JOPLIN LIGHT COMMENTS by Dale Kaczmarek I recently went over a text file downloaded from P

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JOPLIN LIGHT COMMENTS by Dale Kaczmarek I recently went over a text file downloaded from Paranet-Alpha concerning Mr. Keith L. Partain's theories for the Joplin ghost light; commonly called, The Tri-State Spook Light. Mr. Partain contacted me several years ago because he was writing a book on the subject and had read an article that I did for Marta Churchwell and the Joplin Globe. He said that he would be interested in any information and/or photographs that I had on the subject and that he would include them in his book when finished. I sent all the newspaper articles that I had on the Joplin light, an issue of the Ghost Trackers Newsletter which featured an article on our investigation and various pictures that we had taken at the scene. He suggested to me over the phone that the light could be simply explained away by ordinary ball lightning! Not so ordinary!!! Ball lightning occurs in perhaps once every 10 million discharges and is extremely short-lived in duration. The possibility that the ghost light is ball lightning is simply absurd! He claims, and I quote, "But about every 10 years, the "real" spook light appears in the form of ball lightning.... The real spook light exists, but it is extremely rare." So, what is Mr. Partain really saying here? He first claims that the phenomena is simply ball lightning and later goes on to say that there truely is a spook light here but it only shows up on rare occasions. He goes on to say, "The appearance of ball lightning is linked to low sunspot activity, nighttime and periods surrounding the fall and spring equinoxes. The three factors combine to weaken the earth's ionosphere to allow radiation from outside the solar system to fall on the 'Joplin area' and create ball lightning." Really????? It almosts sounds like an invasion of some sort! Ball lightning has never been linked to sunspot activity, darkness or times of year but always to intense electromagnetic disturbances within huge towering thunderstorms. The extreme electrical effects within the cumulonimbus clouds which create severre weather can, on very rare occasions, generate ball lightning. This effect is very similar to St. Elmo's Fire which is a somewhat rare phenomena reported by sailors at sea on board ships with high masts. While passing through an intense storm, electrical charges can sometimes accumulate on top of the masts and make them glow an eerie blue; sometimes discharging their electricity in the form of blue fires. Henceforth, the name, St. Elmo's Fire. Mr. Partain holds degrees in entomology which is the study of insects and zoology, the study of animals. Perhaps he will next suggest that luminous fireflies mating is the cause of the Joplin light. Dale Kaczmarek, President, Ghost Research Society, PO Box 205, Oaklawn, Illinois, 60454-0205, (312)425-5163.


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