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GS> These are some postings from who has his own GS> message folder in one of the New Age sections on AOL. I think he GS> has some inspiring things to say to people. Subj: To all people from John Date: 95-03-19 15:33:23 EDT From: LightServe When you are faced with situations that seem untenable, rather than ponder or attempt to analyse in any way, simply see them flooded with The Light. In this way you are taking the only action that will both enable you to solve them, and at the same time to release them. The understanding may not be immediate, but know it will be revealed in due course. This is demonstrating Trust in the rightful process of all things, for, rather than superimposing the personality desires, you are stepping aside and aligning with Spirit, allowing God's Will to manifest. This is the only proper procedure, for Light alone illumines true understanding. Do not be discouraged if you momentarily lose sight of your Way. This is merely the beclouding of the personal self, rather than the one-pointed focus upon the surety of Spirit's revelation. Allow it to become the only staff upon which you lean. In this way your Path becomes clear and unobstructed, for you move in the effortlessness of Trust. Know this is so. Know this is the soul's way, and the true path to the freedom and mastery you seek. Let go and allow Me in, the source of All-Light. Remember you are never alone, and you are loved just the way you are. There is no struggle. Life is, and you are part of it. How can it be otherwise? Is not All-Life One? And are you not One with it? Keep your focus sharp on these Truths and walk the peaceful way in clarity and Love. This is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Simply be there and there I AM. ******* The World is waking from a sleep of forgetfulness. As fledglings test fragile wings by dipping into sunlit space, So, too, do souls find strength in freedom. Bird and soul alike must soar to live Therefore, take flight! Become alive in the Kingdom here on earth Remember your way home. ******* Realization of your Oneness with God, or All-creation, is the capstone at the apex of the pryamid of Life. Find that peak of knowing, that height of consciousness, and you have discovered the diamond Truth, The Light of Wisdom, the many faceted Philosopher's Stone. ******* Wake to the call of Spirit and serve the One in your heart. Open to those around you and share your Love and Light. Tell your tale of deepest yearning and the Wisdom it has brought you. Be my trusted Worker upon whom I can rely and know how much depends on you. Feel My Presence in your solitude and hear My Voice across all distance. Rest in the peacefulness of knowing who I AM and that you are at home with Me in The Father's House. I speak to you in silence, in the privacy of our unitedness and I know you hear My Words as I silently speak. Be joyful as I AM All is well. ******* It is all so simple. Be as a child who knows the warmth and comfort of Spirit's caring enfoldment. Be the child who stands sturdily within the circumference of that loving sphere so that it becomes a living part of you. Know the trust in, and the eagerness to obey, the guidelines that are set out for you as you learn the inward Truths of kindliness and will-to-good for all. Be a soul who hears no outer clamor over the music of contentment in your heart. Be that soul sent forth from God and recognize its presence in all His Children. Create this Kingdom on Earth wherein all may reside in peacefulness. Such is the Greater Life and Knowing I have been sent to illumine for all. Be a spiritual human, a child enveloped in the love of, and trust in, the beneficience of your Father-Mother-God. Simply know and honor who you truly are. ******* Subj: Re:To all people from John Date: 95-03-22 13:31:35 EDT From: Kurtatwork <<< It is all so simple. >>> At first yes, in principle, yes, but because we are human, we will doubt ourselves at times. Those can be hard times. But never lose faith or hope. Trust yourself to find Gods love. The Lesson I've learned from the *shift* and feel compelled to share is, that the road will have bumps. Just receiving the Light isn't enough, the healing can be painful, looking so deep into yourself is tough, but thats just part of being human. Making mistakes and learning what needed to be learned, pushed in ever changing directions, constantly evolving and changing. Evolution is a constant process, we can either play along or have it march over us. If we embrace the changes we need to make in ourselves, find the love that needs to be given to others, then the process will be easier and faster. At least thats the way it looks over here from the Left coast. Peace of mind, kurt ******* Subj: To all people from John Date: 95-03-22 20:12:25 EDT From: LightServe There is a knowing that is innate within each Soul, a knowledge of the Hierarchy and the Plan for the Spiritual Evolution of humanity. For most, this knowledge has lain dormant. But the time has come when it will be awakened once more. Already it is being sensed by some, while others are even consciously being drawn toward it. This will increase over time, until it is spread across the earth-plane level of consciousness and restored in the hearts of all