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VIPASSANA NEWSLETTER The International Meditation Centres IN THE TRADITION OF SAYAGYI U BA KHIN May the Pure Dhamma Long Endure -------------------------------------------------------------- Published by IMC Heddington July 1994 (2536 BE) Vol. 11, no.3 copyright by Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust International Meditation Centre United Kindom --------------------------------------------------------------- TEACHERS: IMC-Heddington (UK) IMC-Perth (Western Australia) IMC-USA (North America) IMC-NSW (Eastern Australia) IMC-Austria MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN IMC-Yangon (Myanmar) MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN SAYAGYI U TINT YEE SAYA U MAUNG MAUNG --------------------------------------------------------------- SCHEDULE OF COURSES FOR 1994/95 ------------------------------- IMC - HEDDINGTON (UK) Please see last page for contact address MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: July 22-August 1, October 21-31, November 11-21, December2-12, December23-January 2, April 7 - 17 (Water Festival) REGIONAL TEACHERS: August 5-15 Mr. Roger Newton, September 16-26,October 21-31 Mr. James Emery January 13-23, February 10-20,March 10-20 Mr. Roger Bischoff ------------------------------- IMC - Perth (Western Australia) Please see last page for contact address MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: March 3 - 13 REGIONAL TEACHERS: July 15-25, August 12-22, September 9-19, October 14-24, November 11-22 Mr. Peter Nyunt December 23- January 2 Mr. Douglas Solomon January 13-23 Mr. Roy Millman February 3-13, April 7-17 Mr. Peter Nyunt ------------------------------ IMC - NSW (EASTERN AUSTRALIA) Please see last page for contact address MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: February 3 - 13 REGIONAL TEACHERS July 22-August 1 Mr. Michael Fraser September 30-October 10 Mr. David Robb November 25-December 5 Dr. Mark Peterson January 13-23 Mr. David Robb April 14-24 Mr. Richard Walsh (Water Festival) Melbourne: September 16 - 26 Mr. Richard Walsh -------------------------------- IMC - Austria Please see last page for contact address MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: August 5 - 15 REGIONAL TEACHERS: July 15-25 Mr. Franz Neuner December 27-January 6 Mr. Erich Kucher April 7-17 Mr. Franz Zelsacher (Water festival) Weekend courses: September 23-25 Mr. Erich Kucher October 28-31 Mr. Franz Neuner November 25-27 Mr. Franz Zelsacher ---------------------------------- IMC - USA Please see last page for contact addresses MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: September 2 - 12 California: September 16 - 26 REGIONAL TEACHERS: June 24-July 4, August 5-15 Mr. Craig Storti November 11-21 Mr. Michael Kosman January 13-23 Mr. Craig Storti ---------------------------------- ASIA Please see last page for contact address MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: JAPAN: April 26 - May 6 REGIONAL TEACHERS: SINGAPORE: December 2- 12 Mr. Lim Song Teng ---------------------------------- EUROPE Please see last page for contact addresses MOTHER SAYAMAGYI & SAYAGYI U CHIT TIN: HOLLAND June 17 - 27 SWITZERLAND July 1 - 11 REGIONAL TEACHERS: BELGIUM: August 26 - September 5 Dr. Matthijs Schouten GERMANY: October 28 - November 7 Mr. Horst Jughardt HOLLAND: February 24 - March 5 Dr. Matthijs Schouten ---------------------------------- SPECIAL DAYS 1994/95: JULY 22nd Dhammacakka Day (Full Moon of Waso) OCTOBER 19th Abhidhamma Day (Full Moon of Thadingyit) NOVEMBER 17th Festival of Lights DECEMBER 18th Sayagyi U Thet's Day JANUARY 19th Sayagyi U Ba Khin's Demise Day JANUARY 24th Sayagyi U Ba Khin's Demise Day (Burmese Date) MARCH 12th Mother Sayamagyi's Birthday MARCH 17th Full Moon of Tabaung MARCH 21st Mother Sayamagyi's Birthday (Burmese Date) MARCH 28th Sayagyi U Ba Khin's Birthday ---------------------------------- Mother Sayamagyi's visit to Myanmar Mother Sayamagyi visited Myanmar from 24th March to 2nd April from Perth, accompanied by her daughter, Noreen Nyunt. On 26th March, Mother Sayamagyi was given the title of Maha Sadhamma Jotika Dhaja at a special ceremony at the Kaba Aye cave in recognition of her achievements in promoting and propagating the Buddha Sasana. It is the highest award that can be received by a lay person in Myanmar and Mother Sayamagyi was the first lay woman to receive such a distinction. Sayagyi U Tint Yee received the title of Sadhamma Jotika Dhaja at the same time. The fact that two disciples of Sayagyi U Ba Khin were awarded such high recognition as Teachers of the Buddha-Dhamma was a great honour for their Teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin and for Sayagyi's Mission. The