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====================================================================== <> * 416-237-1204 * PC-Pursuitable * File Requestable * HST * 24 Hour Operation * Sysop - Tom Mickus * Toronto * FREE ====================================================================== ====================================================================== INFORMNT.TXT - "AN MJ-12 INFORMANT" ^^^^^^^^^ - by T. Scott Crain, Jr. ====================================================================== Note: The following article was submitted to the MUFON Journal for copyrighted publication. It was written in October/89. ====================================================================== AN MJ-12 INFORMANT ------------------ by T. Scott Crain, Jr. During the past decade or so, evidence has been stacking up that the U.S. Government has involved itself in retrieving crashed UFOs and their occupants. A major outlet for these types of cases were first reported in the summer of 1978, when Ohio researcher Leonard H. Stringfield, presented 17 abstracts reviewing 'Retrievals the Third Kind,' cases of alleged UFOs and occupants in military custody, at the Mutual UFO Network's annual symposium held in Dayton, Ohio that year. Critic's of Stringfield's paper argued that because his informants wished to remain anonymous, it was virtually impossible to verify the claims. He continued his quest for more details on the UFO crash retrieval question, and published subsequent updates in 1980 and 1982. But spectacular claims require extraordinary evidence, and Stringfield's anecdotal evidence was insufficient to prove the case. In 1980, noted linguist Charles Berlitz and UFO investigator William L. Moore released the book, 'The Roswell Incident' that describes how the military intervened and kept secret from the American public the recovery of a crashed UFO and occupants outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The case was recently reexamined on the September 20, 1989 episode of NBC-TV's 'Unsolved Mysteries,' which highlighted several witnesses to the investigation and one informant. The informant, Sappho Henderson of West Hills, California, told how her late husband, Captain Oliver Wendell Henderson, was the pilot who flew the saucer wreckage in an Air Force plane to a base in Dayton, Ohio. Walter G. Haut, who was a public-relations officer at Roswell Army Air Force base in July, 1947, was also on the show, and verified that wreckage from a flying saucer was recovered by the Air Force. In September, 1989, UFO researcher Jerome Clark indicates that at least three dozen new informants have been interviewed, and that the "Roswell incident is surrendering more and more of its secrets, including the biggest ones." Investigators for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies are making some interesting discoveries, and hopefully a report of their findings will be released in the near future. Support that a UFO did crash near Roswell was bolstered up again in 1987, when English writer Timothy Good published for the first time alleged official U.S. Government documents outlining how twelve men working for the U.S. Government orchestrated the recovery and evaluation of a crashed disc that was removed from Roswell, New Mexico, in July, 1947. A similar release of this so called 'Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12' occurred several weeks later in the USA by the research team of William L. Moore, Jaime H. Shandera and Stanton T. Friedman. According to the documents, MJ-12 was a group of distinguished scientists, military and intelligence officials, established by President Harry Truman to control the recovery of UFOs. Newspapers around the globe reported the allegations that the United States Government covered up a UFO crash landing, and recovered it's occupants. But no official spokesman would confirm that any of this was true. How does one prove MJ-12 exist and the documents are real? Canadian UFO researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, was awarded a $16,000. grant by the Fund for UFO Research to answer that question, and he has generated a great deal of information to support the validity of the documents. Unfortunately for Friedman, and the rest of the research community, all the original designated MJ-12 members are dead, so any confirmation must come from second hand information or locating other supporting documents to prove the case. A progress report of his investigation was made at the 1989 Mutual UFO Network symposium, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Friedman reported there is "...no indication that the documents are fradulent and a host of small details which tend towards legitimacy for MJ-12." Working on the assumption that the Majestic-12 documents are possibly authentic, Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron and I found an anchor in which to conduct our own investigation. We decided to pursue people, not documents. Since the Briefing Document clearly states the project is a "TOP SECRET Research and Development Intelligence operation..." responsible to the President of the United States, Cameron and I went fishing for former members of the R&D Board who were active during the late 1940's and early 1950's. Someone out there had to have knowledge of a project of this magnitude. During our hunt, we discovered another researcher who had been doing a similar check, William Steinman in California. Steinman, author of the book, 'UFO Crash at Aztec,' had been corresponding with Fred Darwin, the former Executive Director of the Guided Missile Committee for the Department of Defense's R & D Board from 1949 to 1954. Steiman asked Darwin who would be likely candidates for a flying saucer recovery operation, if there ever were