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*0030578 * 0000001 OF 0000001 F1 PAP: JOURNAL DAT: 840517 DEP: STATE NEWS S/P: A/1 LEN: medium AUT: Davis_Jingle SRC: special HED: Jesup up in the air over UFO sightings BYL: By Jingle Davis Special to The Journal JESUP, Ga. Warren Purvis says it was as tall as a skyscraper. Purvis said someone later tried to convince him he'd seen Northern lights. 'It was not,' Purvis said emphatically. 'That thing was round and that sucker was moving, and I was not drinking, but I did shortly thereafter.' Dozens of sober, reliable Wayne County citizens, including a deputy sheriff, an auto mechanic and Purvis, a former county commissioner, can't seem to quit talking about the unidentified flying objects they saw on a recent evening just after dark. Wayne County Sheriff Jim Poindexter said Wednesday that on the night of April 26, nearly 30 people called to say they had seen brightly lit objects of spectacular dimensions which made no sound but cruised above the treetops at speeds of around 100 mph. All of the callers insisted the objects were not airplanes, helicopters or any other recognizable flying machines. 'Most people described them as something with amber lights flying over the tree tops,' Poindexter said. 'I know it was something, but we haven't been able to find out a thing about what it was.' The sheriff's office checked with the Army's Fort Stewart, about 30 miles away, to ask if the military was testing anything that might account for the strange sightings. 'We don't believe it was anything from the base,' said Fort Stewart spokesman Dean Wohlgemuth. Wayne County Deputy Bill Ingram was eating dinner with his wife at home when their poodle, Candy, started barking at something outside. 'We looked and saw five amber lights, two up and three down.' Screven resident Ray Poppell said he and his family saw two large objects hovering above the treetops. 'All of a sudden the field in front of our house got real bright, like it was on fire,' said Poppell, an auto mechanic. 'I went to the door and saw these two objects shaped like big W's with lights on every point.' IND: wayne/county; space; oddities


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