24 Hour Operation Sysop - Tom Mickus Toronto FREE STEIN1.TXT - Text file that was scanned

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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== STEIN1.TXT - Text file that was scanned and processed via OCR by ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Harvey Stewart [UFONET I] . The file was run through the Microsoft Word 5.0 spell checker following conversion so most errors in character recognition should be ok. Now that I finally have OCR software that works there should be lots of files on the way so stay tuned. Do you have important material that needs to be shared? Contact us here at UFONET I and perhaps we can convert your document to a text file for you using our OCR software and hardware. You can contact either myself Harvey Stewart or the Sysop of this board Tom Mickus for details. ====================================================================== ====================================================================== DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of The Assistant Chief Of Staff For Intelligence Washington D.C. 20310 May 16, 1984 Freedom of Information Office Mr. William S. Steinman 15043 Rosalita Drive La Mirada, California 90638 Dear Mr. Steinman : This is in response to your letter of May 8, 1984, in which you request information concerning "The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit of the Scientific and Technical Branch of Army counterintelligence Directorate, DA. "Your letter was received in this office on May 15, 1984 . As you note in your letter, the so-called Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit ( IPU ) was disestablished and, as far as we are aware, all records, if any, Were transferred to the Air Force in the late 1950's . The "unit was formed as an in- house project purely as an interest item for the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence . It was never a "unit" in the military sense, nor was it ever formally organized or reportable, it had no investigative function, mission or authority, and may not even have had any formal records at all, It is only through institutional memory that any recollection exists of this unit. We are therefore Unable to answer your questions as to the exact purpose of the unit, exactly when it was disestablished, or who was in command this last would not apply in any case, as no one was in command ". We have no records or documentation of any kind on this unit, "Also, it is Very unlikely that there was any relationship between xxxxxxxxxx and the IPU, but only xxxxxxxxxxxxx could answer that question. I regret that we are unable to be of more assistance in this matter. Sincerely, Lance R. Cornine Lieutenant Colonel, General Staff Director of Counterintelligence


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