Kaba Aye cave in which the ceremony was held was built especially for the Sixth Buddhist Synod in the 1950s. There were approximately 5000 people present for the ceremony inside the cave. Approximately 150 monks and 24 lay people received awards. It was estimated that some 100,000 people had gathered in the grounds of the Kaba Aye monastery, where the cave is situated, in order to witness the event. Upon returning to IMC Yangon immediately after the ceremony, Mother Sayamagyi went into the Dhamma Yaung Chi Ceti and shared merits in the central shrine room. On Sunday 27th March, about 300 students attended a special ceremony at IMC Yangon to pay tribute to Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Tint Yee for their distinction in having received such high recognition for their advancement of the Buddha-Dhamma. Following an introduction, given by U Khin Zaw, in which he summarised their achievements, Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Tint Yee were each presented with a large lacquerware plaque depicting the Buddha giving the Dhamma-cakka-pavatana Sutta to the Five Ascetics. Then Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Tint Yee each gave a talk to the assembled students. On 29th March, Dr. Daw Phyu Phyu, the wife of Sayagyi's doctor, presented a special breakfast to 69 bhikkhus of Thayet- taw-kyaung taik, at Sayadaw U Pandicca's Monastery to commemorate Mother Sayamagyi's 69th birthday with Mother Sayamagyi, Sayagyi U Tint Yee and members of Sayamagyi's family and close disciples present. Mother Sayamagyi's 69th birthday, according to the Myanmar calendar, was celebrated on 30th March at a special sitting with swoon, fruits and candles. This was followed by the arrival of fifteen monks from two monasteries including the recently elected Deputy Chairman of the Myanmar Sangha Council who is known to have a high regard for Mother Sayamagyi. Ven. U Pandicca and Ven. U Chandasiri, who were the Preceptor and Deputy Preceptor at the Ordination course in January, were also present. A special morning meal was offered to the assembled bhikkhus in the Dhamma Hall. Throughout the nine days that Mother Sayamagyi was in Myanmar, she was constantly active, receiving and talking to devoted students and guests at IMC-Yangon. She was clearly very happy to be in Myanmar for these special occasions and her Myanmar students were equally delighted to have her there for this period. Truth Will Triumph ---------------------------------- CENTRE & GROUP REPORTS IMC - HEDDINGTON We were all delighted to welcome Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin back to IMC UK recently after their busy teaching programme in Australia. Two courses have been held at the Centre since the last report, conducted by Mr. Roger Bischoff. A number of students have also been coming regularly for the weekend periods to meditate and to serve. At a recent work day all the spring bulbs were lifted from the Pagoda Garden flower beds, and they have now been replaced with begonias and dahliettas for the summer. The urns around the Pagoda are filled with trailing geraniums and begonias. The Trust has determined that the renovation and improvement of the Dhamma Hall will be its next project. The maintenance committee has been asked to draw up proposals. Some Dana has already been givenfor this purpose. The widening of the path in front of the guest house has improved the general appearance of the main courtyard. The replacement of the shrubs with paving stones will add to the low maintenance of this area. The path leading from the Teachers House to the guest house link has also been re-laid. All improvements have been funded on a dana basis. Various Parittas and Suttas are chanted in the Dhamma Hall after the evening group sitting, and the children's classes are held regularly. IMC - WA Since January we have been fortunate to have two courses taught by our revered Teachers, Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin. Both courses were very well attended. Local students were joined by students coming from Singapore and the East coast. A large proportion were new students. Due to the large number attending the Water Festival course, the Special Day sittings were held in the Dhamma Hall, giving all students the chance to participate. On 17th of April we celebrated Sayagyi U Chit Tin's Birthday. Mother Sayamagyi cooked Ono Kauk Swe for all the students. We are all grateful to have had the teaching and guidance of Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin during this time. Many students came forward to offer their services during this period, contributing to the successful running of the courses. On the 16th of April, six framed photos of the Dhamma Yaung Chi Cetis in our tradition