ATHIEST I won't waste time with a lot of garbage and get down to the bear facts +quot;JESU

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ATHIEST I won't waste time with a lot of garbage and get down to the bear facts "JESUS CHRIST" was a "MYTH", after read EXTENSIVELY, the three books,"The Holy Bible",Flavious Joesephus"and the "Aquaruian Gospel of Jesus christ" One Flavious Josesphus lied 7 times, number 2 there were several errors or intentional mistakes in the books of Mathew, Mark Luke and John (ie: see BIBLE.ERR file for more details ) They say Jesus Christ was just like the rest of us, if you cut him he bled, you bet because he was "just like the rest" and he didn't want to die anymore than the rest of us. My belief is that back during that time period there were several "JUSUS'S from NAZRETH" the same as there were many "Mathews, Lukes, Marks and Johns." The Real Jusus of Nazreth hid in the Garden of Gethsymna, while Judas pointed out to the soldier a fake "Jesus of Nazreth" Then one of 2 things happened Jesus waylayed Judas, rembering "Dead Men Tell No Tails" and hung Judas or Judas was over come with guilt that he had sent an innocent man to the cross that he hung himself. The soldiers were only interested in finding a Jesus from Nazreth, not necessarily the right one. That is how the next day jesus could appear to his disciples the next day, because they all thought he had been crucified. When Jesus asked "DOUBTING THOMAS" if he wanted to place his hand in the wound in his side, it does NOT say that he took him up on the offer. When the man on the cross cried "MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAS THOU FORESAKEN ME !" what he actually said was "MY GOD, MY GOD what am I doing up here, I'M INNOCENT !" Several women were in on the deal to make the soldiers think that they had crucified the correct "JESUS fron NAZARETH." to protect the real one that was hidng out. I love my wife but I would never let someone tke my son and crucify him just to prove to my wife that I loved her, nor could any father knowing that he would suffer the agonies of death period. This is one mans opinion of what the tommy rot that the "NEW TESTAMENT" was built on, so you Christians better examine your faith a little closer. I have another essay called "VIRGIN.TXT" about the virgin birth you might want to read it also. Charles Clanton Jr. copyright 1991


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