T H E J I H A D O F C H A O S An exercise of the Sword, to complement the work of the Wand

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T H E J I H A D O F C H A O S An exercise of the Sword, to complement the work of the Wand in Chaos Monasticism. Candidates may elect to perform the Jihad (Holy War) for any period of their own choosing and to adopt the title "’onic Warrior" for the duration of their Jihad. Jihad is performed for several purposes: 1) To test, expand, and sharpen personal magical skills. 2) As an experiment in controlled fanaticism. 3) To Immanentize the Eschaton, the bringing-forth of the Pand‘mon‘on. 4) To attack regressive or anti-‘onic targets. Candidates may elect to perform Jihad in three modes; the Lesser, Greater, or the Extreme. At all times when on Jihad an ’onic Warrior bears a magical dagger. This weapon may be carried in a concealed fashion, and the warrior should also sleep with it. The dagger functions as a constant reminder of the work in hand and may also find application in magical combat. The word "dagger" may be loosely interpreted to include instruments which would usually be classed as swords if desired, but the instrument should at least be of a size to be useful in physical combat. Complete celibacy is to be maintained throughout Jihad. All sexual activities and thoughts should be vigorously suppressed and the resulting tensions and energies directed towards the martial gnosis of the Warrior. Candidates may choose to supplement the formal duties of their Jihad with such pleasures and privations as sleeping on a hard surface, eating a limited diet of high protein foods and taking vigorous exercise daily. Lesser Jihad Duties 1) Carry a Magical Dagger at all times. 2) Complete celibacy. 3) Perform the Vortex Rite upon awakening and upon retiring. One performance should be preceded by the recitation of a Chaoist Catechism and be performed for the Immanentization of the Eschaton. The other should be used to Chaobolt a suitable target. Greater Jihad Duties 4) Perform the Lesser Jihad Duties. 5) Perform a third Vortex Rite to Chaobolt a second target. Extreme Jihad Duties 6) Perform the Greater Jihad Duties (to include the Lesser). 7) Break sleep midway through to perform a full Entropy or Combat Magic Ritual against a selected target. Notes Jihad begins with an oath taken over the dagger which specifies the mode of Jihad, its duration and target(s) to be attacked. The dagger may afterwards be engraved with numbers denoting mode and duration as with the wand in Monasticism or else destroyed in the case of failure. Targets may be Chaobolted at the climax of the Vortex Rite either by the usual Barbaric Incantation procedure or by the visualization of an astral Chaobolt hurled into the Vortex. A Chaobolt consists of a long sharp triangular pyramid with a sigil on the triangular base which is visualized as diminishing in size as it recedes away from the thrower, point first. There is no fixed form to the Chaoist Catechism. The following example may be used, modified, or ignored at will. A CHAOIST CATECHISM We believe in Almighty Chaos Mother of Matter and ’ther Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted There is no God but Chaos The Pact, its Ministry on Earth There is no Being All is Doing There is no Self We do all the Gods and Goddesses Freedom over "truth" Probability Rules, Chaos Reigns Pestilential Religions, Putrid Ideologies To Entropy! Make my ’on! We are its Staff, Sword, Chalice, and Shield We Know, We Will, We Dare, and we are Devious Today the World Tomorrow the Solar System We Immanentize the Eschaton! We Invoke the Pand‘mon‘on!


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