such a project. His reply is extraordinary, considering he named these people in 1984, three years before the Majestic-12 documents were made public. Darwin listed the following names: 1.) Dr. Vannevar Bush 2.) Dr. Karl T. Compton 3.) Dr. Lloyd Berkner 4.) Dr. Robert F. Rinehart 5.) Dr. Eric A. Walker 6.) Dr. John Von Neumann Bush and Berkner both appeared on the Majestic-12 list in 1987. One name that came up that we found interesting was Dr. Eric Walker, former President of the Pennsylvannia State University. The fact that Walker may be involved originated with American physicist Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher. In the 1950s, Sarbacher was serving as a consultant for the military's R & D Board and was a member of the Guidance & Control panel. In a September 15, 1950, interview with Canadian scientist Wilbert B. Smith, Sarbacher told Smith flying saucers exist, we have not been able to duplicate their performance, and the subject of flying saucers is classified two points higher than the H-bomb. When the contents of this 1950 interview was made public through one of Leonard Stringfield's monographs, 'UFO CRASH/RETRIEVAL: AMASSING THE EVIDENCE- STATUS REPORT III' in 1982, Steinman managed to find Sarbacher in Palm Beach, Florida, and wrote him for more information. In a letter to Steinman dated November 23, 1983, Sarbacher confirmed he was "...invited to participate in several discussions associated with the reported recoveries..." (of UFOs) but that he was unable to attend the meetings. Sarbacher stated that U.S. laboratories analyzed that material that reportedly came from these flying saucer crashes and that the hardware was "...extrememly light and very tough." Sarbacher described the beings that controlled the flying saucer to Steinman. He states: "There were reports that instruments or people operating these machines were also of very light weight, sufficient to withstand the tremendous deceleration and acceleration associated with their machinery. I remember in talking with some of the people at the office that I got the impression these "aliens" were constructed like certain insects we have observed on earth, wherein because of the mass the inertial forces involved in operation of these instruments would be quite low." In an October 1985 issue of the Flying Saucer Review, editor Gordon Creighton gave further details about Sarbacher's involvement in his article 'TOP U.S. SCIENTIST ADMITS CRASHED UFOs.' Creighton writes that although Sarbacher didn't attend, the meetings about the recoveries were held at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where officials were to report their findings to scientists connected to the Defence Department's Joint Research and Development Board. During a telephone interview between researcher Stanton Friedman and Robert Sarbacher, he asked Sarbacher if he could recall anyone who attended those meetings. Although he could not recall his name, he named enough clues to Friedman, that when William Steinman reviewed the conversation, all the evidence led to Dr. Eric A. Walker. In the early 1950's, Walker was serving as Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board, and would have been a logical candidate to be asked to attend UFO retrieval meetings, if they were held. In a letter to Grant Cameron, Steinman said that when he made the discovery, he telephoned Sarbacher and asked him if Dr. Eric Walker was the individual he was trying to remember. Sarbacher's response, according to Steinman, was Walker was the man who attended all those meetings at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. If the evidence we have gathered is true, we now have identified a scientist who was in a position to confirm or deny the U.S. Government's crash retrieval program. Steinman states he telephoned Walker on August 30, 1987. According to Steinman's "word for word" telephone transcript of the interview, Dr. Eric A. Walker confirmed attending these meetings at Wright-Patterson AFB regarding the "military recovery of flying saucers, and the bodies of the occupants." According to Steinman, Walker acknowledged that he knew of MJ-12 and was familiar with them since 1947. In the interview, Walker tells Steinman to "leave it alone," that he is "delving into a area that you do absolutely nothing about." Steinman responds that the people have the right to know the truth, and that he is "...not going to drop it." Steinman has been investigating Walker since 1984, and received several letters from Walker, one of which discusses a downed saucer. Crain and Cameron teamed up in the fall of 1987, to learn as much as we could about Walker's involvement, before releasing his name to the public. Although Dr. Walker is being less responsive these days regarding inquiries into his past involvement with UFOs, Cameron and I believe we have gathered enough background material on Dr. Walker to show he was in the right place at the right time to know if the United States has a crashed UFO in military custody. A report of our findings have been assembled in a book, 'UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE GOVERNMENT,' which we hope to release in the near future. ================================= EOF ======================================= ============================================================================= = IF YOU HAVE ANY UFO RELATED INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD LIKE US TO SEE = = OR HAVE DISTRIBUTED, YOU CAN NOW SEND IT VIA OUR NEW UFONET FAX LINE. = ============================================================================= = ------>>> UFONET FAX HOTLINE - 24 Hrs - (414) 351-2075 <<<------ = =============================================================================


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