humanity. Before that level of understanding can become activated, however, room has first to be made for it by a renewed awareness of it. As it is now, most people's gaze is upon outer achievements and possessions, rather than what can be acquired within. As a result, there is little stability of purpose and a fear of the unknown. Yet, to return to my original statement, the so-called "unknown" is the Soul's natural abode. Therefore, it is to the Soul's realm one needs must look to find the stability of meaning that will provide an illumination of one's true purpose. This is an understanding only the Soul can reveal. This is the Plan of the Hierarchy for humanity, and it is this that is the underlying impetus behind the whole of the evolutionary process. When this is grasped on a large enough scale, it will dispel the darkness of ignorance which is now encasing the consciousness of many and allow it to bring the natural process of unfoldment back to the Soul's awareness of the Hierarchical Plan for all. Once that first faint spark of enlightenment begins to glow, the flame of Truth will rise consuming all falsehood now blocking the pathway to Divine Illumination. These may seem overly strong, even exaggerated, statements. But it is the Soul that holds the only key which can unlock the true treasure, the peace of mind some are endeavoring to acquire by storing up outer possessions. "Heaven" is the peace of mind all seek. But that peace cannot be bought, nor bargained for, only evolved into, - and only the Soul knows the way. ******* It is my purpose to bring to humanity an understanding of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and to restore the knowledge and usefulness of the Ancient Wisdom that has been woven throughout all time. If a writing appears out of context, or seems to be delivered in a different tone, remember the seasonal moods of all beings, and that I wish to reach all persons in all of their seasons. The subject of this writing is the mounting chaos in the world. This has been alluded to before, but it is now approaching the crisis stage also previously referred to. The outward warring, overt racism, and wide-spread fear of one's fellow being, cannot be allowed to continue. Yet, each individual's pathway is of one's own choosing and cannot ever be interfered with. There has to be a personal desire for change strong enough to supersede former actions and reactions. Negative feelings, however, frequently are deeply rooted, so that only a painful uprooting, re-seeding of the soil, and a new way of cultivating it, will produce the desired new growth. This new growth is that for which I am preparing. It may not sprout this season, but in time, with proper nourishment, it will take hold and bring forth a healthier coalescence of humanity. The soil nourishment I am offering is the wisdom all have lived by who have brought forth real fruit by pushing up through, and out of, the darkness of ignorance into the Light of understanding. The fruit has then been harvested, and throughout past ages has been added to the collective brilliance referred to as the "Ancient Wisdom". These are the Truths I wish to instill within the hearts and minds of all in order to bring about the increase in consciousness that is needed to further the evolutionary progress of humanity. And it will be done. ******* There is need for the acceleration of the evolutionary process that is being felt these days. Yet, at the same time, there is also need for the careful restructuring of the process to fit the present acceleration. This is part of what has been called "the new dispensation", but only a small part. What you witness now is the necessary destruction of the old framwork which is no longer positive or useful as the changeover is taking place. This will continue until a firmer foundation is put into position. Then the rebuilding begins. While this is happening it may appear chaos reigns. It is, however, a necessary procedure out of which will emerge a return to order and constructive progress. While this may seem unnecessarily difficult for those who are experiencing the changeover, in time it will be seen as the crisis of opportunity which allowed the new to come into being. Humanity is being polarized into two groups: those who wish to serve and cooperate with the Plan; and those who only want to hold on to the existing pattern. The evidence of these two attitudes is visible on all fronts. What is important to keep in mind is that the forces for the upliftment, for the elevation of all are in motion still as they have been for eons past. The pathway to enlightenment and soul empowerment is one of trial and error, of steep climb to the mountain top of attainment. This calls for recognition too, - determination and surefootedness, - and it is this the Hierarchy is endeavoring to bring about. That people's faces are turning toward the Light is evidence of a willingness to participate actively in the transition that is taking place. ******* What I am telling you now is to be burned into your consciousness, for it is the bedrock of my teaching; the realization of your Oneness with God. Without that comprehension, Trust and Faith are lacking, and without Trust and Faith nothing can be accomplished in consciousness expansion. That would nullify