were hung in the front of the Dhamma Hall. We are now in the process of setting up proper lighting to illuminate them. Monthly Anapana weekend courses have resumed for both new and old students. After encouragement and direction from our Teachers we have commenced chanting the Patthana, Itipiso and the Mangala and Metta suttas. The childrens Dhamma classes continue each Sunday Plans are being made for further removal of trees in the close proximity of the Teachers house and some accommodation buildings. The flower gardens around the Teachers house are being prepared for the growth of winter bulbs, consisting of irises, daffodils and tulips. IMC - USA A ten-day course was held at the Center in May that included three new students. Attendance at the Center on weekends is growing, with newer students from the local area taking a greater interest in meditation and other Center activities. The new Dhamma Hall at IMC- USA is nearly completed. All windows and doors are in; the roof is completed; pre-painted wood siding is being installed, and drywall for the interior finish has been delivered. Permits have now been issued for two additional buildings, namely the Teachers' house and the kitchen/dining block. On Buddha's Day, May 24th, excavations were begun. Local students participated in the breaking of the ground, and machines began digging at the end of May. The development of the Centre at the top of the hill around the Pagoda is partly being funded by the sale of the land at the bottom, with the original house. This has been made possible by a generous offer from two local students. Retreats will continue to be held in the old buildings until the new Center on top of the hill is completed in September. The Center has purchased a new computer that has enabled us to automate our response to the growing number of enquiries about our courses. We have also joined Compuserve in order to communicate more economically with IMC UK. IMC - NSW With the new Dhamma Hall now available, we are endeavouring to hold courses every two months and to focus more on this aspect of the work of the Trust. The many committees typically meet monthly and are actively involved in improving and maintaining the Centre. After an inspection from the Electricity Supply Authority, an ongoing program of improvement has been implemented by the Building and Maintenance Committee. This will result in lower running costs, and a more rational and improved power and lighting system throughout the Centre. Several committees co-operated to hire a bobcat, and a good deal of work was carried out for the grounds committee, clearing part of the site and improving the drainage for the main drive. The construction of a new garden to the north of the Dhamma Hall was begun; the ground was prepared for a garden alongside the main path and a site was levelled for a carport for the centre truck. Following on from this preparation, many bulbs were planted for spring, and the carport was completed. Group sittings are held regularly at the Centre. Students living near the Centre meditate together in the evenings, and on Sundays group sittings throughout the day are well attended. Three regional committees, in Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand, are associated with the Trust. Regular weekly group sittings are held in Sydney each Wednesday lunchtime. The Melbourne committee holds a group sitting, Dhamma talk and a meeting every month. Several students in Victoria travel considerable distances to attend. This regional committee organises one course a year in Victoria. In New Zealand, a small group in Auckland meets regularly each Monday night for a group sitting. IMC - AUSTRIA Between March 25th and April 4th a ten day course took place which was well attended. Three weekend retreats were held in April, May and June. These were also well attended. As people learn about the Pagoda, more and more visitors come to see it, especially on Sundays, when up to one hundred people visit in the day. We have set up a rota system for the weekends, so that at least one of the members of the Gesellschaft is present to take care of the visitors on Saturdays and Sundays. All the visitors are very much impressed by the beauty of the Pagoda and also by the general appearance of the Centre and its unique location. Many also enquire about the meditation and we can speak to them about the Dhamma and our tradition. We also hand out our newly printed brochure together with course information. In order to give more information about Theravada Buddhism and Buddhist meditation to interested visitors, a new revised German edition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin's booklet "What Buddhism is" is in preparation. The string of lights on