- [ Session One, edited by D. Rice shortly afterwards. I captured the ] [ conversation for

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|-------------------------------------------------------------------| [ Session One, edited by D. Rice shortly afterwards. I captured the ] [ conversation for it's potential use in legal actions resulting ] [ from his open hostility, and any future problems which I may ] [ require background information. ] [___________________________________________________________________] you, egotistical asshole, say that we are free to use this board to post any message we like. well some ASSHOLE i don't even know decided to start making short cracks about my messages which i by the way did not even ask for and you as sysop should be able to stop it capse!!!!!!!CHAPSEAPESE [?] THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING THAT. I WONDER WHO THIS PERSON YOU ARE REPERING TO IS? some david rice i believe? YOU THINK THIS "DAVID RICE" HAS BEEN MEAN TO YOU? HOW? not at all i simply think he is an asshole who i can do nothing about at this time and you can[.] i mean think about[:] though revenge is a petty motive[,] it is a worth while one. OH, WELL. I DO NOT KNOW THE DIRECT REFERANCES THAT YOU FOUND OBJECTIONABLE. PERHAPS HE FINDS THE IDEA OF "WIZZARD DUELS" OFFENCIVE? i think i am missing something. i did not quite catch your name? MASTER DAVID RICE, AT YOUR SERVICE. oh. well hum isnt that interesting. but since i do have your full attention tell me what is FUNNY or OFFENSIVE about my objective or my means of dealing with upspurers? PERHAPS I WAS / AM TOO HARD ON YOU. YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, FREE TO VOICE OPINIONS, PHILOSOPHIES, ETC. HERE. BUT THE IDEA THAT ONE WOULD LOOK FOR A GROUP TO "SUMMON LUCIFER" IS ONE I FOUND FUNNY. WHY HARM YOURSELF SO BADDLY? i wouldn't harm myself !!! first and foremost i haven't enough power alone to summon him myself if i did i would have never posted the message. i do have considerable powers though and even on occasion i have summoned asmodeus which is no small potatoes but i was, i guess, being a little to narrow mind[ed] perhaps but i asure you once lucifer was summoned he would not leave my control unless some one was idiotic enough to step from the circle but woe even then would betide thier soul and life not mine and i am more than positive i could summon enough power by my self to banish him back to hell. I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOUR ABILITY (I MEAN THIS). IT'S NOT AN EASY FEAT TO MAINTAIN THAT MUCH EVNERGY. BUT WOULDN'T IT BE MUCH EASIER TO SUMMON A "NICE" ENTITY THAN OLE LUCIFER? NOW ABOUT DIONYSUS? OR EVEN VENUS, FOR THAT MATTER? wonderful and fine but the knowledge i seek is commanded only by ole lucifer himself and i was assured this by all four of the quadrants and i am pretty sure none of the four elementals summoned lied to me. HUMM. WHAT KNOWLEDGE DO YOU SEEK, AND WHAT IS THE MEANS AND RESULTS YOU SEEK? well in short the elemental said that only lucifer could tell me exactly when the false prophet would be born and the reason i seek this knowledge is to prepare so that i might destroy hin. you see i am not that young any more and i am not inherntly evil either. you could say i am an aging man looking for a way into heaven. THAT IS ADMERABLE. THERE ARE MANY "CHRISTIANS" WHO WOULD NOT GO SO FAR AND DARE SO MUCH, FOR LITTLE OR NO GAIN. BUT THERE IS ALSO ALOT OF "LITTLE" THINGS ONE CAN DO TO FIGHT THE "FALSE PROPHETS" THAT WE WERE WARNED TO EXPECT. IF MANY PEOPLE WOULD JOIN TOGEATHER, AND JUST TAKE CARE OF ONE ILL THAT PLAGUES HUMANKIND, THAT WOULD BE A VICTORY. first don't think my motives are that pure[.] if the old boy hasn't planned arrmageddon yet than i am sure he will have oodles and boodles of other info which i will happily except. and have you been "touched" -- can you see the false prohet? because if you can't then i know i can and as far as i know there is no ceremony within my field that can let me[,] than as you say i will have to come up with something smaller to do. i have seen death and i fear him even though i know i should not. time is no man's friend. WOW! FIRST OFF, YOU BELIEVE THAT ARMAGEDDON WILL BE THE ACT OF THE FALSE PROPHET (ANTI-CHRIST)? I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN THROUGH OUR OWN APPATHY, IGNORANCE, AND REFUSAL TO SHARE. SECOND, I KNOW THIS "FALSE PROPHET" VERY WELL, AS I SEE HIM WALK THE STREETS AND IN THE EYES OF MANY PEOPLE I MEET. AS FOR FEARING DEATH, I CONFESS THAT I TOO DO, BUT I KNOW INTELECTUALLY THAT IT'S JUST A PART OF LIFE, AND THAT I'LL "LIVE THROUGH IT", PARDON THE PUN. you[,] i think[,] define arrmagedon diffrently than i do. you see i most defenitly do not fear man or what ever we come up with i know i have more than enough power to protect myself and the ones i love from a nuclear war or some other man made catastrophe. when i speak of arrmegedon i speak of the beast and all the thing[s] in revalations. also if you truly see the anti-christ in the i eyes of his followers and not death or murder or disease or some other man made thing than you truly have power which is a thousand times greater than mine (AND I MEAN THAT!!!!). AHHH. I SEE. THE ARRMAGEDDON I WAS REFERING TO IS MORE OF A "NATURAL" OUTCOME OF EVENTS WE SET IN MOTION, AND THEN REFUSE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBIBLTY FOR. AS FOR MY SEEING THE ANTI-CHRIST WALKING THE STREET, I SEE WE ARE ALSO TAKLKING DIIFFERENT SUBJECTS. I SEE THE ANTI-CHRIST AS A COLLECTIVE ILL, AND NOT AS AN INDIVIDUAL. THERE IS ALOT OF TALK AMOUNG PSYCHICS THAT THIS ANTI-CHRIST WAS BORN FEBUARY 6, 1966 DURING THE LARGE COLLECTION OF PLANETS IN AQUARIUS. no i think not though i may be wrong (as usual so far) i have "friends" who i believe would have [felt] such great an evil as it entered our world! mortal plane of exsistance. and i am speaking of the one creature (he cannot be called a man) when i ask if you can see him. WELL, NO ONE CAN NOT LOOK IN THE FACE OF CHARELS MANSON, AND SAY THAT EVIL DOESN'T WALK THE EARTH AT THIS TIME. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THAT THIS LUCIFER IS JUST A CONSTRUCT MADE UP BY CHRISTIANS CENTUARYS (sp?) AGO? AND THAT AS A "LIVING" ENTITY AND INDIVIDUAL, HE/IT DOESN'T EXIST? yes there is the idea that hell is simply a nother plane of exsistance and that lucifer may be just "swamp gas" or some other thing so usually [maybe] i am wrong again and being my seame [my] narrow minded self. what by the way does (sp?) meqan and sorry (i dont know if it effected you ab) about the erasal. PLEASE HOLD WHILE I RESET THE TIMER [a page was lost here-- Ed] is relesed into my circle of protection/power. what happens in essence is that the cicle is like a boundry and my power is trapped inside of it. well as i chant the invocation tho summon a being this power becomes intensified and when i finish the invocation if the power has intensified enough than the entity is forced to move through the ether into the mortal plane of exsistance some times they want to, sometimes they don't. lucifer doesn't AND i dont have enough power built up to make him so i need HELP. at any rate when the entity comes he/she is normally under my complete control[.] not always though and that causes PROBLEMS but at any rate they can't harm me inside the circle and i can most easliy [always] banish them. well when they come i either have them channel the power inside the circle for me or i have them "teach" me how to channel my power myself .that is [it] in a nutshell how wizardry works: you summon a creature[,] have him "cast a spell" using your power[,] or have him teach you how to "cast a spell" by yourself. WOW! I FIND THIS VERY, VERY INTERESTING. MY KNOWLEDGE OF SUCH THINGS IS VERY SMALL, AND I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED MORE. THE POWER I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF HAVING, BESIDE OVER MY SELF AND MY LIFE, IS THE POWER TO RID THE EARTH OF LITTER, POLUTION, ETC. BUT THEN I REALISED THAT I *do* HAVE THAT POWER, ON A SMALL SCALE: I JUST STOP USING MANY PRODUCTS WRAPED IN PLANSTIC, USE A WATERLESS TOILET, ETC. (P.S. THE "(sp?)" MEANS THAT I'M NOT SURE OF THE SPELLING OF THE WORD BEFORE IT.) I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION OR TWO, IF I MAY? HOW DO YOU FEEL AFTER RAISING ALL THAT POWER? COLD, HOT, HAPPY? SAD? ESTATIC? well when in the circle the power gathers through you and CLEANSES you spirtually[,] phisicaly and meantally. i mean it is GREAT. you feel like you have eaten the best ever (this is every time by the way) but you don't go to the bathroon for days because it has clensed out all your wastes and your wonderfully exsilsilerated(sp?) mentally and spirtully it feel like you have just done a deed that you know God is smiling about. after the ceremony though you feel exsausted depending on how much power you used compared to how much you have and if you did something evil you may have a concinse (sp?) so you may feel bad. GEE. THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE WHAT I IMAGINE SEX IS LIKE (I WISH I KNEW FOR SURE!) I WAS ALSO WONDERING WHAT PREPERATION IS REQUIRED, TO NOT ONLY SET UP YOUR "WORK" AREA, BUT TO PROTECT YOUR SPACE AS WELL. I WOULD NOT WISH TO SUMMON ANYTHING THAT COULD DO ME HARM, AND LET IT LOSE. THE CHANCE THAT IT WOULD STAY AROUND LURKING IN THE KITCHEN PLAYING WITH THE KNIFES IS A THOUGHT I'D RATHER NOT DWEL ON. as for set up, first you need to prepare an area inscribing the circle of protection that the sygil of the creature you wish to summon than you need to say a few chants to consercrate it. (the drawing of cickle and protesygil is do with chalk). i use the proper circle so i KNOW that anything i summon no matter how powerful cannot harm me. second you have to say seven psalms and consercrate yourself with holy water (A VERY HARD SUBSTANCE TO COME BY). p.s. how old are you david. I AM 27.45 YEARS OLD (AN OLD MAN, I'M TOLD). THERE IS SOME DISCUSSION ON THE MEANING TOF THE PENTAGRAM. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE MEANING IS? DO YOU USE THE SYMBOL FOR SUMMONING? david i am terribly sorry but i have to sign off for and hour can we continue this covesation at six? and how old are you 27 or 45 and normally i dont use the pentagram and i never use it for my protection. OOPS! THAT'S 27 POINT 45 OR ALMOST 27 AND A HALF YEARS OLD. OK, WE CAN CONTINUE AT A LATER TIME. I ENJOYED CATTING, AND WILL TRY TO BE NICER. o.k wonderfully signing off.


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