the progress of the Spiritual Evolution now underway, for the capstone is an All-Knowing, or The Absolute, and that cannot be obtained without total Trust in Spirit, - in the Love, Wisdom, and Will of God. From now on living shall be as intense as has ever been known, for the Divine Fire has been set to burn away the impurities which have spread throughout the planet. Because of the ensuing "heat" of this necessary development, humanity will undergo enormous suffering. If, however, there is Faith and Trust in God's Wisdom, and complete acquiescence to His Will for the good of all, One will not be as affected as would occur if there were fear or mis-understanding. In order to attain the consciousness neeeded to sustain your footsteps in complete realization of what will be happening, and the true causes of the effects that will be manifesting, there can only be One Desire, One Focus, and One Sacrifice upon the Altar of Life: a knowledge of, and utter belief in God's Beneficience and the ultimate good that will prevail for all. Let this be your star, your guide, your protector always above you leading the way to perfection through the cleansing now underway. There must be clarity and cooperation, knowledge, awareness, and realization, and this I shall bring to All in His Name, in the Consciousness of God. ******* If you feel you have a part in helping to build The Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth, please contact John at: A Spiritual Center P. O. Box 821, Cambria, CA. 9342 If you would like a copy of a recently compiled 220pp book of writings such as are posted here, please write to the above address also. Thank you. Recognize one another. ******* Believe in your Self and what you are doing. That is your God-certainty. Only then can you ever be comfortable with what you do, think, or feel. When you are uncertain, you are separated. When you are separated, your energy- which is Spirit or God,- is lacking, and unhappiness prevails mentally, which, in turn is physically depleting. So - be of God. Therein lies your complete sustenance. There is your comfort, your inspiration. I speak to you in that peaceful place where heart and mind are joined. This is your center. This is where you are to live now. Simply be there, and there I am. ******* You can communicate with your Soul, - if your Soul speaks to you and you can hear it, - it is possible to know the same contact with others, for there is One Soul, as there is One Life, One Spirit, It follows then that there can only be one channel for Truth which radiates to all according to their openness to receive it. Because there is One Truth, One God, and One Soul, all are also One. This is the Absolute, the All-that-there-is, and What-is. Your Soul is your spark of that One Life. When you are speaking and acting from your Soul, you are in contact with all other Souls. For you to know the voice of your Soul, or God within you, what you think and feel must be open to others. FInd your purpose here along these lines, and you will find the One Life you seek. Do not be concerned with what others think or feel. Your task is to expand in ways that will enable you to see and radiate the Light. Others will receive and grow in the manner that is right for them. Allow them the freedom to do so, as you free yourself to grow. To be one with God, the way first needs preparation; the soil made ready, impediments removed; the seed planted, watered, tenderly cared for, and nourished. You are that soil. The impediments are human desires, thoughts and feelings. Only Divine thoughts and feelings can take root and ultimately produce the fruit of realization. Like any structure, your Temple, too, requires appropriate tools and training in the use of them. The tools are spiritual truths. These need to be diligently followed to manifest God's Temple. This reqires self-discipline, and responsibility to Truth, - to speak and act it at all times. This Way leads to the heart of God within you. ******* What you are wanting to know about is the science of Religion. That is the new dispensation. That is what each person will be learning, i.e. how to actively create what he or she wants, or the forces to create what is needed. Restated: Humanity will be learning how to cooperate with the forces of the Universe. They are not to be conquered. Only understanding and cooperation will be allowed. As it is now, there is an endeavor to make all personally subservient. But man is not God. The forces that he wants to rule, rule him! When enough humility is found to realize this, only then will he become a Light Worker, which all humanity is in Truth. It has been said that "in the beginning was the word". Start with this. Watch your speech. This is of primary importance. Guard your boundaries. Extend your love, Give of your wisdom. Share your understanding. You wil know how to give it out. Stay open. Listen always. Cultivate and clear your being for the work ahead. There is more to this than sensing. There is a knowing you can partake of. Prepare yourself. Practice what you are being taught. Make room for it by eliminating old ways. Think on this. Be open and honest at all times. "Open" is being true, speaking Truth only. There can be no deviation from this. It is Number One. No ducking, avoiding, trying to go around or any kind of embellishment. That is a step towards mastery, and that is what you seek. Secondly, allow yourself leeway. By this is meant that when there are stumbles, there must be no self-recriminations. Rather, take the incident as something to perfect, as an opportunity. There will be lots of these, but if used in a positive manner, they can be constructive, rather than destructive. Lastly for now, be more certain of the part you're playing ...