the Pagoda roof was installed in time for Buddha's Day. The members of the garden committee have planted the area to the South of the Pagoda with plants which can stay in for several years. The 24 flower pots on the knee wall and about 40 troughs on the balcony of the main house were planted with geraniums. Several other flowers have been planted around the house. On May 19th the meeting for the building permission of the Dhamma Hall took place at the Centre. Permission was given unanimously to build a Dhamma Hall at IMC Austria. The members of the Centre maintenance and improvement committee have started work on the entrance gate and fence as well as on plans to install a new shower-toilet block in the main house. Both projects are planned to be finished in time for the summer courses. A gate has also been put up at the rear entrance to the Centre. We experience a lot of joy when showing the Pagoda to visitors and feel very grateful to our Teachers for enabling us to do so. We are all looking forward with great anticipation to their visit for their course in August. GERMANY/SWITZERLAND We were very pleased to welcome Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin to Germany/Freiburg and Switzerland. On May 28th they visited Basel. A group-sitting was held which was attended by numerous students. We benefited very much from the presence of our Teachers. In addition, a meeting was held under their chairmanship. They encouraged us to proceed with the Centre project harmoniously and step by step. On May 29th Mother Sayamagyi visited the meditation flat at Greyerzstrasse 35 in Bern. After lunch a group sitting was held. It was another welcome opportunity for many students to meditate and recite the Patthana and other Texts together with Mother Sayamagyi. We look forward to the return of Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin to Switzerland later in July to teach a course in La Rouvraie. A house has been reserved in order to hold a regional teacher course in October. BENELUX In February the regional course in the Netherlands was successfully completed. The course was very well attended and there were several new students. In April a meditation weekend took place and this was also very well attended. We continue to hold our meetings and weekly group sittings. SINGAPORE A weekend course is planned for July. A 10-day course is planned to be held from 2 to 12 December. Group sittings are held regularly every Sunday. ITALY The group in Italy meets every Tuesday and Thursday for group sittings at Bresseo. ---------------------------------- Worldwide Contact Addresses in the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin AUSTRIA: International Meditation Centre, A-9064 St. Michael/Gurk 6, Austria; Tel: +43 4224 2820, Fax: +43 4224 28204 EASTERN AUSTRALIA: International Meditation Centre, Lot 2 Cessnock Road, Sunshine NSW 2264, Australia; Tel: +61 49 705 433, Fax: +61 49 705 749 UNITED KINGDOM: International Meditation Centre, Splatts House, Heddington, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 OPE, England; Tel: +44 380 850 238, Fax: +44 380 850 833, Email: CIS, IMC-UK, 100330,3304 USA: International Meditation Centre, 446 Bankard Road, Westminster MD 21158, USA; Tel: +1 410 346 7889, Fax: +1 410 346 7282 Email: CIS, IMC-USA, 74163,2452 Contact address California: Linda H. Kemp-Combes, 1331 33rd Avenue, San Francisco, California 94122, USA. WESTERN AUSTRALIA: International Meditation Centre, Lot 78 Jacoby Street, Mahogany Creek WA 6072, Australia; Tel: +61 9 295 2644, Fax: +61 9 295 3435 GERMANY: Sayagyi U Ba Khin Gesellschaft, Christaweg 16, 79114 Freiburg, Germany, Tel: +49 761 465 42, Fax: +49 761 465 92 THE NETHERLANDS: Sayagyi U Ba Khin Stichting, Oudegracht 124, 3511 AW Utrecht, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 30 311 445, Fax: +31 30 340 612 SINGAPORE: Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Association, 10 Anson Road #24-04A, International Plaza, Singapore 0207, Tel: +65 281 3381, Fax: +65 225 4021 SWITZERLAND: Sayagyi U Ba Khin Gesellschaft, Greyerzstrasse 35, 3013 Bern, Switzerland; Tel: +41 31 415 233, Fax: +41 61 691 8049 BELGIUM: Address as for the Netherlands;Tel: +32 2 414 1756 DENMARK: Contact Address: Mr. Peter Drost-Nissen, Strandboulevarden 117, 3th, 2100 Kopenhagen, Denmark. Tel: 031 425 636 JAPAN: Contact address: Mrs. Mindy Martin-Feng, 14-17-201 Aoki-cho, Akedia 21, Nishinomiya-Shi, Hyogo - 662, Japan. Tel: 0798-74-4769 ITALY: Contact address: Mr. Renzo Fedele, Via Euganea 94, 35033 Bresseo PD, Italy. Tel: +39 49 9900 752 Published by the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, United Kingdom Address as above, registered charity no. 280134


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