To: All Msg #304, 25-May-90 21:57 Subject: Implant Recovered Budd Hopkins and some of his

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From: Joe Holland To: All Msg #304, 25-May-90 21:57 Subject: Implant Recovered Budd Hopkins and some of his abductees appeared in a segment of the Joan Rivers show on CBS channel 2 in Los Angeles, 3pm 5/25/90. One of the abductees told how, in 1955, when he was 8 years old, he was controlled and made to come to a spacecraft, that was half the size of a football field, that was just sitting there on the ground in a forested area. The spacecraft looked larger on the inside than it did on the outside. He was taken around inside the spacecraft, and was put on an examination table, and an implant was put under his skin in the lower abdominal area. While this was being done, he was able to watch the proceedure on a large screen like a video screen. After they put it in, they set him up on the side of the table and said, "leave it alone, or you will die". The aliens did not say much to him, "it was mostly push and shove." He did not actually get around to telling anyone about this experience, until 1957, when he told it to his grandmother, who advised him not to say anything, or people would think there was something wrong with him. In June 1989, the implant appeared above the skin, of its own accord, while he was getting ready to go somewhere. This was 34 years after it had been implanted. He then called his doctor to tell him about it. Joan Rivers asked him to be more specific about where on his body it had been, but he declined to say for personal reasons. He said there was no scar. We did not get to see the implant on screen, but he produced a tiny little box about 1.7 cm cube. He handed this to Joan Rivers, and told her that the box had a magnifying glass in the top of the box, so she could see into it. On camera, she held it right close to her eye and looked inside and said that oh yes, she did see it, but did not describe it. She asked what it was, but he said no one knows what it is. He went on to describe that there was another piece of it that he had given to a professor to examine, that had tiny things sticking out of it like wires, except that they were not wires, they were something else. He said something like, it could be cut, but I did not get, whether they had cut up this precious artifact, to try to see what was in it, or if it had come apart, or whatever. --- Opus-CBCS * Origin: Third World. 818-700-9591 *STOP APARTHEID* HST(1:102/803.0)


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