(Not an appropriate verb here!). It is both important and unimportant. See it in this balanced way. You are then responsive TO it, and responsible FOR it, but not in awe of it. It is a natural process. One that was, and is, inevitable for all. If you understand this, much of the weight of responsibility will be lifted from you so that you can step out and go forward more easily. You can do this. You do do it. Now, do it consistently, and KNOW you are doing it consistently. That is important too. ******* Come, be in a place where you can know Truth. As you go through your days, be aware of your feelings, and equally conscious of the feelings of another. In this manner you speak in ways others understand. This is important, for if your meaning is not conveyed clearly, you are not helping, you are not being of service. Therefore, know your own feeling so that you are being true to yourself, and know another's feeling so there can be true communication. Walk the ways of purity. Cleanse your mind, your thoughts, so that only Truth remains. Purify your heart of all emotion save that of Love. Bring your consciousness into this state of wholeness, and your seed shall blossom as the golden fruit upon the Vine. But, be diligent, and nourish it well, for whole fields of spiritual fruit can be created as you move moment to moment. The caring must be constant, however, for the fullness of Life to manifest. Know that just as the sunlight nurtures all growing things, so does the spiritual Light of the Son nourish your development. Stay open to its rays, aware of the prism being sent forth like the colors that shine forth from the prism of the outer Sun. Feel the beneficience of these healing rays of Light within you as you feel the warmth of the sunlight upon your uplifted face. Be as conscious of your humanness as you walk your Path, as your awareness of you inner self evolves, focusing only on the manner in which you walk and the pathway ypon which your feet of understanding are carrying you, for Life is a process of be-coming. Do not try to "find" yourself. Become who you are. Know the direction you have chosen, and do not let anyone deter or take you out of your knowing, your chosen way, for then you are living your Truth and building your pathway to The Light. Know the resources of the subjective spiritual way, and blend them with the objective material plane, for each is part of Life and, therefore, a part of the whole of "what-is". Know, too, that all people are becoming, though only a few are as yet the lighted flame that illumines the way for humankind. With all your goings and comings, create that peaceful place within you where I may come to you, and from which you may come to me. This is your center of complete knowing, the flame you seek to fan into holy enlightenment. Keep this centered, peaceful place inviolate so that you can access Truth and know Divine Will, for then you are honoring this relationship and becoming part of All-Life, functioning as a living cell within the Body of God. ******* Consciousness is the one and only reality. Whatever you think and feel is what is true to you - thus far - from what you've experienced. This, however, will change in accordance with what may be experienced in time to come. Nothing can be real to you until it has been personally experienced, nor can one truly understand another unless there has been related or similar experiencing. You can like, or enjoy, their company, but to communicate on a mutually receptive level, there has to be a relatedness of similar experience. This is the purpose of all happenings in each individual's living, to augment consciousness, and to bring about a shared understanding of the One Life so that all may know that Oneness, the equality of all. This understanding has been greatly lacking and caused great strife and separation. But when all people realize fully the purpose behind all happenings, only then will the Spiritual Evolution truly be underway, the caring, understanding, consciousness that is needed to carry the evolvement of humanity forward, have begun. It may seem that this ultimate sharing of the Truth of Beingness is a long way off. Yet, this is what has always been what Life is all about. Reality is "what-is" at any given moment, and any given moment in each individual's life is reality to that person. You, plus each moment, is the creative factor of your consciousness, as each moment of another's living becomes the consciousness of reality, or what is true to that person. In this is both the diversity of all people, as well as their unity, the ultimate eventually being a consciousness of All-Being, or God, for each one is evolving toward the One understanding of equality, i.e. that all persons are contained within the consciousness of the Creator, The One Life, The Absolute, -the World Without End. Think on