25-Feb-87 13:03 MST Sb: APwa 02/24 UFO-Mail Order ANCHORAGE (AP) - If you want an inside l

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25-Feb-87 13:03 MST Sb: APwa 02/24 UFO-Mail Order ANCHORAGE (AP) -- If you want an inside look at the UFO sighting made by a Japan Air Lines flight crew recently, the Federal Aviation Administration will send you everything you ever wanted to know about the incident for $194.30. The complete package includes tapes of interviews with crew members, spaceship drawings by the JAL pilot and air controller statements. But that's not all. You even get four glossy color photos of regenerated radar data. The unusual FAA mail-order offer is an agency effort to cope with enormous public interest in the November sighting, said FAA spokesman Paul Steucke. Since the sighting was publicly disclosed in January, the FAA's Anchorage office has received information requests from more than 200 members of the news media, as well as 46 requests from individuals. Steucke said the information requests exceed those that followed the 1983 downing of a Korean Air Lines jet by the Soviets. "Without a doubt, this thing has had the most inquiries," Steucke said. For those on tight budgets, the FAA's UFO package can be broken down. The agency is offering 20 individual items, ranging from a $50 cassette tape of communications between the controllers and the flight crew, to a 30-cent copy of an FAA form summarizing the sighting. Orders of less that $5 are free. "We wanted to be as responsive as we can to the public. We don't want them to spend $100 for data they don't need," Steucke said. JAL Capt. Kenju Terauchi reported on Nov. 17 that his Boeing 747 cargo jet was shadowed by two belts of light as it crossed into Alaska airspace on a flight from Iceland to Anchorage. In an encounter that lasted about 50 minutes, Terauchi also reported seeing a third aircraft, a huge spaceship which he said was the size of two aircraft carriers. He radioed the sighting to Anchorage FAA flight controllers, who saw what they thought was an object on their radar screens. The objects, Terauchi said, "were not made by human kind. They were of a very high intelligence." The FAA on March 5 is scheduled to release the results of its investigation of the sighting. (Eds: The FAA address in Anchorage is -- 701 C St., Box 14, Anchorage, Alaska, 99513) Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.


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