PROJECT ANNOUNCED! ParaNet Alpha 02/24 - In an upcoming press release, a major movie studi

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==============INSIDE UFOLOGYMarch 1988==============Special Early Bird Edition--------------------------A PARANET WORLD EXCLUSIVE:NEW MOVIE PROJECT ANNOUNCED! ParaNet Alpha 02/24 -- In an upcoming press release, a major movie studio will announce a new film project based on a famous UFO abduction, the Travis Walton case of 1975. The film, called "Fire in the Sky," was written by California abduction researcher Tr acy Torme, who is also the new executive story editor of the hit TV series, "Star Trek: The Next Generation." There are no details at this t ime as to shooting schedule, featured actors, or release date, however Torme has assured ParaNet that it will be a "major" motion picture. The Travis Walton case is one of ufology's most celebrated. In November of 1975, Walton, a woodcutter from Snowflake, AZ, claimed to have been taken aboard a saucer-shaped UFO while in full view of five of his co-workers. When he did not return for five days, the other workers became murder suspects and were administered polygraph exams to test their incredible claim. Authorities were taken aback when none of them failed the exams. Walton himself, back on Earth five days later, took a series of three polygraph exams, only the first of which he failed. Most reviewers agree the first test results cannot be considered reliable, due to the obvious animosity of the examiner and the freshness of Walton's alleged experience at the time of the test. Several books have been written about the affair, including "Abducted!" by the Lore nzens of A.P.R.O., and Walton's own "The Travis Walton Affair." "Fire in the Sky" will be the first serious screen treatment of the rapidly spreading "alien abduction syndrome." Torme is the son of jazz crooner Mel Torme. His other credits include a stint as a writer for "Satu rday Night Live," and another movie project now in production, called "The Witching Hour." He lives in West Hollywood, CA, and will soon be joining ParaNet as a Special Contributor.


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