this. It is not as complicated an idea as it may appear. In actuality, it is simple, as is all Truth. It merely requires an adjustment in consciousness, an increase, or widening of one's perceptions. It is this, the Spiritual Evolution will in time bring about, so that all may share in the One Consciousness, The Reality of God. ******* There is a great birth taking place. The world is waking from a long and deep sleep. Peoples' eyes are clearing from the fogs of downcast glances to the clarity of the Light now visual around them, the Light of the Presence of The Son. Hear the swells of singing. Listen to the praises lifting high. See the smiles and soul expressions that are now beginning to be shared. This is God's Time, the eternal blessing of infinity. This is God's Kingdom, the centered knowing within all. Know the Grace that is being showered upon you. Open to The Light, and let it so fill all your bodies that there is naught but continual overflow, for it is The Light of The Son that flows around you as you walk your Path and breathe the air that is God's breath. Carry this knowing with you. Within it are all the answers to your questions, the Truths you seek, the Wisdom you desire, the heritage that is yours. Know that this is so. Your part now is that of mid-wife. Tend to this birth within and without, for it is the Soul of Love that is being born into the hearts of all humanity. Rejoice and be One with Me, and One with My Father as I AM, and follow My Ways as they have been shown me By God, and My Words, The Truth of God. Unite and feel your Oneness and let its Peace enfold you. Carry this Divine Flame high before you, knowing it has been lit by the Son of God so that the Vision of the Divine Plan may be revealed to all people and God's Kingdom made manifest on earth as it is in heaven. Know that this is so, for I have come to help humanity carry out the Will of My Father-God, for That I AM, - and it will be done. ******* The only way to proceed now is to love. This is The Divine Plan. There is no other. How can there be? What in heaven or on earth could possibly be more important, more needed? So many times when one is endeavoring to improve their nature, there is a kind of stringent self-analytical imprisonment that seeems to be imposed as though by stemming natural impulses of one sort or another, one can become a "better" person. This cannot be so. It is an enforced structure which has little reality, and, as so often discovered after a comparatively brief trial, is doomed to failure, leaving the once devotee less inspired and less equipped to just be. God's Plan is so simple. Love one another. Love yourself just as you are and as you are loved by God. How can there be anything more serene, peaceful, relaxing, and self-improving? What could possibly be more uniting? Would you not agree that most of the ills of the world, from a single suffering individual, to the collective miseries of humanity, have very often come from lack of love? Perhaps it seems a simple-minded statement that "love makes the world go around", and contemplated superficially, it is. If, however, one can reach out to another with genuine caring, and with no self-attachment, is it not comforting? Is not that contact, that - however momentary - sharing of being, healing? Are you not elevated by it? As commonplace an idea as this may appear to be, in actuality it has never truly been consistently put into practice, let alone perfected. Yet, have not all seers and sages and prophets of all times, in their God-given Wisdom proclaimed that love is what, and is all, that is ever needed? Why do you suppose this is so seldom a factor in one's life equation? Can it be that knowing how to love needs to be learned, that it is not a recognizable natural faculty as is widely believed? God's Love is sharing, a sharing of all you are as a child of God in the total acceptace of another as God's child, a give and take of the self of each. If this were to prevail, to become a constant, to be the Light upon the Path for all, would not all life be illumined in a way unknown before? There is much to be realized here. Sit with this for a bit. Return to it from time to time until it becomes your guiding star. Like those who have gone before Me, My Commandment is to know and love one another as God knows and love you. See the depth and height of this, the length and breadth of perspective and inclusion. This is the Lighted Way of which I speak. It is all there is, and what is. To serve God by sharing in love, is building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. I am here to help you build, to love and guide and strengthen you, to walk your life with you, for it is God's Will. And That I AM. ******* More to be desired than gold is My Father's House More to be sought for than Heaven is God's Kingdom Pursue no treasure other than The Word of God Walk no Pathway that leads not to Love, for then all will be added unto you. Listen only for the Will of God See before you naught but Light Move with those whose ways are gentle Serve your sisters and your brothers with overflowing cup and Clothe your ways in humbleness, for only then can the fruit be added unto you. ******* Subj: To all people from John From: LightServe


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