I would like to have heard and seen the following dialogue during the Iran-Contra question

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2 I would like to have heard and seen the following dialogue during the Iran-Contra questioning of Lt. Col North. L. (Lyman)"What do you think the Iranians intend to do with the missiles which you sold to them?" N. (North) "They will use them in their war against Iraq." L. "Your stated purpose for the weapons sale was to obtain the release of the american hostages being held by the Moslem extremists. Is that correct?" N. "Yes. My goal was to save lives." L. "Do you suppose that by use of the weapons sold by you, the Iranians would kill and maim Iraqi soldiers with whom they were at war?" N. "That is what weapons are for." L. "Do you suppose that as many as three hundred Iraqi soldiers might die or be disabled by these weapons?" N. "Seems reasonable." L. "Then on your balance sheet, each american life is worth the life of at least one hundred Iraqi soldiers?" N. "I had not thought of it in quite that way. I was carrying out the wishes of the President." L. "What do you think the Contras did with the money you supplied to them as a result of the deal with Iran?" N. "They used the money to support their campaign against the Sandanista Communist government." L. "By purchase of food, guns and ammunition?" N. "Of course." L. "These guns and ammunition would then be used to kill Sandanista soldiers, is that right?" N. "Bad means must often be taken to achieve good ends." L. "In other words, the ends justify the means?" N. "In this case, they do." L. "You are a Christian man, Colonel North?" N. "Yes." L. "Do you believe that Christ would approve of the killing caused by President Reagan's and your sale of arms to the Iranians and the Nicaraguan rebels?" N. "We have not killed anyone. Many nations sell arms. The Russians sell as many or more than the US does. Business is business, if a few noses get bloodied, c`est la guerre." L. "What all of this comes down to is the fact that the US is an accessory before the fact in the murder of thousands of people throughout the world because we supply arms to almost anyone with the money or credit to purchase them. And of course, their government must be anti-communist, no matter how repressive otherwise." N. "We live in a dangerous world. You cannot behave morally and survive. I have lied to the american people and the Congress for what I consider the vital interests of our country. We can only win a dirty covert war like we are in with the communists by sinking to their level and using their own tactics against them. I know President Reagan is one hundred percent behind me on this." L. "If I furnish a weapon to a person who then proceeds to murder twenty people with that weapon, am I then blameless in these deaths?" N. "I will leave that to be decided by a power higher than me. I do what has to be done, and what I am ordered to do." L. "Amen. Mr Chairman, I have no further questions to ask this witness." Chairman Inouye. "Colonel North, I want to thank you for appearing before this inquiry. I would like to clear up one misconception, however. The arm that I am missing was lost during world war II while fighting with the 442nd in Italy. I am not wearing any ribbons, but if I were you would see a Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest decoration awarded by our nation for wartime service. This service was being performed while my family and friends remained in an internment camp." Pat Rankin 867 N Lamb #180 Las Vegas NV 89110 452-8684


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