44060 These people are very good friends of ours and will treat you very well. John is feeling completely well. He is no longer booking any meetings as it is so close and his life is in so much danger. We feel that we can do much more by sending out a newsletter and our tapes. We want to thank you who have sent offerings. It is only your support that keeps this newsletter going out. Thank you for your prayers and help. Some of our worst sailing has been the last 2 weeks before moving. It seems that everything that could go wrong surely did. Several attempts were made on our lives, but God has brought us through and we thank Him for His protection. We get letters continually asking for us to defend ourselves against the many rumors going around. Brothers and Sisters, we just cannot constantly defend ourselves. All we can say in defense is that if you will wait and watch things will come to pass as John has said they will. A vicious rumor claims that John was saved before he said he was. The only thing John has to say about that is he wishes he had been. The only thing John has to say about that is he wishes he had been. That would have given him more years to serve Christ. He might have accomplished more for the Lord Jesus Christ. The rumors are only one more scheme to try to undermine and discredit what John has said. There will be some who will believe them. But then Jesus only had a chosen few who stood by Him. Even Peter denied Christ. We are determined to stay with Christ whatever the price may be. We know that because we are so close to the end, Satan seeks to destroy all those whom God has chosen. If any of you don't have confidence in this ministry, please ask us to remove your name from our mailing list. It costs just too much to place our newsletter into ungrateful hands. And contrary to what some people may think, we only want to use Christ's money in a constructive way. We would like to warn you to look out for this Jim Jones issue to play a part in what they'll start doing to the churches. First, they will try to get all churches to join a union so they will have a clear picture of those which will not join. In this way, the churches that are not a part of the World Council of Churches will be listed as cults. We are in the days in which everything that happens is shaping our future and this is not always good. We just ask you to pray that Jesus Christ comes quickly. May God bless and keep you and yours, Sister Sheila Todd (signed) Note: The perilous times the Bible speaks of are backed up by a remarkable tape produced by Dr. Beter in November, 1978 from P.O. Box 16428, Fort Worth, TX 76133. His audio letter #40 is on the Jonestown tragedy. If what Dr. Beter says in this startling messages is true, then we are on the brink of war with Russia right now. He describes what really took place in Jonestown. The entire tragedy was a set-up to wipe out secret Russian bases about 70 miles from the site of the mass murder-suicides. He describes how the body count rises as Russian and Cuban missile personnel are hit by a U.S. striking force and shuttled back with the bodies from Jonestown. It is a must to listen to so your vision may be expanded as to what is going on in high places. Pray for us as we continue to share with you our side of the big picture. S.T.


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